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by Victoria Holt

  • ISBN: 0006168116
  • Category: Thriller & Mystery
  • Author: Victoria Holt
  • Subcategory: Mystery
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  • Publisher: Fontana; Reprinted Ed edition (1986)
  • Pages: 288 pages
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  • Rating: 4.4
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I first saw Roc Pendorric when I came up from the beach one morning to find him sitting in the studio with my father; in his hands he held a terra-cotta statue for which I had been the original, a slim child of about seven.

I first saw Roc Pendorric when I came up from the beach one morning to find him sitting in the studio with my father; in his hands he held a terra-cotta statue for which I had been the original, a slim child of about seven. I remembered when my father had made it more than eleven years before; he had always said it was not for sale. The blinds had not yet been drawn and the two men made a striking contrast sitting there in the strong sunlight: my father so fair, the stranger so dark

It’s Mrs. Pendorric they want to see, for she’s a far more important person than his lordship’s granddaughter. Polhorgan was not built in the same mould as Pendorric. This was one large house whereas ours at Pendorric was like four smaller ones.

It’s Mrs. Nine days’ wonder, darling, Roc assured me. You know there are a lot of skeletons locked away in cupboards in these parts. At Polhorgan there was an immense hall which was to serve as the ballroom, and Dawson and his wife had uncovered the furniture so that I could see it in all its glory.

I read it in the guide book. It means matrimony because they married here. Then we’d better give it another reason for its importance. It’s the spot where Petroc Pendorric asked Favel Farington to marry him and where she said. There seem to be two opinions then. He turned to me and in that moment I was certain he loved me as passionately as I loved him. There was no need for me to answer.

She is the much anticipated Bride of Pendorric, a name that amuses and flatters her. The castle is beautiful in. . The castle is beautiful in its way, but the atmosphere is foreboding. Roc's twin nieces begin watching her carefully; even the stones in the courtyard seem to have eyes. On the walls hang portraits of two other Brides of Pendorric-one of them Roc's mother-who died both young and tragically. Favel's fear increases as Roc seems to be growing more and more distant

Reprinted with the permission of Patricia Hamilton. ria Holt, Bride of Pendorric. Thank you for reading books on GrayCity.

Reprinted with the permission of Patricia Hamilton. For information, address St. Martin’s Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, . First published by Doubleday & Company, Inc. eISBN 9781429994170. Other author's books: The Landower Legacy.

Victoria Holt or consent in any form of bindin.

Victoria Holt or consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being. Imposed on the subsequent purchaser. Victoria Holt 1963 Printed in Great Britain Collins Clear-Type Press London and GlasgowFrom the day Favel came to Pendorric as the bride of Roe Pendorric she was drawn more and more under the spell.

Chapter I. I often marvelled after I went to Pendorric that one’s existence could change so swiftly, so devastatingly. I had heard life compared with a kaleidoscope and this is how it appeared to me, for there was the pleasant scene full of peace and contentment when the pattern began to change, first here, then there, until the picture which confronted me was no longer calm and peaceful but filled with menace

The Bride of Pendorric is a reread for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed my new endeavor. The book did not disappoint; many gothic elements are well presented.

While reading I found Favel's constant unease surprising in one so young (nineteen) but she was completely on her own & married to a man she barely knew. So I'm cutting her some slack. The Bride of Pendorric is a reread for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed my new endeavor.

From the day Favel came to Pendorric as the bride of Roc Pendorric she was drawn more and more under the spell of the place.

Author: Виктория Холт. From the day Favel came to Pendorric as the bride of Roc Pendorric she was drawn more and more under the spell of the place. For hundreds of years the house had stood there on the Cornish cliffs, towering above’ the sea, noble and arrogant as if defying sea and weather and any who came against it. But more forbidding to Favel than the house itself was the legend that hung about it of the curse of the Brides of Pendorric.

Reviews about The Bride of Pendorric (7):
I read Mistress Of Mellyn just prior to reading this book and though the time frame were very different eras the same formula for the stories are almost identical. I may find this as I re read more of Miss Holt and it will surprise me if I do because I have been reading these books since I was in high school or College. I have them all in hardback. Now that I am in my 60's my hands are arthritic so I read with my iPad. Sadly not all of her books are out for Kindle and iPad. I suspect as new readers want them in this format they will happen. I shall keep a sharp eye for them. I highly recommend all of Victoria Holts books. Great writing makes for great journeys into other times and other lives. We all need an escape sometimes and these books provide just that.
This wasn't nearly as good as Mistress of Mellyn, or The Shivering Sands, the only other two Victoria Holt novels I have read. I enjoyed both of them very much, even if it wasn't difficult to spot the villain. Likewise, in this book, I knew fairly early on what the twist was, as there were at least one or two howlingly obvious clues.

My problem is that this story was pretty dull, and the interesting events and revelations were few and far between. Some of the mysteries were resolved in a rather humdrum, "never mind" kind of way (possible spoiler: the fate of the neighboring millionaire). Another one, the heritage of the child on the moor, had, to my mind, an unlikely explanation, considering the child's appearance.

I really didn't like the H much, and it had nothing to do with him being brooding. I didn't think he became "more distant" (as the blurb claims) as time when on; I think he was kind of distant all along. He was secretive, flippant, and superficial the whole time. He kept things from the h and got unreasonably angry when she found out things he didn't want her to know. I don't ever remember encountering an H who went so out of his way to appear suspicious. (And really, what WAS his motive for marrying her? The author did not convince me it was love.)

The ending was abrupt and in no way surprising. The book was pretty much a let-down for me.
Like most of Holt’s historical romances, I assume this one was set in the Victorian era but it takes place mostly in Cornwall. Favel Farrington was living with her artist father on the beautiful Isle of Capri when Roc Pendorric from Cornwall came into their studio one day and swept Favel off her feet.

Roc was a charmer from the beginning and soon they were wed, but the day was overshadowed by her father’s drowning death. Once Favel and Roc arrive at the ancestral home of the Pendorrics on the coast of Cornwall, Favel discovers the family legend of the “Bride of Pendorric”, where one who died became a ghost until replaced by another. And the last one, Roc’s mother, Barbarina, died young in a terrible accident. Supposedly she haunts the east wing of the estate.

There are some surprises in this story, one is a truth Favel learns when she befriends an old man living in the neighboring estate, a self-made man who takes a liking to Favel. It’s a truth hidden from her by her new husband.

While Favel is falling in love with Cornwall, accidents begin to happen that threaten her life. She begins to wonder if someone isn’t trying to kill her.

The ending may be a surprise but Holt did her best to string out the great reveal.
Based on memory, I've reread this book several times. I enjoyed the whirlwind romance. The hero who came in and swept the heroine off her feet, marries her and takes her back home to meet his family. That's when things start to get really good. There's a history about the Pendoric family that is rather scary and creepy. Victoria Holt was really good at writing suspense. The heroes almost always were cloaked in mystery. Most of all I enjoyed the relationship between the two main protagonist. This is one of many excellent Victoria Holt novels. Glad to see it digitized even though it is a bit pricey.
I became hooked on Victoria Holt when I was in the sixth grade. That was in the 60's !!!I have read every single book she ever wrote and she remains one of my top five favorites ever. Bride of Pendorric is an excellent, can't put it down read. Holt's extreme description of sights, events and people are so entrancing. The story is fascinating and exciting and she holds her readers fast and passionate. I have this in hard cover from ages ago and I have it on my Kindle from Amazon. Please read it. You'll love the gothic romance, suspense, love, fear, excitement and wallop of an ending of Bride of Pendorric.
I am reading this book right now. I haven't finished it yet. It is ok. But I am amazed at how quickly these women in these books just seem to fall in line and marry some guy they don't really know. I mean what makes a woman marry a guy she doesn't really know? His nice looks? And early in the book it is hinted at that her new husband may have been responsible for the death of her father. I will finish this sort of slow moving story and see if it is any better ~ or gets any better. Compared to Sue Grafton who always puts depth and dimension to her characters this one is sadly lacking.. Kind of flat.. but we will see.. I generally like Victoria Holt, but this book is kind of dark, foreboding, and so far a little flat.. ho hum..
A favorite of my teenage years, this re-read was a bit less gripping. In fact, I found it to be dated and overwrought overall, sad to say. I've grown to enjoy her more serious historical fiction as Jean Plaidy. Yet there continues to be this nostalgic draw to the drama of the gothic mystery I loved so well.
If you enjoy a mystery, especially if you read Rebbeca and loved it. You will like this book. It is the same style. I really enjoyed the book but got frustrated with the heroine a few times. It kept you guessing. I really did enjoy it. I recommend it to mystery lovers. If I had a complaint, it would be that it was not as romantic as I like

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