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by Georgette Heyer

  • ISBN: 0745140742
  • Category: Thriller & Mystery
  • Author: Georgette Heyer
  • Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Other formats: azw lit rtf txt
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Chivers Audio Books (December 1, 1992)
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  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 185
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Home Georgette Heyer Detection Unlimited.

Home Georgette Heyer Detection Unlimited. Detection unlimited, . Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended by the author. Published by Sourcebooks Landmark, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc.

Georgette Heyer (1902–1974) was an English author particularly known for her historical romance novels set in the Regency and Georgian eras. A best-selling author, Heyer's writing career saw her produce works from a variety of genres; in total she published 32 novels in the romance genre, 6 historical novels, 4 contemporary novels, and 12 in the detective fiction genre.

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Detection Unlimited book. The reason she is still a popular author – she was a very good writer. Jun 08, 2012 Melissa rated it really liked it. Shelves: nook-books. Detection Unlimited was the last of Heyer's mysteries. So far, it's actually the only one I've read because my mother happened to have her original copy and passed it along to me.

Even so, the village is shocked when he is found in his garden with a bullet through his brain. r, the village squire, a breeder of Pekinese dogs and a Polish engineer

This author was compared to Agatha Christie sorry no comparison I love Agatha Christies books which keeps me in suspense and so interested that I cannot put down her books

This author was compared to Agatha Christie sorry no comparison I love Agatha Christies books which keeps me in suspense and so interested that I cannot put down her books. This book is 378 pages! too long to get to the point of who done it Still not done reading this book and I am losing interest! Читать весь отзыв.

The Sergeant, concerned, said: I'm sorry we walked into Mrs. Midgeholme, sir, wasting your time like that! If I'd known, I'd have warned you about her. You'd have been wasting your time to have done so, said Harbottle, from the seat beside the police-driver. He spoke in the resigned voice of one forced to tolerate a weakness of which he disapproved, but Hemingway said cheerfully: That's right, I do. You never know what they'll let fall. I picked up quite a lot from Mrs. Midgeholme.

Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read

Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. Things Remembered.

Slumped on a seat under an oak tree is old Sampson Warrenby, with a bullet through his brain. He is discovered by his niece Mavis, who is just one of ten people in the village in the running for chief suspect, having cause to dislike Warrenby intensely. Only Chief Inspector Hemingway can uncover which of the ten has turned hatred into murder.
Reviews about Detection Unlimited (7):
Georgette Heyer's mysteries are to die for :)
Other than the obligatory body there is no violence, and while there is a charming romance there isn't any sex. I always enjoy the plot and the dialogue is very accurate of the times.
I have all her books and enjoy rereading them.
If you haven't read her books you have been missing out!
I have read nearly all of Georgette Heyer's mysteries and Regency romance novels, and a couple of her historical fictions. She is one of my very favorite authors. Her characters, even the minor ones, have depth and dimension. This mystery, though, was less riveting than most of her books. The unwinding of the mystery was not all that compelling, and the characters were not as interesting. I would still recommend this book, but if you haven't read any Georgette Heyer, I wouldn't recommend starting with this one.
This is GH's 4rth & last book with Inspector Hemingway. Copyright 1953.

Well, the first 2 chapters were so boring I had to stop & read something else for a while. Fortunately, after that we get the murder & the book becomes much more interesting. I didn't guess correctly "who dunnit".
I love Inspector Hemingway. He's a "toot". I loved the Ultimas too ;)
I started off reading Georgette Heyer's historical romances and am a big fan, and have in the past few years started reading her mystery books, which are more contemporary (early to mid 20th century). Most of them are quite entertaining, and you see some of the same characters pop up (especially Superintendent Hannasyde and Sergeant/Inspector Hemingway). However, I felt that this book was a letdown. The first two-thirds of the book was somewhat interesting but I found the last part of the book when the murderer and the motive was revealed very dry and boring. None of the characters were memorable. I'd recommend reading Death in the Stocks, They Found Him Dead and Behold, Here's Poison instead.
interactive man
Georgette Heyer was the master of this elegant genre. I wish she had written more. Characters are fully developed and the plots are riveting.
Good product, good price, prompt delivery
The cast of characters is less hateful, generally, than in some of Heyer's mysteries, but most of them are not very closely engaged with the developing plot. The central ruse is clever and the references to past cases rewards the faithful reader. The depiction of class during a time of change and the exigencies of the landed gentry are nicely woven into the story.
If you enjoyed the type of English mysteries written in the thirties and forties, you'll feel right at home with Heyer. She has all the crisp dialog and graphic descriptions of Christie along with a plausible plot without resorting to dozens of red herrings to heighten the suspense. All in all the best read I've found in this genre in years.

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