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by Joel Goldman

  • ISBN: 1467996610
  • Category: Thriller & Mystery
  • Author: Joel Goldman
  • Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Other formats: lrf rtf lrf mobi
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 27, 2011)
  • Pages: 378 pages
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  • EPUB size: 1375 kb
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 652
Download Shake Down (Jack Davis Mysteries) fb2

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I ask the question, how much of Joel Goldman is in the Jack Davis character ? A highly recommended author and book, and have number two on my kindle ready to read, and also the others two characters he writes. Members of my group " A Good Thriller" on goodreads. com, will love this book.

He may have been finished, but I wasn’t. What about the gun that was found at the rail yard?. He still didn’t trust me, which made us even. It’s a match, isn’t it?. The same gun was used to kill Javy Ordonez and the five people in Marcellus’s house. We aren’t letting that out, so if it gets out, I’ll know how, Troy said, his back still turned toward me. What about Oleta’s son? Same gun?.

A nurse told me which room she had been assigned to and that I could wait there. There was a hospital version of an easy chair in the corner of the room fight

A nurse told me which room she had been assigned to and that I could wait there. There was a hospital version of an easy chair in the corner of the room fight. When I woke up, morning sunlight was streaming into the room. Kate was looking at me, her eyes half dreamy with the residue of anesthetic, the room smelling faintly of disinfectant. I pushed myself out of the chair and stood next to her, her hand in mine. Some first date, huh?. You got conked on the head and we still.

Other author's books: Jack Davis Mystery - 01 - Shakedown.

Marcellus’s girlfriend, Jalise Williams, came down the stairs into the front room where he did his business, wobbling on four-inch heels. Barely out of her teens, she carried their son, Keyshon, on her hip, the boy old enough to walk but glad to be in his mother’s arms. A short-legged honey-colored dog followed after her. Put him down, Marcellus told her. Boy can’t spend his life bein’ carried around by his momma. Other author's books: Jack Davis Mystery - 01 - Shakedown.

FBI Agent Jack Davis is in trouble. He's investigating a series of murders, but his debilitating medical condition is making life very difficult indeed.

In September 2014, Goldman launched the publishing company Brash Books with novelist Lee Goldberg.

He attended Shawnee Mission East High School, where he participated in the school's debate team. and the University of Kansas as well as Moot Court. In September 2014, Goldman launched the publishing company Brash Books with novelist Lee Goldberg.

Title: Shake Down: Jack Davis Mysteries, Book 1 Author(s): Joel Goldman Publisher: ADM Enterprises, LLC Availability .

Jack Davis Mysteries, Book 1. By: Joel Goldman

Jack Davis Mysteries, Book 1. By: Joel Goldman. Narrated by: Kevin Foley. Series: Jack Davis, Book 1. Length: 10 hrs and 30 mins. What could Joel Goldman have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you? Either have a black person read the black parts or do not used the perceived "black" vernacular at all. Would you be willing to try another one of Kevin Foley’s performances?

Mystery/Thriller: Free and Bargain Kindle Books (January. Shakedown is the first in Joel Goldman’s series of suspenseful crime thrillers featuring FBI agent Jack Davis.

Mystery/Thriller: Free and Bargain Kindle Books (January. Discover ideas about Mystery Series. Mystery Series Mystery Thriller Michael Connelly Jack Davis James Patterson Thriller Books Goldman Free Kindle Books Thrillers.

Crack. Rock. Crystal. Dead faces stand at city crossroads and sell their wares to the hopeless -- the forgotten -- in exchange for their souls.The war isn’t overseas. It isn’t south of the border. It’s in Everytown, USA. FBI Agent Jack Davis is neck deep in a dark urban war and it’s not some pansy-ass X-Box Modern Warfare fantasy. He’s caught in the crossfire of a war that rages on in the bleak and brutal streets.And Jack is fighting another war; this one inside his body as a mysterious disorder makes him shake when he should shoot.Jack’s latest case sends him on a dark journey steeped in the stench of death and endangering his daughter. Critical information is leaking -- no – pouring out of the case. He can’t trust anyone as betrayal buries the truth in a deadly web of deception.Addicted to thrill? Get your thrill on with Shake Down!Go with Jack Davis and his colleagues as they relentlessly track an unlikely killer…or is it two?Grab your copy of Shake Down today and invite Jack Davis to bed -- or the pool, or the coffee shop -- anywhere you like to read intense suspense.Best selling crime author, Joel Goldman, introduces the brilliant and enigmatic Agent Jack Davis in this first of three in the series. Davis suffers from the same rare movement disorder that Goldman has, giving this character a uniquely authentic true-to-life quality.“Shake Down is a really fine novel. Joel Goldman has got it locked and loaded and full of the blood of character and the gritty details that make up the truth. Page for page, I loved it.” ~Michael Connelly, NYT Bestselling Author“Shake Down is a chillingly realistic crime novel – it’s fast-paced, smartly plotted, and a gripping read to the very last page. Joel Goldman explores – with an insider’s eye – a dark tale of murder and betrayal.” ~Linda Fairstein, NYT Bestselling AuthorJames Patterson crime thriller fan?Take off on a rocket-fueled suspense ride with Shakedown, the first book in the Jack Davis Thriller series by Joel Goldman.Then, once you catch your breath, grab the other two books in the series, The Dead Man and No Way Out and buckle up for a roller coaster ride of suspense and shocking twists.Don’t miss out on the thrills with brilliant, sexy trial attorney Lou Mason in the five book thriller series that includes: Motion to Kill, The Last Witness, Cold Truth, Deadlocked, and Final Judgment.
Reviews about Shake Down (Jack Davis Mysteries) (7):
I might give some of Joel Goldman's other books a try, but I can't recommend this one. Oddly, it starts in third person, then awkwardly switches to first person narration. There are some very interesting possibilities that were not particularly well-developed. I was fascinated with the discussion of micro expressions, but missed more of Kate's expert point-of-view. Some of the characters I found most promising were killed off without adequate development, and many other characters make fairly incomprehensible choices in service of plot development. Above all, the issue of the protagonist's nervous tremors, which gives rise to the book's title, is resolved in a very cursory, unsatisfactory manner.
Special Agent Jack Davis has got some serious issues. Years ago, his boy was murdered by a pedophile, his now-grown daughter is wrestling with demons and a questionable boyfriend, and his wife has left him. Now he's suffering from seizures that have him placed on Medical leave just after a drug dealer he's monitoring is executed along with his henchmen, girlfriend and kid. Davis can't help himself from sticking his quivering nose in where it's not wanted.

Fans of the Lou Mason thrillers will enjoy this first foray into the Jack Davis saga despite its many flaws. There's a pretty good book hidden in here somewhere, but SHAKEDOWN is undisciplined in its storytelling. The murderer-next-door meme is quite compelling for a while, but Goldman curiously veers off into another narrative which, while interesting, feels like the subject for a second book.

Devoted thriller/crime novel readers will see the ending coming a mile away, sadly.

I'll pick up the next one, because Davis is a pretty cool character. However, Goldman can certainly write better than this.
It is all about drugs, money , deceit, deception, hidden agenda. It is about FBI, the local police, the family drama and series of murders. It is about honesty and dishonesty, dedication and will to continue to work on a case even after being forced to go on medical leave. Joel Goldman has woven the web so intricately that the reader is captivated from beginning to end. The hero is portrayed not as a superman but an ordinary human. Thoroughly enjoyable work and I indeed enjoyed.
Why haven't I read books by this author before now? If they are all like this one, I'll be reading Goldman's entire list!

Shakedown (Jack Davis Thrillers) is a fast-paced police procedural that is very well-written and very well-researched. The story takes place in Kansas City and opens with the first two chapters introducing the reader to several drug dealers and a seemingly mild-mannered neighbor who isn't so mild. Dialect is thick here, but necessary. Read on, you'll be glad you did!

The main character is FBI Special Agent Jack Davis who has staked out the residence of Marcellus Pearson, a well known drug dealer. But before he can say "shakedown," everyone in the house is murdered. As Davis doggedly pursues the trail of the killer, he must come to grips with events in his personal life as well. His wife is about to be an ex-wife, his daughter's choice in partners, also FBI, is questionable, and he is battling an unknown illness. But dogged he is and the pace of the book never slows down!

This is an original, well-plotted, fast-paced thriller that kept me reading non-stop. All the characters were well-seasoned and I felt as if I knew them personally. The multiple twists in the story kept me guessing right up to the end. I highly recommend SHAKEDOWN! Read it and enjoy. I know I surely did! Now, on to the next Jack Davis thriller, The Dead Man (Jack Davis Thrillers)!
I like a story with a beginning , a middle and an end and this book had it all. It also had several storylines that were entwined in a masterful way and came together to be solved beautifully. A lot is thrown at the reader which makes for an interesting cohesive partnership between writer and reader which I truly enjoyed. All questions were answered, and there were many, in an intelligent and reality based manner. Truly believable and thoroughly entertaining. A+++
Jack Davis is an FBI agent with a lot of problems in his life. His wife is leaving him, his daughter is seeing one of his team members, the case he's working on is exploding in his face, and he's suddenly got a nasty case of the shakes. Suspended, angering almost everybody around him, he continues to investigate the case he was working on, making the wrong decisions at every turn that lead him closer and closer to the truth.

The story is well written, the characters well fleshed out, even the descriptions of Kansas City, Kansas so vivid that even though I've never been there, I feel I could probably find my way around town there. The plot moves along well, and with only a few chapters of exceptions, is written entirely from the perspective of Jack Davis (in 1st person).

The only flaw, and it cost the review a star for me, is that somewhere in the process of getting the book to ebook format, every single instance of the letters fl together was replaced by a ?. One sentence in particular this stood out strongly... "I played with images of Muhammed Ali shuf?ing like an old man, not ?oating like a butter?y, his face a mask". This typographical anomaly persists throughout the entire novel, and is slightly distracting. I see a lot of technical errors in Ebooks in general, and it seems to me something as basic as this should have been caught before the novel went live. It was distracting enough that in the first 20 pages, I was ready to return the book, and if the story hadn't already grabbed my complete attention, I probably would have. By the end of the book I was used to the annoying ? in the middle of words and was quickly reading words like ?agged as "flagged".

Overall, I rate this an excellent read. I strongly recommend it, with the caveat that I hope Amazon fixes the ? issue in the future.

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