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by Nevada Barr

  • ISBN: 0312614578
  • Category: Thriller & Mystery
  • Author: Nevada Barr
  • Subcategory: Mystery
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Minotaur Books; 1st edition (January 17, 2012)
  • Pages: 368 pages
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  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 524
Download The Rope: An Anna Pigeon Novel (Anna Pigeon Mysteries) fb2

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Barr's exciting 17th Anna Pigeon thriller takes readers where they've wanted to go for years-to Anna's beginnings as a park ranger

Barr's exciting 17th Anna Pigeon thriller takes readers where they've wanted to go for years-to Anna's beginnings as a park ranger. Misdirection and a rising body count ratchet up the tension. Barr's luxuriant depictions of desert landscapes with its colors and hues and details about Lake Powell's tourist population are interwoven into the narrative as an indispensable element of her popular series.

The Rope Nevada Barr It's 1995. Fresh off the bus from New York City, a broken-hearted 35-year-old named Anna Pigeon takes her first job as a park employee: a decidedly unglamorous.

The old black pigeon was Anna Pigeon, Jenny’s housemate and assistant pooper-scooper for the water quality program. At the Port Authority she’d gotten on a Trailways bus with a suitcase and three paperback novels. Anna fascinated him. A woman of dark mystery, he mocked himself. Looks that way, Jenny said, sounding a little sad. By the by, Anna’s thirty-five. She’d ridden this bus till all the blood in her body had vibrated down into her fanny and feet. A soldier lounging in the seats across the aisle-or a guy in khaki with a webbed belt-had pulled out his dick somewhere in one of those flat rectangular states and waved it at her.

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Home Nevada Barr The Rope: An Anna Pigeon Novel (Anna Pigeon Mysteries). The Rope: An Anna Pigeon Novel (Anna Pigeon Mysteries). ISBN 10: 1250008670, ISBN 13: 9781250008671. legion of loyal fans can find out how her story began.

19 primary works, 22 total works. Nevada Barr Anna Pigeon Series: Books 16-17: Burn The Rope. Note: The Rope is chronologically a prequel. National Park Ranger Anna Pigeon goes beyond the call of duty in this Agatha and Anthony Award-winning mystery series. She travels to National Parks around the country, solving mysteries in the wilderness and historic locales. Author Nevada Barr draws on her own experience as a former park ranger t. ore. BURN Anna Pigeon, a Ranger with the Nationa.

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The Rope An Anna Pigeon Novel Anna Pigeon Mysteries.

When she’d tried to pull her toes back toward her knees, she’d lost her grip on the wall. It wasn’t like before, when they plunged; this time she and Anna, held together by muscles too cold to move,. In Jenny’s fist was the front of Anna’s shirt.

Anna Pigeon's first case―this is the story her fans have been clamoring for...this is where it all starts.

In The Rope, the latest in Nevada Barr's bestselling novels featuring Anna Pigeon, Nevada Barr gathers together the many strings of Anna's past and finally reveals the story that her many fans have been long asking for. In 1995 and 35 years old, fresh off the bus from New York City and nursing a broken heart, Anna Pigeon takes a decidedly unglamorous job as a seasonal employee of the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area. On her day off, Anna goes hiking into the park never to return. Her co-workers think she's simply moved on―her cabin is cleaned out and her things gone. But Anna herself wakes up, trapped at the bottom of a dry natural well, naked, without supplies and no clear memory of how she found herself in this situation.

As she slowly pieces together her memory, it soon becomes clear that someone has trapped her there, in an inescapable prison, and no one knows that she is even missing. Plunged into a landscape and a plot she is unfit and untrained to handle, Anna Pigeon must muster the courage, determination and will to live that she didn't even know she still possessed to survive, outwit and triumph.

For those legions of readers who have been entranced over the years by Park Ranger Anna Pigeon's strength and determination and those who are new to Nevada Barr's captivating, compelling novels, this is where it all starts.

Reviews about The Rope: An Anna Pigeon Novel (Anna Pigeon Mysteries) (7):
I haven't read an Anna Pigeon novel for several years but I'm pretty sure they were quite a bit better than this. In this book, which is a prequel to the others in the series, a personal tragedy causes Anna to give up her life as an Assistant Stage Manager and become a season park employee. I found the plot thin and improbable, the characters lacking in complexity, the numerous theatre references forced and unnecessary and the overall tone to be glum and dispirited. I won't say I was dying to know Anna's back story it might have been interesting to read about how she developed a love of the outdoors and life in the parks. Guess we'll never know.
I have been a Nevada Barr fan since the first book, Track of the Cat, was published and I found it on an "owners Recommendation" at my local bookstore more than 10 years ago. I have collected every one and do not part with them, rereading them over and over. HOWEVER, the last book, set in New Orleans, was too much for me, dealing with child abuse and prostitution on a large scale. And this new book is also too much for me. Usually, the murders are for profit or accidental or one murder mystery which puts Anna in some danger to solve. This one deals with a sadistic psycho who targets Anna directly from the first; descriptions of gang rape scenes; deliberate drugging in order to carve words onto her body. It was hard to take. After, I went back to Track of the Cat to see where the events of this "first" Anna park experience led into her subsequent behavior and could not find any rationale for writing this "first" with such sadistic violence. I hope this is not going to be Barr's new style, or I will lose an author who has brought me so much pleasure over many years and many books.
I used to love the Anna Pigeon series and have read every single one. I have worked in (as a Visitor Protection Ranger) and/or visited many of the parks where they are set.

I get that Ms Barr wanted to show the events that made Anna become who she did, to show her raw and vulnerable.

I don't think this was the way to do it.

The first part of the book moved so slowly as it was basically just "monologue in a hole". I'm rarely bored reading one of Barr's novels, but I had a hard time with this one.

The entire premise was ridiculous.

I sincerely hope that Ms Barr gets back on track with the character and telling the stories of the parks.
The Rope by Nevada Barr. Fans of Nevada Barr will enjoy this story set in 1995 before Anna Pigeon became the heroic Law Enforcement Park Ranger whom we have come to know and love. In this novel, a closed in Anna has given up her career as one of New York's leading stage managers. Distraught over the death of her first husband, she has taken a job as a temporary seasonal park ranger at Lake Powell. She has no interest in the job or any of her co-workers until one day when out for a solitary hike, she stumbles into a rape and murder in progress. She rerushes to the rescue and comes to naked at the bottom of a jar shaped solution hole. Unable to escape and dependent upon drugged water supplied when she is asleep, she discovers that she shares her prison with a corpse and a baby skunk. It is the beginning of the transformation of the closed up, victim-type Anna into the intrepid Anna. She manages to rescue herself, get herself into more dire predicaments, and eventually after the usual strenuous adventures we have come to expect, she solves the murders and decides that her future lies with the park service. For those who have never read the previous books, I would recommend starting with The Rope and going on from there. Warning: Nevada Barr's books are addictive. Those readers who have been or board from the first adventures of Anna will not be disappointed in The Rope which is not only a thunderingly good thriller, but also fills us in on things we didn't know about the early Anna..
in waiting
Just as the light and shadows are so well described in “Rope”; so too, the events in the lives of the Rangers live facing darkness and the light of day. Cast in a pit Anna Pigeon emerges only to face, with her friend, Jenny, a psychopath’s dark plans. For awhile the reader is very suspicious of more than one of the characters in the book. A desert lover, I was rather put off by the negative descriptions of The Park; but, it fit the psychological nuances of the setting. When light is thrown on the mystery, Anna begins to see the beauty of life in the park and within herself. This was the first book in Anna Pigeon’s life, and it is very good. Many have called this book dark; but, the darkness is necessary to the plot line. After all, these sort of events happen in all settings and denial can only go so far until a news story of women as hostages or young men setting up a ‘draft’ for prom dates. This book is so well written structurally; and the descriptions are accurate. I felt the heat of the desert, I experienced the thirst (as a dialysis patient who is bedridden, I know about thirst) from the author’s descriptions.
I recommend this book; but not if you are terribly squeamish and want all light and no shadows.
I was just so glad to get back in a park, I think initially I gave this book more credit than it deserved. It is the back-story on Anna, but *not* Anna--she's kinda creepy and morose. She also makes some REALLY stupid mistakes. I have never understood the plot device wherein a character withholds info from authorities. Also, the rangers and sheriff are way too blase' about all the loose ends involved in the disappearance, kidnapping, murder, and missing kids off the boat scenarios. I mean there are some serious things just glossed over and dismissed. Also, I have to agree with others--the characters--except for Buddy and Jenny, are incredibly flat and superficial. They are unlikable at best, unmemorable at worst.
The ending felt forced and awkward as well, and the whole Regis business never made much sense, nor did Bethy's tale--either version. If you have not read this series before, do not start here. "Track of the Cat" is stellar as are many of the others.

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