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by Marcus Wynne

  • ISBN: 0812549449
  • Category: Thriller & Mystery
  • Author: Marcus Wynne
  • Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Other formats: lit docx mobi lrf
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Tor Books; Reissue edition (September 16, 2002)
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  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 324
Download No Other Option fb2

Marcus Wynne is a charter member of The Been There, Done That Club. Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Marcus Wynne's books.

Marcus Wynne is a charter member of The Been There, Done That Club. He's got all the T-shirts and knows all the secret handshakes. Marcus Wynne’s Followers (14). Marcus’s Year In Books.

No Other Option book. This is another very good novel by this author. I have enjoyed reading this and other books by Marcus Wynne. Jonny Maxwell is loose in Middle America  . There are still a few more that I want to read.

com's Marcus Wynne Author Page. REPOST FROM 2012-ish: Mindset Rambles Pt 6; The Other Guys Assimilating mental training. REPOST FROM 2012-ish: Mindset Rambles Pt 6; The Other Guys Assimilating mental trainin. ere’s another repost.

Marcus Wynne has created a rare find-an action packed book with characters filled with heart and soul. I'm glad to welcome Marcus Wynne back to the author fold. This is a true "keeper. You have to keep reading-and then keep to read again and savor one more because the story is so rich. His own personal journey through Hell and hardship has been transformed into a gripping, action-filled urban fantasy about a man's Journey to Hell to ave all those he loves best in the world. A great debut in a new genre by one of the best action writers in any genre. David Morrell, New York Times best-selling author of Murder as a Fine Art.

Off the Reservation "is the new thriller that tells the tale of the hunt for one of the world's most dangerous trained killers. Marcus Wynne, a former government operator and expert on the psychology of special ops, presents a gripping page-turner told with extraordinary technical accuracy, and providing startling insight into the warrior mentality.

Book One in a new hard-hitting contemporary fantasy saga. Marius Winter doesn’t walk the road of the shaman-warrior alone. He has powerful allies in the Other Realms and in ordinary reality. The best-selling author of NO OTHER OPTION, WARRIOR IN THE SHADOWS, and BROTHERS IN ARMS returns with his first novel in six years. Hunter James, a Federal Air Marshal scarred by his close quarters battle preventing the first domestic hijacking since 9/11, takes us on the ultimate insider's journey through the world of aviation security and counter-terrorism.

Author: Marcus Wynne. Find this Pin and more on Books - Assasins,Spys, Military,Special Ops, by Kathy Long. What others are saying. Firsthand information for both aspiring and expert snipers: A book by Brandon Webb and Glen Doherty. My future job. Navy SEAL Sniper (eBook). No Other Option by Marcus Wynne. Author: Marcus Wynne.

This wank sock ain’t gonna hump itself.

He’s a former operator with some pretty good creds, and from what I’ve read so far his background, skills and experience are translating very well into the story. I’ll be telling you more about it when I’m done with the book. In the meantime, I gotta get going. This wank sock ain’t gonna hump itself.

The continuation of the Wylde Saga that began in JOHNNY WYLDE. Arms dealers, mobsters, outlaw hackers, off the books government operators, strippers and cops who run on both sides of the law - that's life on the dark side of Lake City.

Jonny Maxwell is loose in Middle America. A trail of bodies left in his wake. He was once America's best. A member of Project Dominance Rain, an elite cauldron of the cream of America's military and intelligence community, his betrayal has brought dishonor to his team, and now they must send in the one man who knew Maxwell best, Master Sergeant Dale Miller. They fought side by side. They watched each other's back in the world's hot spots. Maxwell and Miller know each other's tactics, they know each other's mind, and they both understand their mission: kill or be killed.

Reviews about No Other Option (7):
This guy can write! I have an M.A. in Literature so I'm ridiculously picky about what I read, and I was impressed. The plot was fabulous, the details about what brands of duffel bags, work clothes, and all the tiny minutiae pertaining to special ops guys was very detailed which made me able to really picture the characters, and this is definitely a "boy book" with the plethora of weaponry, weaponry descriptions, weaponry variety, weaponry abundance, weaponry power, et al, is pretty interesting even for a peace-loving liberal lady like me. The author is great with dialogue and I laughed out loud a few times wondering, "Is this how these dudes really talk?" It was like getting a sneak peak into a world you only (barely) read about. I don't know why Mr. Wynne downplays his amazing background in his bio. He was a guest on Coast to Coast AM this past week, and this gentleman has seen and done it all. I wish he'd use his bragging rights a bit more. All that black ops-type experience shines through in his fiction writing. One caveat, a few editorial mistakes and inconsistencies but nothing major and certainly not bothersome enough to forgo reading this fantastic book. After I finished this book in two days, I ordered his newest one (Sword of Michael). Good stuff.
energy breath
"No Other Option" by Marcus Wynne is a fast-paced page-turner about an unhinged nut-case. It's a very good story, well-written and action-packed. It rarely drags.

There's even a sort of (though kind of weird) love-less love-story embedded in the violence. That part of the tale involves Dale, the on-and-off hero, who while handsome and sexy is a virtual automaton - hesitant and un-disclosing, a guy who harbors a guilt-revenge motive, and at times acts as a solo rogue himself. His love interest is a female Minneapolis cop, equally rough around the edges.

Jonny, the bad guy, on whose capture and/or killing the whole book centers, is brilliant, is an expert assassin, an efficient planner ahead of elaborate deadly mayhem and for his escapes and clever plan-B's. The book is filled with detailed description of the awful and disgusting things a deranged villain can perform. Jonny makes some unlikely strategic errors (such as his decision to remain in Minneapolis too long) upon which the plot resolution depends. I think that the first 2/3 of the book has better plotting than the final 1/3.

There are several huge, explosive murder/mayhem scenes not the least of which happens toward the end of the book, involving the Minneapolis police and other law enforcement agencies and, of course, all of the principal characters in the story.

The deaths are too numerous and ghastly to remember in this "thriller" featuring one more "special services agent gone bad," a recurring theme in this genre.

The subject matter in "No Other Option" is not quite as gross and disgusting as in Wynne's "Warrior in the Shadows," but this one (as in "Warrior") appears to totally lack realistic and normal human love and affection, when the plot needs it and would be logical. This is a cold and cold-blooded story, only softened once in a great while by a scintilla of humor and warmth.

All-in-all, it's a 4+ for its adherence to the thriller formula. The book cannot be a 5 because every character is wholly forgettable (unlike Jo Nesbo's very memorable Norwegian cops, especially Harry Hole). But, it's a great book for travel, as it sustained me on recent long international flights.
I just finished No Other Option by Marcus Wynne. What a great action thriller! This is the 2nd book by Marcus I bought for my Kindle (with the other being With A Vengeance). I have a third already on my Kindle (Johnny Wylde), and I plan to pick up at least two others by him (Warrior in the Shadows and Brothers in Arms). No Other Option is an action story about a rogue special Ops soldier that goes a killing/rape rampage and has to be brought in or taken out by one of his own. Kind of a cross between First Blood by David Morrell and the movie The Hunted (Widescreen Edition), starring Tommy Lee Jones. Marcus's writing compares very well with authors such as David Morrell, Robert Ludlum, or Brad Thor any day of the week (and I love all 3 of those authors). This story features well written characters (police, marshalls, & special ops) and a suspenseful plot.
In typical story telling fashion, the book takes the slow pace of building background and context of the characters. the descriptions of landscapes and landmarks used in the book were well crafted without being too detailed. I reinforced this by Googling the addresses in the book and though the addresses were not 100% accurate, the street views of the best matches were close to what i had visualized. the theater that the final battle played out on was well choreographed as the Marcus Wynne seemed to follow the pattern of escalation of the characters all the way to climax. Against the grain of "rush to the end" story telling so prevalent in these kinds of books, I did not realize the story was over until the last two pages. Thanks Marcus for w well written novel. Get out there and pitch the movie already!!
this is a great book. some will be put off by the elaborate description of the gear and the detailed descriptions of the surroundings - for me it was fantastic as the book was the first book in a long time that transported me right there. i could easily picture this is as a movie. the characters and the action is both real and would play nicely on the screen. the locations of the action are also spectacular and would look great on the screen. well done marcus. i'll be buying the rest of the author's catalog available on kindle right now.

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