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by Emma Harrison

  • ISBN: 1416900241
  • Category: Teenagers
  • Author: Emma Harrison
  • Subcategory: Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Other formats: txt mbr lit azw
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Pocket Books; 1st Printing edition (July 26, 2005)
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  • Rating: 4.2
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Download The Queen's Curse (Charmed) fb2

Emma Harrison has done a great job in this book. Unlike some of her fellow Charmed writers, she does not hold back on the magical mojo, and instead piles every page of the book with it.

Emma Harrison has done a great job in this book. This effect, though brutal on screen, is perfect on paper. There is nothing quite like reading through a 200+ page book, but even of you are a fan of it, there is still that little element of boredom.

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The Queen's Curse is the 30th novel in the Charmed novel series and is written by Emma Harrison. This novel takes place between Season 6 Episode 4 " The Power of Three Blondes " and Season 6 Episode 11 " Witchstock ". While. While trouble brews, a ring is placed-. But evil may have hidden its face. A perfect prince and love's true tal. how the secrets; we must not fail!

Emma Harrison is the author of Tourist Trap, The Best Girl, and several books in the Charmed, Everwood, and Alias television tie-in series. She lives in New Jersey with her husband.

Simon Spotlight Entertainment. The Book of Shadows: The Unofficial Guide to Charmed provides an analysis of Charmed as a television series and its roots in ancient Wicca traditions. It discusses how the religion of real Wiccan practitioners compares to that of the in-series universe, while providing behind-the-scenes information on the development of Charmed.

While trouble brews, a ring is placed - But evil may have hidden its face

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item 3 The Queens Curse (Charmed), Emma Harrison, Used; Good Book -The Queens Curse (Charmed), Emma . She lives in New Jersey. Country of Publication.

item 3 The Queens Curse (Charmed), Emma Harrison, Used; Good Book -The Queens Curse (Charmed), Emma Harrison, Used; Good Book. item 4 The Queens Curse (Charmed), Emma Harrison, Used; Good Book -The Queens Curse (Charmed), Emma Harrison, Used; Good Book.

Charmed: Queen& Curse Simon & Schuster 9781416900245 Зачарованные: проклятие королевы : While trouble brews . When Leo confirms all this with the Elders, the Charmed Ones kick into high gear. or a royal disaster? Новое издание.

Charmed: Queen& Curse Simon & Schuster 9781416900245 Зачарованные: проклятие королевы : While trouble brews, a ring is placed - But evil may have hidden its face. Описание: When Paige meets her Prince Charming, it looks like there could be a royal wedding on the cards.

Written by. Emma Harrison. Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Children's Release date: 25 November 2005 ISBN-10 : 1416900241 ISBN-13: 9781416900245.

The Queen's Curse by Emma Harrison. Season of the Witch Vol. 1. Shadow of the Sphinx by Carla Jablonski. A Tale of Two Pipers by Emma Harrison. Something Wiccan This Way Comes by Emma Harrison. Soul of the Bride by Constance M. Burge, Elizabeth Lenhard. Survival of the Fittest by Jeff Mariotte. Totally Charmed : Demons, Whitelighters and the Power of Three by Jennifer Crusie. Truth and Consequences by Cameron Dokey.

After Paige falls in love with the perfect man, Colin, and accepts his marriage proposal, she discovers that her Prince Charming is the real-life prince of a magical kingdom threatened by dark forces that will overrun Tarsina, unless he marries a magical being before his twenty-fifth birthday. Original. (A WB Television series, starring Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, & Rose McGowan) (Science Fiction & Fantasy)
Reviews about The Queen's Curse (Charmed) (7):
The dialogue and character traits were spot on with the show. If you're a fan of thr show and are familiat with it, you can easily envision all the events in this book. Even if you don't watch the show this book is still great as a general read.
THE WIFE LOVES THIS STUFF, It makes her happy
Abandoned Electrical
Just when Paige thinks her personal life is in the dumps, she meets a handsome prince. Literally. She does not know at first but soon learns he is the prince of a magic kingdom. Unfortunately she learns this when his fiance finds them together. But he is sincere. His kingdom is in trouble and it could be saved by marrying Paige.

Meanwhile Leo learns that there is a possible change in the balance that could put Evil in the lead. Seems it is related to the fate of the magic kingdom. The kingdom was originally occupied by "pure magical beings" but mundanes (mortals) have found their way in. A past Queen wanted to restore things and created a curse that would kill off all of the mortals if the Prince did not marry a magic being. Enter Paige.

Palace and city intrigue come together as the Charmed ones learn that the old Queen was not the only one who wanted to eliminate the mortals. A large following of Loyalists are in the shadows trying to ensure the curse goes as planned.

This was an interesting story but it had a feel of having been written for other characters and adapted to the Charmed universe. It could have made a good paranormal romance novel. The powers of the Charmed ones are not used (except to prove they have them). Even Leo doesn't use his except after he succeeds by not using them (for instance only orbing after already escaping in other ways). But still it worked nicely. My only problem was the ending seemed a little too pat. What happened to the Loyalists? Surely they and their hatred are still around. But despite that it was one of the better Charmed books.
Emma Harrison's best work to date. I enjoyed this book, no doubt about it. It is a story about how Paige finally meets her Prince Charming, (or so she THINKS), she gets the impression of what a flawless person Colin is, but never expected to be proposed to on just the 4th date!! This book is like a supernatural romantic fairy tale story, with the requisite curses and hexes placed on some innocent people, based one on person's nonsensical beliefs, with some "unfair" dilemmas on these people. But what differentiates it from a regular fairy tale is the fact that the charmed Ones were involved!!! You know the usual discussions, bickering, brainstorming, flipping-of-the-Book-Of-Shadows and vanquishing spells. The only difference is that there were no big, grotesque demons to vanquish and no potions to throw at them (those loyalists, Sinjin and his guards don't count).

In my opinion, I don't think this book was impeccable, by any means, as most of Emma's stories tend to an itsy-bit long-winded and draggy, but nevertheless, her writing style packs and amazing load of suspense, unexpected twists and turns in the story and slapstick humor. My main complaint about the book is that it ends with a quick, efficient and impromptu spell, by the Charmed ones, which seems pretty obvious, in most impossible situations. And in some situatuons, like the transferring of powers to Corrine from her Grandma seemed obvious too. Also, what about the other loyalists? I know they were imprisoned in the dungeon, but that's it?! It needs more details about what happened to them. Other than that, two thumbs up to Emma for writing this fabulous Charmed novel!!
paige is having romantic woes, wondering if she will ever meet mr. right and how will she hide her powers. out of nowhere she meets colin, who is just too perfect. after a few dates he asks her to marry him and is interrupted by none other than his fiance.

of course paige is majorlly ticked off. but colin explains that he is from tarsina, which is in another dimension and that if he does not marry a pure magical being by his birthday, all of the mortals of his kingdom will die.

of course good hearted paige agrees to at least see the kingdom and bring leo and her sisters along for the ride. there they find a fairytale of a kingdom, with bad guys in some of the most unlikliest of places.

the story is well written, it takes you back to childhood where every little girls dream was to meet prince charming. it starts out a little slow and will almost make you not read the rest. but hang in there.
Would you marry a man who was in love with someone else in order to save a kingdom? Would you leave your home and your old life and sacrifice your chance to find true love if it meant saving thousands of lives? These are the questions Paige faces in The Queen's Curse.

If Colin, prince of the magical kingdom Tarsina, doesn't marry a magical being by his rapidly approaching twenty fifth birthday, all non-magic people in his kingdom will die. So, although Colin is in love with the mortal Corinne, he proposes to Paige for the sake of his people. Knowing that so many lives are at stake, Paige feels obligated to accept his proposal-- yet she can't ignore Colin and Corinne's devotion to each other. While Paige races against the clock to find a way to reverse the curse, allowing Colin and Corinne to marry, Piper, Phoebe, and Leo must battle a group of mortal-hating witches who want the curse to be fulfilled--and are planning to murder Paige before the wedding.

The Queen's Curse is a compelling read. The kingdom of Tarsina is an intriguing place to visit: a beautiful fairy tale world hiding dark secrets. It's also fun to see Paige reluctantly enjoying the life of a princess, and Leo and Phoebe infiltrating the bad guys' hangout. The Queen's Curse is the one curse that you'll want to get.

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