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by Ellen Wittlinger

  • ISBN: 0689837100
  • Category: Teenagers
  • Author: Ellen Wittlinger
  • Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's (April 7, 2003)
  • Pages: 160 pages
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  • Rating: 4.7
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Download The Long Night of Leo and Bree fb2

Ellen Wittlinger is the critically acclaimed author of the teen novels Love & Lies: Marisol's Story, Parrotfish . I absolutely love this book! The long night of Leo and Breeis a heart-throbbing, suspencful, and intense kind of book. I recommend this book to anyone over 12 and a mature teen.

Ellen Wittlinger is the critically acclaimed author of the teen novels Love & Lies: Marisol's Story, Parrotfish, Blind Faith, Sandpiper, Heart on My Sleeve, Zigzag, and Hard Love (an American Library Association Michael L. Printz Honor Book and a Lambda Literary Award winner), and the middle-grade novel Gracie's Girl. If you want to read a more exciting book then this book is for you!

Ellen Wittlinger, I'm finding, isn't an author that I'm going to consistently enjoy.

Ellen Wittlinger, I'm finding, isn't an author that I'm going to consistently enjoy. I really loved Parrotfish, but I was mildly disappointed in Sandpiper, and I'm very disappointed in this. Wittlinger is capable of being good, I'm certain of it, but this was far from her best work. Wittlinger could've also took the book out of its predictable groove by withholding information until Leo and Bree gave it to each other - it would be a nice way to give the book some genuine surprises. It's a trick that's used surprisingly rarely, despite its success when it is used - just look at This Is Not A Test, a book that pulls it off flawlessly.

Ellen Wittlinger (born in Belleville, Illinois on October 21, 1948) is an author for young adults, including Gracie's Girl and the Printz Honor book Hard Love. The Long Night of Leo and Bree (2002) - "Although the characters sometimes slip into preaching about women’s rights and men’s feelings, this slim volume packs a punch. Wittlinger (Razzle, 2001, et. -always tops at hard-hitting, realistic fiction-delivers another story of teenagers’ self-discovery in a difficult world.

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Leo, out for a drive to get away from his mom, spots Bree. Why is this girl alive while Michelle's not? By 6:30 .

It's been four years since Michelle was killed. Leo can't stand to be at home with his mom - she's crazy with rage. He's got anger of his own and pictures of his dead sister he can't get out of his head. Bree parks her mom's car and locks the doors. Leo, out for a drive to get away from his mom, spots Bree. when their long night is over, everything has changed. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

Also by Ellen Wittlinger. The Long Night of Leo and Bree. Chapter Twenty-seven. For my mother, Doris Wittlinger, and for my second parents, John and Mary Pritchard. Special thanks also to the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, for time and space in which to work.

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LEO AND BREE is Wittlinger at her most compelling. com User, February 27, 2002. I think this is Ellen Wittlinger's best book since HARD LOVE. Leo and Bree are fascinating characters, and the story of their long night is one you won't soon forget. It's true that there isn't much suspense-if Leo were really crazy enough to kill Bree, it would quickly become a very different book-but that's hardly the point. She's in a bad part of town, but she knows the bar has to be around here somewhere. All she wants is to escape for a while and have a good time. Price may vary by retailer.

Автор: Wittlinger Название: Long Night Of Leo & Bree Издательство: Simon & Schuster .

Through a long night of terror comes a dawn of new understanding and new beginnings. On the anniversary of his sister's brutal murder, Leo has to get out of the house, away from his mother, half crazy ever since it happened, away from the images in his mind of the horrific police pictures of her stabbed and bloody body. Escaping, he drives through the streets in a rage and spots Bree...Bree is "slumming it" in the next town over from her posh and affluent one. She wants an evening to herself, without either her mother or her boyfriend telling her what to do or where to go. Seeing Bree with her leather jacket and short skirt, Leo wonders why she should be alive when his sister isn't - it should have been her - angry and upset Leo grabs Bree and holds her hostage. Through a long night of terror and fear, honesty and emotion, Leo and Bree bare their souls, face some truths and respond to each other in unexpected ways.
Reviews about The Long Night of Leo and Bree (7):
This is not a love story. This may tentatively be termed a friendship story. But mostly, it is a story about a simple human-to-human connection. It's about truly seeing each other as people. Leo is still reeling from the murder of his sister and thinks he can bring her back by murdering another girl. But he sees that his suffering isn't all that matters. Bree is a person, too, with her own life and her own tragedies, loss of a sibling included. And Bree realizes that Leo isn't just some horrible kidnapper, and he definitely does not want to truly kill her. He is kind, and he is in pain.

I'm not trying to condone Leo's kidnapping Bree, but he definitely isn't a dimensionless "bad guy" archetype. In fact, he isn't really a bad guy, overall. And his connection with Bree may have saved him, just as it helped Bree to heal, as well. These characters are both damaged humans on the road to recovering from grief, and the effect they have on each other is pretty profound.
Some have compared this book to Robert Cormier's "Tenderness" and there are some similarities: teenaged boy who is not quite right in the head kidnaps teenaged girl with homicide in mind, but spares her, and in their time together they develop an affinity for each other. However, there is a crucial difference: "Tenderness" is good. "The Long Night of Leo and Bree" is not.
I really found the ending unbelieveable. Sometimes kidnap victims do end up falling for their captors. But Leo and Bree just didn't quite make the mark. In "Tenderness" it easy to see how Lori could fall for Eric in spite of who he is, because Lori is incredibly screwed up. Bree isn't. The book did not do an adequate job of explaining how a level-headed if slightly spoiled girl could lose her head that badly.
In addition, both characters tasted of corrugated cardboard -- not quite two-dimensional but not well-rounded either. There are girls from wealthy overbearing families, and there are boys who drop out of school to care for their moms, but there's got to be more to the picture than that. Leo and Bree both felt sort of cookie cutter.
It was a good idea but something went badly wrong in the making. I was very disappointed in this book; I recommend "Hard Love" by the same author instead of this novel.
this book was a quick, bizarre read that made me deeply uncomfortable, but not in the way the author was intending. leo's character is obviously traumatized by the brutal murder of his sister and the over-the-top dissolution of his family afterward, but we are treated to a healthy dose of misogyny and victim-blaming that has no real resolution or correction within the story, and ends up with the main character's victim getting a little crush on him. wittlinger also ends the book before she has to figure out how bree can explain her night of being kidnapped to her family, which is a huge copout.
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It's been 4 years since Leo's sister was killed by her boyfriend. Leo is still haunted by the sight, and his mother is out of her mind. Bree leads a boring life in comparison, but when she heads out to a bar, and finds herself lost, confronted by Leo and threatened with murder.

The back of this novel is very misleading. This is not romance. It's a horrible night for them both, but it has the potential to lead to positive things. I'm not sure exactly what though.

I felt along with the characters, I felt Bree's terror and Leo's confusion. I found myself being disturbed by what was happening, and not wanting to put the novel down for fear of something happening while I wasn't looking!

At the same time, I couldn't feel the same connection with both characters. Leo has so much depth, while Bree seems like a simple rich girl. I guess that's her role, but surely Wittlinger could have picked a better antagonist? Or at least make me feel some sympathy for her. If I had thought it would make Leo feel better, I would have told him to kill her.

I purchased this novel because I've enjoyed Wittlinger's novels in the past. It has nothing on Parrotfish, but is really much better than Hard Love. That's not to say it's perfect though, or anything other than a quick, worth-reading-once, novel. Don't bother buying it unless you're determined to collect everything from this author, just borrow it from the library to make up your mind yourself. I'd recommend this for mature teenage readers.
Leo, a brave kid, has been going through a lot with his sister and mother. You wouldn't think that he would get to the point that he would actually do something crazy, would he? All I am saying is that by the end of this book Leo is going to be a new Leo. Another main character in this book is named Bree. This girl is good girl brought up with a mother that is very over-protective and will hardly let Bree go out with her boy friend. Then until one night something happens that changes her perspective on life and her mother over-protectivness. Then some how, some way their worlds meet in a very unexpected way.
The Long Night of Leo and Bree is a very good book for teen people and even people older. But you should most definitly have a mature mind. The book makes you feel like your there, witnessing everything that goes on. I love this book because i love how it is written. The author Ellen Wittlinger wrote this book in two different worlds. There is a world in Leo's perspective and Bree's perspective. It is really cool! She also creates great moods and feelings that makes you want to keep flipping the pages. I absolutely love this book!
The long night of Leo and Breeis a heart-throbbing, suspencful, and intense kind of book. I recommend this book to anyone over 12 and a mature teen. If you want to read a more exciting book then this book is for you!

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