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by Charles Alverson

  • ISBN: 0241894875
  • Category: Thriller & Mystery
  • Author: Charles Alverson
  • Subcategory: Mystery
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Hamish Hamilton Ltd; 1st ed. edition (October 14, 1976)
  • Pages: 244 pages
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  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 292
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Caleb by. Charles Alverson. The Triple Shot Box (Goodey's Last Stand, Not Sleeping Just Dead & Fighting Back): Three Gritty Crime Novels by.

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In Goodey's Last Stand (1975) he introduced San Francisco private eye .

In Goodey's Last Stand (1975) he introduced San Francisco private eye Joe Goodey, who returned in Not Sleeping Just Dead (1977). The New Yorker described Goodey's Last Stand as "the next best thing to finding a new and unsuspected Raymond Chandler phantasmagoria. Jonah Webster "Joe" Goodey makes his debut in Goodey's Last Stand (1975).

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Books by Alverson, Charles: Caleb.

The Triple Shot Box (Goodey's Last Stand, Not Sleeping Just Dead & Fighting Back): Three Gritty Crime Novels. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading

The Triple Shot Box (Goodey's Last Stand, Not Sleeping Just Dead & Fighting Back): Three Gritty Crime Novels. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

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Joe Goodey, ex-police detective reluctantly turned private eye, isn't enjoying a whole lot of success when a rich businessman hires him to find out who killed his drug addict granddaughter

Joe Goodey, ex-police detective reluctantly turned private eye, isn't enjoying a whole lot of success when a rich businessman hires him to find out who killed his drug addict granddaughter. The case leads Joe to The Institute, a cult living in a mansion down the coast from San Francisco, where Hugo Fischer, self-proclaimed guru, holds rule over a motley tribe of recovering addicts and middle-class seekers after the light. The free online library containing 450000+ books.

Goodey's last stand (Midnight novel of suspense). Charles Alverson's writing career has spanned over five decades. Originally from Los Angeles, Alverson served as an Army Paratrooper before receiving his . in Journalism from Columbia University

Goodey's last stand (Midnight novel of suspense). in Journalism from Columbia University. He has written for numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, and HELP! Magazine. Alverson has written ten novels, two children's books, and helped co-write the screenplays for Terry Gilliam's cult films Jabberwocky and Brazil. Alverson currently lives in Serbia, where he has resided with his wife since 1994.

Reviews about Goodey's Last Stand (7):
Joe Goodey can't win for losing. His wife has left him and flown back home to New York, his landlord wants him out of his apartment and he has just accidentally shot a night watchman who is a new immigrant from Poland. Oh, and the watchman, it turns out, is also related to the Mayor of San Francisco. Needless to say, there are several people calling for his head. Preferably on a stick. With a bit of help from his police superior, Goodey agrees to tender his resignation and leave San Francisco for six months. In return he will get a private detective's license. Joe barely makes it outside the city before he is called back. There has been a murder and they need someone to investigate quietly. A topless dancer named Tina D'Oro has been found stabbed to death in The Jungle, a club she was co-owner of. And Tina left a diary. It seems she was having an affair with a very powerful man. A man who doesn't want his name splashed across the papers.

Joe Goodey seems to be a man treading water. He doesn't want to give his wife a divorce but doesn't seem to truly want her back, either. He has very few friends, and even that is iffy at times. He does have a heart- but he's nobody's fool. He's the wiseacre who can always be counted on to raise blood pressure and create uncomfortable silences. And he is very, very funny. He's the guy who says what the rest of us only think, and at times it's brutal and at other times it's just plain hilarious.

This is a classic detective story. The gritty city, the wise cracking detective, the marginalized people just trying to get by, criminals who feed off the poor, and the power that is capable of reaching out and changing lives- for better or worse. I was surprised to find that this novel first came out in the mid 70's because the story could have taken place today. The only real dated occurrence was using a dime to make a phone call. Quite a feat for a story written forty years ago...
I thought this would be stereotype, hard-boiled detective stuff. It’s not. Starting with the narrator shooting an innocent Polish night watchman by mistake, a cop losing his job and then being promised to get it back if he solves a rather involved murder as a PI.

Sure, there is the expected wise-guy patter, but in this case it seems heart-felt and there are settings (a cemetery outside of San Francisco, for example) and characters that are genuine (“Let me give you some advice: No matter how much you don’t like your job, it’s better than being retired. When the time comes that somebody wants to retire you, you take that gun of yours and blow your brains out first.”)

I don’t know if there are real hard-boiled detectives. I do know there are real hard-boiled detective writers. This is one of them. You forget, after reading so many failures that are trying to succeed, what it is like when you come across a novel that doesn’t. This is the real thing!

PS Did I mention that Sam Goodey’s former boss is named “Lehman.” And that Sam’s first wife is “Pat?” No relations, but it is incredible to see your name and that of your divorced wife in print.

- J. Lehman, RosebudBookReviews.com
The characters in this story had the perfect cranky to humorous ratio. The author had me riveted with a situation or scenario, when suddenly one of the characters would drop some snarky or sarcastic line, and I'd literally have to stop and say, "Haha! What?!" and reread the line with glee. I am very much looking forward to more installments of Sam Goodey's adventures, and definitely plan to read other stories by Charles Alverson. Thank you for the great book!
When will authors realize you can write a great book without profanity??? This might be a well-written book with a story that I would really enjoy ... But I REFUSE to waste my time reading anything with filthy language. Bad for you, Charles Alverson.
I liked this book. Let me be clear on that. I wouldn't even mind reading more of Mr. Alverson's books. Both the writing and the plot are very good, actually. The characters are interesting in a film noir sort of way. But I also have some reservations about it. I have to assume it was written some time ago. It sure isn't politically correct. But if you don't mind black people being called spades or women's bosoms being called t-ts, go for it. You could do worse.
Freaky Hook
It was an okay book until the racial slurs popped up. Then I stopped reading, that was a complete turn off.
Joe Goodey , a hard boiled , wise cracking , San Francisco police officer ,is in a jam . Do to an accidental shooting of the mayor's uncle , he loses his badge and finds himself given a choice , solve a spectacular homicide or face charges and a possible prison sentence . Joe , now a private eye , follows the few leads starting with the topless club where the victim ,Tina D'Oro , worked . While attending the victim's funeral , Goodey finds a couple new characters ,one the mother of the victim and a rather reluctant plastic surgeon . While following these leads , Joe is twice attacked , narrowly escaping death the second time Many twists and the occasional red herrings don't stop Goodey from finding the actual killer . Will Goodey get his badge back ? Only the end will revel that answer . If you wand a good mystery , I highly recommend " Goodey's Last Stand " .
I couldn’t help but envision Humphrey Bogart as Goodey. Goodey's snappy repartee reminded me of Sam Spade in the Maltese Falcon. And how about Sydney Greenstreet as Fat Phil Franks. And while we’re at it we might as well cast Mary Astor as Irma Springler.

Maybe it’s just me, but Mr. Alverson, intentionally or unintentionally, has written a detective mystery with the feel of the late 1940’s early 1950’s. The characters are well defined, the story is pretty tight. Mr. Alverson has made it easy to visualize the various locations even if you haven’t been to San Francisco.

All in all this was a cracking good story and I enjoyed this novel very much. I look forward to reading more of the adventures of Joe Goodey.

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