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by Xxavier T.

  • ISBN: 0975905007
  • Category: Self-Help
  • Author: Xxavier T.
  • Subcategory: Personal Transformation
  • Other formats: mbr doc mobi lrf
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Centurion House (July 2004)
  • Pages: 112 pages
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  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 155
Download Treat Your Man Like a V.I.P. fb2

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Treat Your Man Like A . P Despite what you may have read in books and women's magazines, seen on talk shows and internet sites, or heard from psychologists and relationship gurus, it is much. Despite what you may have read in books and women's magazines, seen on talk shows and internet sites, or heard from psychologists and relationship gurus, it is much easier to get a man than to keep one.

Treat Your Man Like A V. I. P. : Topless Tactics You Were Never Taught. Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13:9780975905005.

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And I believe we can breath in the magic of our Earth And I believe we can exhale anything we feel we didn't deserve I believe there was a man called Jesus Christ And in times like these he said: treat each other equally In times like these And I believe in the words of the Dali Lama In times like these

Book by T., Xxavier
Reviews about Treat Your Man Like a V.I.P. (7):
I snagged this book as a freebie on Amazon (love those freebies). Normally, I wouldn't put much stock into a book written by a former exotic dancer. I am not the type of reader who tortures themselves by finishing a book they're just not enjoying, so I thought, if I don't like it, I won't finish it. But I'm surprised to say, there were actually some nuggets of useful information in here.

Xxavier (which I'm assuming is a pen name) is a former exotic dancer, a woman who men paid to spend time with them. She took things she had learned in those years of working the V.I.P room, and applies them in ways that you can better your relationship with your man. Now, I'll state from the start, it's not what I was expecting. Coming from the profession the author did (perhaps feeding into the stereotype) I expected it to be filled with ideas on types of lingerie, how to perform dances, all sorts of other `bedroom' ideas. Granted, there are some in the book, but, overall it leans more toward simple ideas to enhance your femininity, self esteem, and practical improvements to every day life. Which thus draws your mans attention back to you. As an example, she explains the importance of scent. She tells a quick story of a client who loved a particular perfume, and every time he happened to catch a whiff of it somewhere, he always thought of a particular woman. She then goes into how, or I should say, why not use that approach with your husband. So that every time he might be around a similar scent of perfume, he automatically thinks of you.

She also presses on the importance of making time for yourself, that taking that time to say, paint your nails, not only makes you feel better but reminds your husband of that sexy woman he met and fell in love with. You know, before we had kids and put them and our family ahead of ourselves. I can say I've fallen victim to that countless times - throwing on a hoodie and pulling my hair into a ponytail, because I think my time would be better spent on X responsibility, instead of using fifteen minutes on myself to do something with the mop on my head. The essence of several of the chapters is, by making that extra time for ourselves (which we deserve), we improve our self esteem, which can stir up the passion in you and your partner. After I thought about it for a little while, part of it did make sense to me. If my man can have an entire Sunday (pretty much) to himself to watch football, then I can surely have fifteen guilt free minutes to paint my nails. Which I love doing, by the way.

It also touches on aspects of regular family life/time, how to better organize your time and different ways in which you think of the use of your rooms. For example, how you think of the use of your bedroom; that portion turned on a light bulb for me. She explains it that a bedroom can be thought of as a V.I.P room, and not for reasons you might guess. But because a V.I.P room, she says, is where men go to get away from it all, it's a form of a sanctuary for them, and your bedroom can be thought of with that same approach. A bedroom should be a sanctuary for you and your partner, a place you go to relax, to let the worries of the day go, to spend time together. She goes into a few ideas as to how you can achieve that, but I was pretty surprised at the concept as a whole - because it's so simple, but makes so much sense.

I won't go so far as to say that I felt this was an overwhelming source of great information, but after reading it, I did walk away with several things I wanted to try to implement into my life. If I can walk away from a self-help type of book with information and ideas I want to try, I consider that time well spent. Because of that, I would recommend this book to the ladies out there. It's a quick read, well written, and you're surely to come out it with an idea or two.
Good ideas, good advices. An easy to read book, I like the techniques and the props at the end of it
Mitars Riders
Have youe ever excitedly picked up a book expecting practical, down-to-earth advice from someone claiming to be "an expert" or "extremely knowledgable" and instead, slammed the same book down, scratching your head wondering what planet the author descended from? Well, you won't get that here! Author T. Xxavier's "Treat Your Man Like a V.I.P." leaves you wanting to know where you can get MORE of this exciting advice from someone who ACTUALLY knows. Unlike many self-professed self help gurus on the market who bore you silly with their long drawn out theories, T. Xxavier's light easy well read book gets right to the heart of the matter and never strays. Simply put, T. Xxavier's only ulterior motive is helping you keep your man happy at home, so he's less likely to show up in one of the fine establishments she mentions in her book. The author's powerful ability to observe and record are just a few reasons to keep you spellbound while reading. Women who value frank honesty about what they may or may not be doing to help their relationships will certainly enjoy this book. In fact, after reading Treat Your Man Like a V.I.P., many women will walk away wondering what I did -- when and where can I sign up for a T. Xxavier seminar to learn MORE about how to treat my man like a V.I.P.!!
This is one of the few books I have purchased this year that completely deviated from my expectation. Treat Your Man Like A V.I.P. provides the reader with the right blend of realism and romanticism. I'm not sure why the author chose to target married women, because there are so many singles that can benefit from her insight into the minds of men. Reading Xxavier's book has given me a clearer understanding of what kind of mate I desire to be and has provided me with a guide for getting there.
If someone had asked me would I ever consider taking advice from a stripper I probably would have said "no". I found myself wondering what kind of experiences the author had prior to her gentleman's club exploits that helped to contribute to her clever interpretation of her topless bar clientele. My husband was as amused as I and passed the book along to a friend.
I enjoyed reading the book, and I actually met the author in New Orleans this month. It's practical information to women who are married and want to stay that way. I enjoyed the author's angle to this popular subject, and I found her advice realistic. Chapter 2 made the most perfect sense to me and I've put into action with my significant other...
Thanks X!
The book gives very valuable tips. I admire the author for taking time to share her experiences that we women take for granted with men. It was a good read.

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