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by Colin Spence

  • ISBN: 0672328038
  • Category: Technology
  • Author: Colin Spence
  • Subcategory: Networking & Cloud Computing
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Sams Publishing; 2 edition (September 17, 2005)
  • Pages: 816 pages
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  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 109
Download Microsoft SharePoint 2003 Unleashed (2nd Edition) fb2

Colin Spence has been in the computer industry for over thirteen years and is a senior technology consultant and project manager for Convergent Computing.

Colin Spence has been in the computer industry for over thirteen years and is a senior technology consultant and project manager for Convergent Computing. He focuses on the design, preparation, and execution of business processes in the enterprise.

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Year: 2005 Pages: 288. Authors: Colin Spence, Michael Noel.

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Michael Noel, Colin Spence.

Colin Spence, Michael Noel. Michael Noel, Colin Spence. Colin Spence, Michael Noel.

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As businesses attempt to maximize every employee hour, knowledge management and collaboration tools like SharePoint 2003 have become more popular. Now businesses turn their attention to maximize this tool. Microsoft SharePoint 2003 Unleashed, Second Edition can show you how to do this. Revised based on reader feedback, this new edition delves into the power of SharePoint 2003 by going deep inside topics that include: Migrating to SharePoint 2003 Planning and Implementing a SharePoint 2003 Environment Managing a SharePoint 2003 Environment Extending the SharePoint 2003 Environment SharePoint 2003 technologies are designed to make it easier for everyone on a network to find and manage information. Microsoft SharePoint 2003 Unleashed, Second Edition makes it easier to get there.

Reviews about Microsoft SharePoint 2003 Unleashed (2nd Edition) (7):
I have had this book for almost a year now and read almost the whole thing. One aspect of this book which makes it a very worthwhile read is the clear differentiation which the authors maintain between Windows Sharepoint Services (free to implement) and Sharepoint Portal Server (can be VERY expensive.) Most Sharepoint books I have read fail to make this distinction and suffer greatly for it. I very much appreciated the clear differences between the products.

This book is a great primer for someone looking to get a Sharepoint implementation up and running (which I have been.) Understanding scalability, using farms, managing the databases are all covered in sufficient detail to be able to implement it yourself and have it survive use.

I was disappointed that the scope of the book wasn't wider. I would loved to have seen some developer information, or at least a list of resources. I would also liked to have seen more guidance on creating sites, organization of sites and other setup information. Perhaps a better title would have been Sharepoint 2003 Infrastructure Unleashed.

With those comments, I can also say that I'd buy another volume of this and appreciate the authors attention to detail, especially in clearly differentiating between the free and the expensive Sharepoint products.
I grabbed this from the company bookshelf to learn more about SharePoint and how I might use it to for simple document collaboration. I forced my self to read on even though things are not really explained and the reading is quite dry. I got to Chapter 6 and I had to quit....I still don't see any light.

I've read enough books to know that it may take another chapter or 2 before you start to 'get it', I never got any of it. The book basically goes right into site design from architecture and site design/layout. Problem is they skipped telling you just what all these things are....Portal(s), Area(s), primary site, sub site, sub area, Topics and many other SharePoint terms.

It's like they assume you know what all of these things are, maybe it's covered later. Problem I have is that I got to know what a 'widget' does before I can think about how to use it. Up through chapter 6 I have only vague ideas of what all these SharePoint things are and how I might use them.

Maybe a simple reordering of chapters could help. SharePoint in itself is confusing as well it consists of 2 things 'SharePoint Services' and SharePointPortal Server'.

I'm a developer going on 20 years of coding experience and quite a few books under the belt. While this book is not a 'coding' book I should be able to learn from it but I didn't. I have given up on very few books in my career and none recently.
As someone that reads alot of books, both technical and non-technical, this is definetly the worst written book I've ever seen. It seems it has not been read by any editors.

You can find typos, spelling mistakes, grammar errors and such all over the place. The authors just copy-pasted some of them over and over again. The text is boring to death, and for some reason, the least needed parts are repeated several times. For example, the meaning of "Description" of a field in a list is explained more than a dozen times in less that 5 pages.

All of this, even before touching the content and subject of the book itself. The order of the content was not well thought of, the style of writing is boring, and the content itself is not very informative.

As a developer, I did not expect to find much on the development side of SharePoint, but I doubt that even technicians and solution architects will find much help in this one.
It would be easy to mistake this book as a developer reference, having the book come from SAMS. This is not the case however. As a developer, i was extremley disappointed in the content this book contained. There are no code samples whatsoever, and no discussion of building custom web parts. Moreover, very important information has been completley omissed from the text. Things like customizing the look and feel of the portal by integration with frontpage 2003, and utilizing the complex nature of the single sign on service are not discussed for more than a paragraph, and these are very important points for anyone designing any sharepoint solution. This book can be described as a power user manual and implementation guide at best. If you're looking for a book with a lot of fluff, no examples on how to do things you are going to need to know how to do, some examples on things that are already self-explanatory, then this is a perfect book for you. Basically the information in this book is a poor rewrite of the SPS administrator manual that is on the cd. There is some helpful information in this book on certain topics, but it is not nearly as comprehensive as you would think it should be for its size.
I do SharePoint administration and development and own the other five SharePoint 2003 books currently on the market. This book is useless from any perspective except perhaps as a doorstop. It just repeats the same content chapter after chapter about the features of SharePoint while offering no insight as to installing, configuring or developing. You would get more insight about SharePoint reading a product brochure or just cruising Microsoft's web site. Avoid this book!
(actual review is 2.5 stars). Even though this book has a lot of pages, the content is pretty shallow and it suffers from an apparent desire to address to many different types of reader, from the developer to the administrator, to the technology decision maker. The result is that the book is weak in two key areas: development and administration. For readers who want reasonable depth in those areas, I suggest finding another source. For readers who want a broad brush, the book is a fine work.

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