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by Stephanie S. Tolan

  • ISBN: 0449703290
  • Category: Teenagers
  • Author: Stephanie S. Tolan
  • Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
  • Other formats: lit azw mobi mbr
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Fawcett (October 30, 1989)
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Download A Good Courage fb2

Fourteen-year-old Ty Rainey's mom has found heaven on earth at a religious commune called the Kingdom

14-year-old Ty Rainey''s mom has found heaven on earth at a religious commune called the Kingdom. But Ty soon discovers that the children of the Kingdom are virtually slaves, and he realises that he must find the courage to rebel.

Stephanie S. Tolan (born 1942 in Ohio) is an American author of children's books. Her book Surviving the Applewhites received a Newbery Honor in 2003. She obtained a master's degree in English at Purdue University. Tolan is a senior fellow. Tolan is a senior fellow at the Institute for Educational Advancement. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband. Her papers are kept at the University of Central Missouri. 1978 Grandpa and Me Scribners. 1980 The Last of Eden, Warne.

The best dog story you could wish for! Max is handling his parents' divorce, his new home and school, and a big bully named Nick the only way he knows how: by running away in his head. This third story about the madcap family introduced in Stephanie Tolan's Newbery Honor Book Surviving the Applewhites features even more outlandish adventures and will appeal to fans of the Applewhites and those meeting them for the first time. and Jake are doing their best to forget their bewildering kiss-after all, they're practically family-and get back to "normal" life with the decidedly abnormal, highly creative Applewhites.

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Stephanie Tolan is also well known as an advocate for extremely bright children

Stephanie Tolan is also well known as an advocate for extremely bright children. She co-authored the award-winning nonfiction book, Guiding the Gifted Child, and has written many articles about the challenges gifted "asynchronous" children and adults face as they find a way to fit into their world. She lectures throughout the country to audiences of parents, educators and counselors attempting to find ways to meet the children's needs. 1990 Plague Year, William Morrow. YouTube Encyclopedic. 1992 The Witch of Maple Park.

Tolan makes Daniel's obsession with discipline, Jordana's allegience to a new ""high,"" and the aura of fear and oppression among the children very real. A spellbinding, action-packed cautionary tale. Pub Date: April 22nd, 1988.

Having been dragged by his mother from one commune to another as she searches for a place to belong, fourteen-year-old Ty finds conditions at the new place, the Kingdom, intolerable, even while realizing that for some, such as his mother, this way of life is a haven.Having been dragged by his mother from one commune to another as she searches for a place to belong, fourteen-year-old Ty finds conditions at the new place, the Kingdom, intolerable, even while realizing that for his mother this way of life is a haven
Reviews about A Good Courage (5):
Awesome condition, just as I remembered it. I really wanted a hardcover copy of this book. It was delivered quickly and arrived as described.
The book begins as Tie-Dye Rainey and his mother, Jasmine, become christened into a reclusive religious community called the Kingdom. Ty is given the new name, Tobias. His mother becomes Jordana. Ty has grown up moving from one place to another, his mother in search of an elusive happiness by joining various communes and utopian communities. Ty has always tried to make the best of it, and always tries to find the good in every situation. But the Kingdom is a harsh place for kids like him, and he has trouble finding anything good about the place. Kids work seven days a week in the field, or doing other chores, and are punished for bad behavior by being given fast days where all they get is water. Ty discovers that there is not even a school in the Kingdom. He befriends a girl named Samarah, who is considered a devil child by the rest of the Kingdom because her parents up and left one day, "embracing Satan" in the place known as Out There (everywhere that is not Kingdom grounds). Together, Sam and Ty try to figure out a way to escape the Kingdom.

This was an interesting book and I finished it pretty quickly. There were some holes, though. For one thing, very little background is given about Ty and his mother. Their past is alluded to occasionally, but we aren't given details. It would have been helpful to hear about what life was like for Ty in the places he lived before coming to the Kingdom. A passing reference to some place he used to live in is confusing without more explanation. There is a man named Polaris, from the Home Place, where Ty and his mother once lived. But how long they were there, what it was like, and why they left, is never explained.

The mother's behavior is never explained very well either. We are told only that she doesn't like the responsibilities of the world Out There, and is scared of money. We are not told why. In addition, the character of the mother isn't very well-developed, and while I realize the story is about Ty, not his mom, I felt that she was a really transparent character. Whenever we see her, she's either really joyful, or breaking down in tears. And it seems hard to believe that she would not listen to her beloved son when he tells here what Kingdom life is like for kids.
Personalay I enjoyed this book to me it was very touching. The young boy, Ty, is nice and wants the best for his mom. Even if it means spending the rest of his life in a kingdom where shing and child play is a sinful. Children who are sick must still work in the fields or for the girls doing the kingdom's landray. Ty finds himself in a tough sution and won't give up. This story gave me the fealing of many scared childern's
bravy to surive in this world to wich their parents brougth them.
I think you should read this wonderful book and learn of childern's fatith t live.
(Kids in 7th grade, like me will love this story!!!!!:)!!!!!!!)
My real name is jumping julie the kangaroo from pluto!!!!!!
Product is well made and arrived quickly from shipper.
This book, A Good Courage, was very,very good. Stephanie S. Tolan has written extremely well about the life of Ty in the Kingdom of Yahweh. She is probably very knowledgeable about religion and has potrayed what religion can not be... slavery...of kids. If anything, this book had a few complex ideas, and only 10 and above can read this book. That is the only reason I did not rate it 5 stars. This book, again was very, very good, and I would recommend it to children over 10.

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