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by Henning Mankell

  • ISBN: 0753169770
  • Category: Thriller & Mystery
  • Author: Henning Mankell
  • Subcategory: Mystery
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: BDS titles not on BD and which (2003)
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  • Rating: 4.7
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Download Faceless Killers (Kurt Wallender Mystery S.) fb2

Faceless Killers book.

Faceless Killers book. I admire his passion for solving the crimes), and excellent work on the part of his team

Faceless killers a myste. Kurt Wallander was asleep. He had stayed up far too long the night before, listening to recordings of Maria Callas that a good friend had sent him from Bulgaria.

Faceless killers a myste. Faceless Killers: A Mystery, . Again and again he had returned to her Traviata, and it was close to two AM before he finally went to bed.

Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallander mysteries are global bestsellers and have been adapted for television as a BAFTA Award–winning BBC series starring Kenneth Branagh. Mankell was awarded the Crime Writers’ Association’s Macallan Gold Dagger and the German Tolerance Prize, among many others. He divides his time between Sweden and Mozambique.

Faceless killers : a mystery. Recently divorced, overweight, drinking too much and not sleeping enough, and maybe failing for the beautiful but married prosecutor Anette Brolin, Police Inspector Kurt Wallander doggedly leads the investigation into a crime for which there seems to be no reason, or certainly not one Wallander is sure he wants to know.

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Listen now. Henning Mankell - Faceless Killers. Scandi-noir at its best - Swedish sleuth Kurt Wallander's first murder mystery. This month's World Book Club comes from the church of St Mary Magdalene in Woodstock, England. Harriett Gilbert talks to Swedish superstar Henning Mankell about Faceless Killers, the first novel in his globally acclaimed series featuring Inspector Kurt Wallander. In it, an elderly farm couple is brutally murdered and the only clue is the wife's uttering of the word "foreign" before she dies.

The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Faceless Killers (Kurt Wallander Series by Henning Mankell at Barnes & Noble. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. School Library Journal, Best Adult Books for Teens List Winner in the IBPA Benjamin Franklin awardsWinner of 2015 National Indie Excellence Award For S. The Mystery Method - Mystery, Neil Strauss & Lovedrop.

Faceless Killers: Kurt Wallander - Kurt Wallander (Paperback). An exquisite novel of mesmerizing depth and suspense" - Margo Kaufman Los Angeles Times "Mankell is one of the most ingenious crime writers around. Henning Mankell (author). Highly recommended" Observer "Mankell is in the first division of crime writing" The Times "An excellent thriller" Independent "By far the best writer of police mysteries today" - Michael Ondaatje. Swedish Crime writer, and creator of the Wallander series. Visit the Henning Mankell author page Added to basket.

Reviews about Faceless Killers (Kurt Wallender Mystery S.) (7):
Henning Mankell wrote exquisite noir mysteries! I love his books. With words he can immerse us into Sweden's winter gloom, make us shiver and actually become as
depressed as the weather. Most of the Wallander series are set in gloom. Most of the time our detective is fighting his Demons. In Reading the story, words allow us direct admittance to his thoughts, words allow us to see how he deducts the important from the chaos. We understand how his thinking leads to developing a working hypothesis, a strategy.
Wallander 's great detection of the crime and deduction of what happened is there for us in the book. In a movie you follow the action. In a book you hear the thoughts behind the action. In this story a heinous crime is committed. How he gets from the scene of the crime to the solution is a series of twists, dead ends, and surprise. Wallander's private life is forever butting in But, our detective is extraordinary. He puts away the unnecessary. He focuses completely.
There are two basic reasons why this book deserves five stars and is indeed a masterpiece.

One, Kurt Wallander, the main character, an ordinary, middle-aged policeman in a small town in southern Sweden, soon becomes someone you feel you know. He is someone who goes through the same (often depressing) experiences so many of us go through in our lives, as a marriage grows stale, as a child turns into a rebellious teenager, as a parent slowly sinks into old age.

Two, this is a book with deep roots in Swedish society, and by extension, in the society of any advanced country that calls itself (like Sweden) a democracy, that believes it has humanitarian traditions. And it's a book that does not shy from raising deep, uncomfortable questions. In fact, Mankell (the author) has lived in Africa and brought his own views to his books and the character Kurt Wallander. As he explained on his website,
“Racism for me is a crime, and therefore it seemed natural that I wrote a crime novel. It was after that the idea of a policeman was born.”
The book is peppered with Mankell's personal opinions about racism and how refugees are viewed and ill-treated in refugee camps in Sweden.

And that's what makes the book important, highly relevant to our times - a must read, particularly now with the on-going migrant crisis in Europe.
I've watched the Wallander series on PBS and wanted to try the books. This is the first I read and I was immediately drawn into Wallander's world. Plan to continue to read his mysteries. I find them well worth my time. The character of Wallander is interesting, believable and definitely flawed, which only makes him more appealing. Other characters are also interesting. Occasionally I found the story confusing but that may have been because everything takes place in Sweden and the Swedish place names can be difficult. But I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with Wallander.
Henning Mankell's Faceless Killers brings to life Kurt Wallander, a detective in a small town in the south of Sweden who, on a frozen January morning, comes face to face with the grisly murder of an elderly farm couple.
Beset with his own life in near-shambles, Wallander begins the painstaking process of finding the killers with little more to go on than coincidence and one word, "foreign."
Mankell weaves a tale filled with examining Sweden's immigration crisis, elder care, opera, failed marriages, father-daughter estrangements, media antics, all weaved into a tightly written page-turner of a police procedural. Mankell's style is simple and head-on. It's no wonder his Wallander books enjoy such acclaim. I'm hooked. Can't wait to get started on the next one.
This was the first Wallender mystery I'd ever read, a gift from a friend of Swedish descent. I love police procedurals, and this one begins with violence and death, and ends with a breathless chase, as they all do. In the middle, of course, is the tortured character of Kurt Wallender, a lonely man estranged from his wife and worried about his daughter.
It is easy to walk midway into the Inspector Wallander series and get swept away by the relentless pace, dogged investigation and numerous side plots. But you'd be missing something. Kurt Wallander is no Sherlock. He is a compulsive whose personal life is a shambles and unraveling even as he stitches together the most arcane clues to catch the killers. Along the way he encounters broken people beneath a sheen of Swedish normality: the pharmacist with a secret past, the farmer with a double life, and the occasional bitter government functionary. Even his most self-righteous moments are drenched in a coating of self-deprecation as he suffers through attacks by the press, fistfights with suspects and the banal rejection of his family. He is a detective superstar with a chipped tooth. I, for one, love this series. My only regret is that I didn't start at the beginning, so - like Wallander - I have to work my backward.

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