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by Suzee Vlk

  • ISBN: 1568843755
  • Category: Test Preparation
  • Author: Suzee Vlk
  • Subcategory: Graduate School
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Hungry Minds Inc (June 1995)
  • Pages: 362 pages
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  • Rating: 4.8
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Download The Gre for Dummies (2nd ed) fb2

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by Suzee Vlk (Author).

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Find nearly any book by Suzee Vlk. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. The GRE Test For Dummies. by Suzee Vlk, Michelle Rose Gilman, Veronica Saydak. ISBN 9780470009192 (978-0-470-00919-2) Softcover, For Dummies, 2009. Find signed collectible books: 'The GRE Test For Dummies'.

Vlk, Suzee; Vlk, Suzee. Rev. ed. of: The GRE CAT for dummies.

ISBN13 9781568848242.

Format Paperback 350 pages. ISBN13 9781568848242.

ISBN13: 9780764550836. ISBN13: 9781568843995.

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Reviews about The Gre for Dummies (2nd ed) (7):
This was my only study guide for preparation for the GRE Test and was suggested to me by my adviser. I found this to be all I really needed to get an above average score on the GRE. The book doesn't spend too much time on the math theories or memorizing thousands of words, but spends it more on the tips and tricks that the GRE test uses. The GRE doesn't seem much of an aptitude test to me; getting use to the format, learning the tips and tricks, and learning basic math and vocab things will be all one needs to get the grade they want.

We all have ways we take multiple choice tests. The problem is the GRE is different on a few levels and this book addresses those. This Dummies book will have a person comfortable with the format, but more importantly, outfitted with a systematic approach to every section. The way to analyze a question, whether it is an analogy, quantitative comparison, or essay, is probably the most important aspect of this book. These types of questions are not something I faced in four years of college. Knowing how to break certain problems down was the most helpful part.

The GRE is considered an aptitude test, but there are plenty of tricks used that are sometimes counter intuitive. This book, through practice questions and practice tests, really makes it easy to approach the questions with the awareness for those tricks and avoid them. This turns trap questions into easy points. The book never allows the person to stop thinking.

The coolest thing about this book is how they use vocab. GRE vocab is used throughout the book to describe other things. It's not just a list of words (though there is a list of 300 words that are helpful), but words you get to see constantly used in context making it easier to remember. I saw at least seven or eight words included in this book on the GRE which probably directly lead to 60 or 80 points.

If I hadn't gotten the score I needed, I would have returned to this book and studied more. The only thing I didn't really do is go through everything AS much as I should have: I only memorized 150 out of the 300 words; I only had a grasp on a few of the math concepts; I did not really practice my writing portions. This book is just so unique in having full descriptions of the answers to problems, again reinforcing that systematic way to dissect problems.

Thanks For Dummies!
I got this book to take the GRE (computer Based Revised, General) in December of 2011. However after using this book to study I found out that many items on the test have changed (check ETS website for current test structure). However, this book was still a great tool and allowed me to study over items that I have forgotten over the last 4 years of college. The book is well structures and provides a comical interpretation to learning, which is great for learning something like this. I enjoyed reading the book and read it cover to cover (and took the Two practice tests, which as I mentioned are not in the proper format (Math is pretty much right, but the Grammar section is quite different)). The math section was a great tool for relearning Algebra and Geometry and the Grammar section allowed me to learn new words that might be on the test, and different ways to approach the test -- All in a fun manner that kept me intrigued and focused.

In the end this is a great book, however it is out of date compared to the new test, if you are planning on taking the test I highly recommend the For Dummies book, and from what I see a new edition is coming out soon, and hopefully that will be updated to include the new items on the test. However, if the new edition has not been released, this book is still great and when combined with the examples and Software fro ETS (the makers of the GRE) you can hopefully master this very hard test!!!
Very helpful review for the GRE and it does a good job introducing you to the exam which is nice if you don't really know what it's about to begin with. It really breaks down the questions and gives a thorough explanation for each answer choice. This book works best with other study tools though like flash cards and the princeton review website along with looking up common lists of vocabulary words you are likely to find on the exam that you will have to research on your own. If you are just beginning to read about the GRE then this is a great way to get acquainted with the exam and what you will be up against. Does a great job preparing you and isn't too difficult to get through. Only thing I would change is the math section. Unlike most people I am more concerned with the writing and reading sections because usually I am great at math and understand it. However this book's approach is that you are familiar with or at least have seen most of the problems and formulas used to tackle each question. You will encounter an entire chapter of just formulas and equations that you will need to remember or at least go back and review before reaching a practice question. I think it would have been better to put a practice section or test questions right after a couple of these formulas instead of just putting them all together back-to-back. Otherwise it will give you the tools you need to study.

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