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by Veryl Ann Grace

  • ISBN: 1479100676
  • Category: Thriller & Mystery
  • Author: Veryl Ann Grace
  • Subcategory: Mystery
  • Other formats: mbr mobi lrf lit
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 30, 2012)
  • Pages: 252 pages
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  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 100
Download Murder Comes Unraveled: A Flock and Fiber Mystery fb2

Veryl Ann Grace is the author of murder mysteries featuring Martha Williamson and her loyal dogs. The Mystery Novels of Veryl Ann Grace.

Veryl Ann Grace is the author of murder mysteries featuring Martha Williamson and her loyal dogs. Please pull up a comfy chair and join us as we spin, talk of the critters that provide the fiber, the dogs that protect them, and just maybe solve a mystery or two along the way! My two mysteries, Murder Spins a Tale and Murder Comes Unraveled, follow Martha Williamson and her loyal canine companions as they investigate murders in Black Hills, Washington.

Murder Spins a Tale (A Flock & Fiber Mystery and Murder Comes Unraveled (A Flock & Fiber Mystery, A Flock & Fiber Mystery Series. 2 primary works, 2 total works. Book 1. Murder Spins a Tale. Denied justice weaves a web of revenge and deat. ore. Shelve Murder Spins a Tale.

Murder Spins a Tale book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Murder Spins a Tale: A Flock and Fiber Mystery as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

Download Murder Comes Unraveled: A Flock and Fiber Mystery.

Murder Comes Unraveled book. Start by marking Murder Comes Unraveled (A Flock & Fiber Mystery, as Want to Read: Want to Read savin.

Veryl Ann Grace - Author. Welcome to my author's page. Book three is Murder To Dye For and much of it takes place during a dyeing workshop at The Spider’s Web, Martha’s shop. So I thought you might enjoy seeing what I’ve been playing with lately. I’m taking a Shibori class under the guidance of Kim Springer and having great fun. Here are some recently finished items. Plus there are two pictures of me. The first one I’m not thrilled with but it shows off the shirt. I’m considering the second for a new author’s photo. 4. Veryl Ann Grace - Author.

Like I think it could span my whole waist. Had I ever been a fool to say that a bar hookup wasn’t good?

Like I think it could span my whole waist. Before I knew it, I was pressing his large hand against my stomach. Had I ever been a fool to say that a bar hookup wasn’t good? Maybe I just hadn’t had the right bar hookup.

Flock 'N' Fiber Mysteries. Things are happening that make it seem like Murder Comes Unraveled will actually become a book

Flock 'N' Fiber Mysteries. It's been quite awhile since I've talked to all of you, but I hope to do a much better job in the future. I posted an entry shortly after attending an Ikat dyeing workshop and promised you that I'd post the results from that workshop. Things are happening that make it seem like Murder Comes Unraveled will actually become a book. I have the final manuscript ready to go to the woman who does the layout and design for me as soon as she returns from vacation, and I have now set up a file at Create Space for this book. This is the first step of their process. But most of all, we have cover art.

It’s a beautiful afternoon in May and set up for The Black Hills Fiber Gathering is in full swing. Martha Williamson, owner of The Spider’s Web—a shop specializing in spinning and weaving, is looking forward to four glorious days of selling and talking fiber and fiber tools as she organizes her booth and gets her alpaca settled in their stall. Then Falcor, her Great Pyrenees, finds a body, and she is pulled into the agony of a terrible accident. Or is it? As one person after another seems to have reason for wanting the victim dead, Martha is more and more certain there was no accident. However if it was murder, who did it and why? When there is another attack and Martha is threatened, it becomes obvious that she needs to find the answers. With her steadfast Great Pyrenees, Denali and Falcor, by her side, Martha begins to unravel the mystery, but will she be fast enough to forestall a killer’s hand?
Reviews about Murder Comes Unraveled: A Flock and Fiber Mystery (7):
It's not often I finish a murder mystery and walk away feeling as if I've learned something, but Veryl Ann Grace's two Flock and Fiber mysteries have left me more than a little curious about the intricacies of spinning and weaving, as well as entertained by well-crafted characters and background, and a good plot. Those who have read 'Murder Spins a Tale' will also be glad to hear of further emotional developments in the life of her appealing heroine Martha Williamson.
I enjoyed this book but it had some weaknesses. I liked the characters, and most were developed well. If you are a dog lover (particularly Great Pyranees) or a spinner, this book will probably have a stronger appeal for you. The mystery solving was a little weak, and had some basic flaws that grated on me, but the atmosphere was developed well and I could almost feel myself part of the weavers/spinners fair. Parts of the dialogue felt stilted, but I think this author has potential, and I would buy future books in this series.

If you are a weaver, spinner, knitter, or interested in raising sheep, alpaca or llamas for their wool, this is a fascinating insight into that world. The author clearly has a well founded knowledge of these areas, and she made them come alive for me. I'm almost ready to pick up some knitting needles or a spindle after reading this.

I think the author needs a little more experience writing dialogue, and in developing cozy sleuthing methods, but overall this was a fun book with likable characters and an interesting environment. I'll buy the next book in this series.
I really wanted to like this one because it had so many good reviews. I was also looking forward to expanding my horizons into a topic/s that I didn't know a lot about.

It started out OK- good build up to the murder/death and the circumstances leading up to it. I was intrigued.

What got to me was the repetitiveness. The events primarily unfold at The Gathering, a kind of expo/convention for weavers/shepherds, etc., which I suppose limits the amount of "action"/different things that can happen. But I was so bored of the redundancy of it all: I'm at my booth, I went to take a break and have my friend cover for me, I went to get lunch (the lunch options are listed at least three times at separate points in the book), I go back to my booth, I teach someone something about spinning or yarn, I ask my friend to cover me for a break again, I come back and teach someone else about yarn, etc, etc, ETC! I think the author was trying to let the story unfold bit by bit, but it was sooooo repetitive (and slow and boring) that by the 50th time the protagonist left for a break, came back and taught a buyer something about spinning (oh, and detailed her store's schedule for the 30th time), I had just HAD IT!

So, unfortunately, I did not finish the book. I read to escape my sometimes boring reality-- but I could not find that escape in this book. You'd think that the plot about a murder and an attempted murder would make for interesting reading, but it wasn't enough to propel me into wondering "what happens next?" Mainly, because I already KNEW what happened next because it happened so many times (see above paragraph)! The murder mystery bits were few and far between and buried in too much mundane minutiae. I just kept wishing for something new, ANYTHING, to happen!
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Martha Williamson knows a lot about spinning, weaving, knitting, and crocheting as well as about Great Pyrenees dogs. By the end of the book, the reader will as well.
Most of the action is set at a fiber gathering where people come to show, look, and buy wool, yarn, spindles, looms, sheep, goats, and other necessities of the fiber worker. The fleeces are judged and sold. Interestingly, the prices must be set before the judging so their ranking will not influence the price and buyers might get good bargains.
The first victim, a rather nasty woman, shows up at the very beginning of the book and is quickly identified by any regular mystery reader. After that, the plot involves finding her murderer and discovering the motive, especially when other people become targets. That takes up very little of the story.
Most of the book discusses the activities that go on at the gathering, especially the processes necessary to get the wool or hair from the animals to the yarn project. If you are a weaver, spinner, knitter, or crocheter, you would likely find a lot of interesting information in MURDER COMES UNRAVELED. If you want to read a book for the mystery plot, this one is rather thin. The characters don't seem to be realistic when they are not discussing fiber. One person is missing for a considerable length of time yet not much effort is made to locate her. Clues about the murderer are not followed by the police as quickly as one would expect.
The author has some pronoun problems. One sentence includes that and a punctuation error: "Then I put both she and Falcor in with Juan and Joseph?" There is also a lot of repetition.
This book was a free Amazon download.
I enjoy the pleasant way the author writes, her assortment of both human and non-human characters and the concept of her story. All of these combine to create a book that provides a few hours of entertainment on a rainy afternoon.
The biggest flaw with this particular story is that I felt the author spent too much time in the fiber booth and dealing with customers and not enough time engaged in the actual murder mystery, which resulted in a book that has lots of scenes that do little to move the story forward. I hope she continues to write since I feel that with just a little more training, she’ll resolve the pacing issues and become one of my favorite authors.

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