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by Sidney Sheldon

  • ISBN: 0688084885
  • Category: Thriller & Mystery
  • Author: Sidney Sheldon
  • Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: William Morrow; 1st edition (1990)
  • Pages: 399 pages
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  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 654
Download Memories of Midnight fb2

Memories of Midnight, . Part of Midnight series by Sidney Sheldon. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19. Prologue.

Memories of Midnight, .

Memories of Midnight is a Thriller novel by Sidney Sheldon. Shadowed by tragedy and burdened by amnesia, a beautiful woman desperately tries to return to reality. She is Catherine Douglas, destined to once again challenge the cruel, charismatic power of Constantin Demiris, the Greek shipping tycoon who murdered Catherine's husband.

Part of Midnight series by Sidney Sheldon. Catherine had a sudden flash of memory. a vague image of a man talking to her in the garden of the convent, handing her something. but then it was gone. Chapter Three. There is a theory that nothing in nature is ever lost - that every sound ever made, every word ever spoken, still exists somewhere in space and time and may one day be recalled. Where do you belong?" And that was the problem. Forgive me, Sister Theresa, but I know it isn't here. Tony Rizzoli's earliest memory was of being knocked down and having his milk money stolen. He was seven years old. Older and bigger boys were a constant threat.

Memories of Midnight, sometimes known as The Other Side of Midnight (Book 2), is a 1990 novel by Sidney Sheldon. It is a sequel to Sheldon's 1973 bestseller The Other Side of Midnight. The plot of Memories of Midnight takes off from the ending of The Other Side of Midnight, where Catherine Douglas is recovering in a convent. The world except Constantin Demiris, known as Costa, thinks that Catherine has been killed by her husband, Larry Douglas, and his mistress, Noelle Page

Set in London and Greece, this is the sequel to Sidney Sheldon's The Other Side of Midnight. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Set in London and Greece, this is the sequel to Sidney Sheldon's The Other Side of Midnight. Thriller & Crime Fiction.

Sidney Sheldon is one of the representatives of modern American literature. His works are very interesting and attract the readers. The theme of Sidney Sheldon’s works isbroad, and there are a lot of problems that must be studied in them. According to their positive and negative features I attempted to analyze and qualify the main characters of his novel Memories of midnight. The main characters are Catherine Alexandre and Constantin Demiris. Catherine is a dynamic character. As we said before dynamic character is changeble

Memories of Midnight (Midnight Sidney Sheldon Memories of Midnight, sometimes . I've read 2 Sidney Sheldon books before this and one thing that I've found to be consistent in his novels is the dreadful writing

Memories of Midnight (Midnight Sidney Sheldon Memories of Midnight, sometimes known as The Other Side of Midnight (Book 2), is a 1990 novel by Sidney Sheldon. I've read 2 Sidney Sheldon books before this and one thing that I've found to be consistent in his novels is the dreadful writing. After this book, I seem to have developed a strong aversion to Sheldon's books, for good.

Memories of Midnight Текст. She was shaken by the mixture of emotions that his name brought. The wonderful, terrible memorie. t was the summer of 1940, the year before America got into the war. She had been fresh out of Northwestern University, and had gone from Chicago to Washington, . for her first job. Her roommate had said: Hey, I heard about a job opening that might interest you.

A beautiful American widow flees to a remote convent in Greece after an attempt on her life and becomes involved with a ruthless tycoon
Reviews about Memories of Midnight (7):
A billion of us baby boomers read "The Other Side of Midnight" and were hooked many, many years ago. A few years after its publication, Mr. Sheldon saw the dollar signs on the wall and wrote this sequel. Now I can't remember if I read it when it was first released, but I decided to give it a shot the other day.

Could not put it down. Other reviewers mentioned something about needing to re-read or just read the original "Midnight", but I found that this was not necessary at all. The author deftly weaves all of the elements of the first novel into the pages of this engrossing story and there is no feeling that you might be missing something. But if you want to read the first one again, I can't blame you because it is just that good.

This is a fabulous tale involving greed, vengence, retribution, betrayal and, of course, love. And although some parts might seem a bit dated, just go with the story. Enjoy being swept away and losing yourself in something other than the latest self-help guru book,
or some other "important" piece of literature. Pick up this pot boiler/pulp fiction and for a few hours remember what it was like to get so engrossed in a book that you actually cannot figure out how it got so dark outside.
This is the sequel to the Other Side of Midnight. I have not read the prequel; however, I saw the movie. The story picks up where the first book left, right after the execution of Larry and Noelle. Catherine attempts to recover from her tragedy and start a new life, with the help of the wealthy Constantin Demiris. The novel is basically the game of cat and mouse being played between Demiris and Cathy.

This is a good novel from Sidney Sheldon. Just like its predecessor, it was made into a TV movie with Omar Sharif and Jane Seymour in the lead roles. Highly recommended.
Sheldon's earlier book, "The Other Side of Midnight", was a sizzling page turner, compulsively readable, good plot, and some edge-of-your-seat moments.

I assumed the sequel, Memories of Midnight, would be as good...but not quite. Actually, with the luxury of hindsight, I think the first book had such a stunning conclusion that I should have guessed it would be hard to take the story any further.

"Memories of Midnight" is a pretty quick beach read and a decent story, just not as well thought out or put together. If you read the first book and then read this one, you'll notice a few parts of the story which are contradictory, making you think Sheldon couldn't remember his own story well enough to carry it into a convincing sequel.

Overall I'd rate it as OK.
Sidney Sheldon is the most powerful author. Excellent novel.
during the summer some friends and I decided to form a book club. we started off reading The Other Side of Midnight and decided to finish with the sequel to this book by Sidney Sheldon that was made into a mini series back in the day. You so wanted loose ends cleared up, especially what happened to Constantine Demeris? This is a very good sequel. I'd recommend it for quick, you won't be able to put it down reading. It might start off a little slow for you. (to me the original did as well) but once Sidney picks up steam, you will love the ride.
My mother told me to get the book that it was a good book to read. So when my Mom passed away I inherited all her books. The other Side of midnight is excellent too.
"The Other Side of Midnight" is an exciting novel that has long been one of my favorites. "Memories of Midnight" brings closure to the story I love and the wonderful character of Catherine Alexander Douglas. The portions that are new and follow the story of Catherine regaining her memory and Costa exacting his vengeance on his deceased lover are fantastic- exactly what I had hoped for. However, the novel repeats- often word-for-word- scenes and memories from its predecessor. I found myself skimming a good portion of this book, because I didn't need to reread exactly how Catherine met Larry, how their relationship went so wrong, how she almost died, and the trial of Noelle and Larry. In many of these scenes, Sheldon didn't even bother to reword the descriptions- Constantin Demiris is described in exactly the same manner in "Memories" as when we first met him in the original. Perhaps this is intentionally done, since we are dealing with memories in so many ways, but memories are ever changing. We never remember the same moment in time the exact same way. Our memories constantly reveal new facets to each situation, things we may not have noticed the first time around- and I sincerely wish that "Memories of Midnight" had done this, too, because it was distracting to know I was reading a novel I'd never read before, but one in which fully half of it was entirely too familiar.
I have never read a bad book by Sidney Sheldon. With his passing the world lost one of the best author's ever known to mankind. He has a way of of beginning a book and to the end you are mesmerized. His stories are so good. This book was no exception. It was wonderful. Just buy the book, and read if you are looking for a very good suspensful book. Again, I cannot say enough about his books. They are all WONDERFUL!!!!

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