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by Michael Ridpath

  • ISBN: 0099416751
  • Category: Thriller & Mystery
  • Author: Michael Ridpath
  • Other formats: docx mobi mbr doc
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd (September 18, 1997)
  • Pages: 453 pages
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  • EPUB size: 1285 kb
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 286
Download Trading Reality fb2

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Mark Fairfax is a young, gifted London bond trader with a high-paying job, a stellar track record, and a beautiful girlfriend.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Trading Reality is one of Michael Ridpath's earliest novels. The novel is dated, in that virtual reality is one of the major themes as a business application and general communication facility as well as a gaming utility. However, I was as fully engrossed in 2013 as I was originally

I had to wait at least ten minutes. He and Yoshi obviously had a lot to talk about. He tried to turn back when he saw me, but he was too late. I pulled him into the conference room.

I had to wait at least ten minutes. I pulled him into the conference room mpatiently from foot to foot. Why did you lie to me, David?’. David’s eyebrows shot up. ‘Lie?’. Yes, lie. I know you had breakfast with Yoshi at Balbirnie House this morning. Walter Sorenson saw yo. For a moment I saw anger in David’s eyes. He didn’t like to be caught out. Then he pulled himself together. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about that,’ he said coolly

Trading Reality book. The second book by Michael Ridpath. Probably not as good as Free to Trade, but still enjoyable.

Trading Reality book.

Michael Ridpath is an English author of thrillers involving the world of high finance. He was born in Devon in 1961 and grew up in Yorkshire. He was educated at Millfield School and Merton College, Oxford, and spent eight years working as a bond trader at an international bank in the City of London. His past employers include Saudi International Bank and Apax Partners.

If you want a signed copy, get in touch with my local London bookshop, Lutyens and Rubinstein, and they can post one to you anywhere in the world.

We were in a cramped, workmanlike meeting room in a glassed-in corner of the trading floor. He reached for the phone on the small round table between us and hit a button.

After his brother's sudden death, Alex Fairfax, a trader in the City, is thrown into a different world he barely understands.

Excellent Whodunit-type Thriller. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 11 years ago. This book can be described as a modern whodunit murder mystery with thriller and technological elements thrown into the plot line. The brother of a bond trader in London is murdered and the bond trader turns into CEO and entrepreneur when he takes over his brother's company.

When his brother Richard, the head of a virtual reality company is murdered, Mark Fairfax tries to further his brilliant brother's discoveries before the killer succeeds in destroying the company. By the author of Free to Trade. 50,000 first printing. $50,000 ad/promo.
Reviews about Trading Reality (7):
Trading Reality is one of Michael Ridpath's earliest novels. I read it years ago and was very happy to find it available on my kindle at a very reasonable price. The novel is dated, in that virtual reality is one of the major themes as a business application and general communication facility as well as a gaming utility . However, I was as fully engrossed in 2013 as I was originally. The characters are well drawn, from the elegant girlfriend to the less obviously attractive woman whose skills are an essential part of the virtual reality business; the business people with whom the main protagonists interact; the luddite whose antagonism to virtual reality becomes an obsession. The main protagonist, like many of Ridpath's 'heroes' is a complex character who is at times obtuse, but nevertheless intelligent and thoughtful, particularly in relation to his work. The novel maintains its impact to the end.
While this book includes a couple of murders and a touching love story, it illustrates how difficult it is for small creative companies to protect their intellectual property from larger competitors conspiring to starve them from the cash necessary to bring the idea to market and keep their doors open. Sadly, it portrays the ugly underbelly of investors who conspire to gain insider information that allows them an unfair advantage, which in this case, is used to weaken the company and force a forced sale of the assets.

This is the second reading of this book, and enjoyed even more because of the many nuances I missed the first time around. It also provides a pretty good description of a creative company that is underfunded and always on the edge of insolvency--were it not, in this case, for the dedicated employees who are committed to seeing their idea go to market.
A well structured story set in the world of trading and cyber technology. The protagonist has it all: a beautiful girlfriend, a beloved brilliant brother, and a well paid exciting trading career in London. Things change when he finds his murdered brother in a boathouse in Scotland. He, out of duty, becomes the temporary CEO of his dead brother's computer company. He has to deal with learning about virtual reality whilst trying to keep the company afloat. He encounters challenges, from attempts on his life, to an attempted ousting of him as the CEO. Underpinned at all times by the burning question : why was his brother murdered and by whom? The denouement involves all the characters as well as the use of virtual reality. The killer is then exposed. Gripping read!
Entertaining read. Had the paperback for years, and decided I also wanted the e-book version.

I even consider it quite current. Of course there is no Google/Facebook in there, but FairSystems approximates Oculus Rift nicely.

And to this date I find the Bondscape use of VR to help analyze and interpret financial data an inspiring/promising application of VR.
very weak plot; improbable ending
This was a complicated story with excitement and intrigue as well as romance! I enjoyed the scenery descriptions too. Highly recommended.
Great fast-paced thriller. A fascinating mix of the stock and bond market with computing and virtual reality. Definitely a page-turner!
Found this book well-documented and methodically written, but also slow-moving and predictable re many characters. Written chronologically in the I-form -no recipe for much action- it is a murder mystery set in Scotland around 1995, the year email and internet were launched. The murder victim is Richard, founder, managing director and main shareholder of a promising start-up in Virtual Reality (VR). His kid brother Mark, a City bonds trader becomes the biggest shareholder and takes control of the company for a period of three months. Why three months? To test the firm's viability, which faces myriad problems despite its great potential: cash flow problems, delayed product development, declining share value on the Nasdac, intrigues inside and threats from outside, to mention a few.
Author MR has deep roots in the London City and experience with VR start-ups too, which shows. Investment bankers are (fiercely) reviled by some of the characters. Bravo! But today, the lengthy explanations about VR read like old Economist articles. This reader skipped them as old hat. Re dialogue, Mark's many one-on-ones do not move action faster forward. As a police procedural, little progress on Richard's murder is made in the first half of the book. Mark's London romance with colleague Karen seems to dim chapter by chapter... Will Mark find enough allies in- and outside the company to help him save his late brother's dream?
Other readers must take over at this halfway point. Surely, MR's book is far richer than presented above, but it never becomes really exciting. Today, it is a perfect winter book to be closely read, one chapter per day.

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