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by Mary Stanton

  • ISBN: 042523309X
  • Category: Thriller & Mystery
  • Author: Mary Stanton
  • Subcategory: Mystery
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Berkley; Berkley Prime Crime Mass-market Edition edition (February 2, 2010)
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  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 324
Download Avenging Angels (A Beaufort & Company Mystery) fb2

Only 4 left in stock (more on the way). Angel's Advocate is a sure-fire winner and will keep you turning the pages long past when you should be turning out the light. A charming and enchanting paranormal cozy mystery. With its magnificent plot and twists and turns it holds your attention from beginning to end. A must read for paranormal cozy mystery readers.

Avenging Angels book. Mary Stanton has done another great justice with her 3rd book in the Beaufort & Company Mystery Series. My goodness I am becoming quite addicted to Series. Genre: Fiction Paranormal Ghost Mystery & Detective Historical Suspense Savannah.

Mary Stanton has been writing professionally most of her adult life. Stanton's books include Angel Condemned, Angel's Verdict, and Avenging Angels.

Only 12 left in stock (more on the way). Mary Stanton has been writing professionally most of her adult life. She grew up in Hawaii and left the Islands for undergraduate school in the late sixties. She received a BA in philosophy and literature from the University of Minnesota.

Defending Angels is at once charming, erudite, and chilling. This book should give Mary Stanton the same kind of cult following usually reserved for Charlaine Harris.

Stanton’s third Beaufort & Company Mystery is a gem. It’s an original and thought-provoking concept, and Stanton’s imagination knows no bounds. Defending Angels is at once charming, erudite, and chilling. Rhys Bowen, award-winning author of the Royal Spyness Mysteries. An elegant enchantment with a delightful heroine and a historic setting. Carolyn Hart, author of Laughed ’Til He Died.

Mary Stanton (born 1947 in Winter Park, Florida) is an American author most famous for her eight-volume children's fantasy series Unicorns of Balinor.

Also in A Beaufort & Company Mystery. Stanton’s books include Angel Condemned, Angel’s Verdict, and Avenging Angels. See All. Also in A Beaufort & Company Mystery. About Mary Stanton.

Stanton's books include Angel Condemned, Angel's Verdict, and Avenging Angels. She currently splits her time between upstate New York and a small home in West Palm Beach. Библиографические данные. Avenging Angels A Beaufort & Company Mystery (Том 3). Автор.

Mary Stanton's Beaufort & Company Mysteries. Law school hasn’t prepared Savannah lawyer Brianna Winston Beaufort to appeal cases for the dead. After inheriting her great-uncle’s haunted law firm, Beaufort & Company, Bree finds herself with a long list of ethereal clients who need her help. In the series debut, Defending Angels, an already dead businessman needs Bree’s help to find his murderer and prove his innocence against the charge of greed, which comes from the mightiest hand of the law, the Celestial Court.

It’s a gorgeous building. Just perfect for a theater in the round. Some events company has a long-term lease.

You can read book Avenging Angels by Mary Stanton in our library for absolutely free. It’s a gorgeous building. Built in the 1920s and it was a Chevrolet dealership, if you can believe it. Fabulous tin ceilings. She still didn’t look at Bree directly as she talked, but over Bree’s shoulder, at the crowd milling in her living room.

series A Beaufort & Company Mystery #3.

The series that's "a breath of fresh air for fans of paranormal cozy mysteries" (Publishers Weekly, starred review) Law school hasn't prepared Bree to appeal cases for the dead. After inheriting her great-uncle's haunted law firm, she must now represent ex-banker O'Rourke, who supposedly killed himself after losing a fortune. But with a merry widow and evidence mounting, it's beginning to look like murder. So Bree and her team of angels begin to investigate. But Bree soon discovers that someone would rather see her deceased than debriefed.
Reviews about Avenging Angels (A Beaufort & Company Mystery) (7):
I LOVE this whole series, which is why I'm sad that it doesn't appear she'll be writing any more. The paranormal mystery field is one I find intriguing, and the Beaufort & Company novels are particularly well-done. Stanton creates a truly creepy atmosphere--that painting gives me the yips--but never goes over the line into unnecessarily gross junk. This is likely to keep you up at night, not because you're scared, but because you've got to finish it. Highly recommended.
Scarcely has she closed the books on the Probert Chandler case (as told in Angel's Advocate (A Beaufort & Company Mystery)) than Bree Winston-Beaufort, attorney for the unjustly damned--and occasionally the less-than-honest living--finds herself caught up in a baffling new one. Attending the auction of the goods belonging to a banker named Russell O'Rourke, who supposedly blew his own head off with a shotgun after his business collapsed and his fortune evaporated, she is contacted by what she believes must be O'Rourke. But is it? As she delves deeper into his case, she becomes convinced that his "suicide" was in fact murder--but less certain that it was he she heard from. Meanwhile she's also learning something of the mother she never knew--Leah Winston-Beaufort was apparently in the same line as herself--and trying to "figure out what had pissed [the ghosts of Josiah and Olivia Pendergast] off at her." Then a weird and scary paranormal experience in her late uncle's just-renovated office leaves her wondering just how many directions she's in peril from--and she also begins to realize that being an advocate for the dead may be changing her into something not entirely human. Stanton continues to develop her wonderfully intriguing paranormal mystery series with flair, and even readers who don't entirely accept her picture of the afterlife should enjoy it.
Love this series
Thoroughly enjoyed this book. I'm fascinated by this series. It has such a unique take on life, death and what happens next. I was practically glued to this installment. I think that what is so refreshing about it, is no one religion is favored.
This series by Mary Stanton is fun, entertaining and is a new twist on "paranormal" and legal fiction. Savannah lawyer Brianna Beaufort and her legal team of Angels go about defending souls who where perhaps given too harsh a sentence to purgatory and beyond. Having clients who are dead already makes the job that much more of a challenge!
I really liked the first book in this series. The second was OK, left a lot unanswered, but I was hoping for more from book 3. I'd give this one 2-1/2 stars if I could do 1/2 stars. Still a decent read, but I'm having trouble rooting for the main character now, and that's a big problem.
Great story line and plot, I enjoy the main characters, and how they develop and become more alive with each book.
I was very happy with the delivery time! The product was just as it was stated. Very pleased! These books are a must read!

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