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by Stephanie Laurens

  • ISBN: 0380206412
  • Category: Romance
  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
  • Subcategory: Historical
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Avon (1999)
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Download 3 (Cynster Novels)Scandal's Bride, The Ideal Bride,The Perfect Lover fb2

She’d never had a vision like it before. Leaning back in a chair drawn up to the table. Enter the World of Stephanie Laurens.

She’d never had a vision like it before. Eyes-blue, blue blue as the skies. 1 Will there be anything else, sir? An artful arrangement of sleek, nubile. 2 Richard rose early the next morning. He shaved and dressed. 3 A few minutes before eleven o’clock the next morning. 4 That night, Catriona slept poorly, bedevilled by a vision.

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Book 3. Scandal's Bride. Shelve The Ideal Bride. Book 16. Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue. by Stephanie Laurens. Book 1-3. Cynsters: The Beginning: Cynster Novels 1, 2, and 3. Three heros, three rescues, three weddings. Get the first three Cynster Novels in one boxe. ore.

The two unlikely lovers are thrown together in a cold Scottish castle by the reading of a last will and testament.

Only 13 left in stock (more on the way). The two unlikely lovers are thrown together in a cold Scottish castle by the reading of a last will and testament. And while Richard is wildly attracted to the lovely Scottish lady, marriage doesn't cross his mind until the will is read and he is compelled to consider the subject.

When it comes to passion and power, these two lovers are a perfect match. I've never been disappointed by a Stephanie Laurens book and SCANDAL'S BRIDE is no exception.

The 3rd Cynster Novel First published 1999 Avon Books ISBN 978-0-380-80568-5. When Catriona Hennessy, honorable Scottish Lady of the Vale, received this prediction, she was exceedingly aghast. When it comes to passion and power, these two lovers are a perfect match. alton Heart to Heart. Another winner for this up-and-coming talent. Her heroes are strong, dependable and delightfully arrogant. Laurens has a knack for creating realistic women in that they are independent and self-reliant.

Cynster family (Fictitious characters). New York : Avon Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana.

Authors: Stephanie Laurens. Books by same genres: Red Rain: a Novel. Nine Perfect Strangers. 10 3. /10 Your: Rate. To his relief, no cultists appeared on the wharf. He saw none on the riverbanks. Once Vienna had been left behind, he headed downstairs. 7, 10. Dorothy Garlock -. by Wind of Promise. By Winter's Light: a Cynster Novel (Cynster Special book 2). 9, 10. Hero, Come Back. 10. The Untamed Bride.

Her novels are primarily historical romances set in the Regency time period. Stephanie Laurens and her husband live in Melbourne with their two cats. The Perfect Lover (Simon, Portia) (2003). The Ideal Bride (Michael, Caro) (2004). The Truth about Love (Gerrard, Jacqueline) (2005). Not actually correct).

The Ideal Bride by Laurens Stephanie. It had been easy to define the qualities and attributes he required in his bride-passable beauty, loyalty, supportive abilities such as nostessly talents, and some degree of intelligence lightened with a touch of humor

The Ideal Bride by Laurens Stephanie. Chapter 1. Late June, Eyeworth Manor, near Fritham in the New Forest, Hampshire. It had been easy to define the qualities and attributes he required in his bride-passable beauty, loyalty, supportive abilities such as nostessly talents, and some degree of intelligence lightened with a touch of humor. Finding such a paragon proved another matter; after spending hours in the ballrooms, he’d concluded he’d be wiser to seek a bride with some understanding of a politician’s life-even better, a successful politician’s life. Then he’d met Elizabeth Mollison, or rather remet her, for strictly speaking he’d known her all her life.

Reviews about 3 (Cynster Novels)Scandal's Bride, The Ideal Bride,The Perfect Lover (7):
This is the third of her Cynster novels, and I liked it rather more than the first two, though those were certainly decent. “Scandal” (short for The Scandal That Wasn’t) is the nickname of Richard Cynster, the illegitimate half-brother of Sylvester “Devil” Cynster, who was shipped by Seamus McEnery (husband of his mother) as an infant to the 4th Duke of St. Ives when his mother died in childbirth. Not only did the Duke acknowledge him, but his wife—a prominent arbiter of the ton—claimed him as well, thus making it very risky for anyone to try to make a scandal of it. Catriona Hennessy is a young woman who has been Seamus’s ward since the death of her parents when she was 16, although after considerable conflict she lives in her parents’ home rather than with him. Upon his death she and Richard are both summoned to his home in the Highlands for the reading of the will. (His own children and grandchildren are already there.) He was a wealthy man, but something of a miser, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that his will is rather bizarre: he leaves his estate to be distributed among his children and grandchildren, but only on the condition that Richard and Catriona agree to marry within a week of the will’s being read. (The wedding doesn’t have to be that soon, but they must be betrothed by then and married within a reasonable time.) Otherwise the estate will go to charity and his own descendants will be thrown on the parish, more or less. So his family are entirely dependent on the good will of Richard and Catriona. Neither of them had had marriage in mind—but they are attracted, and Catriona, while not wanting to marry a strong-willed man, does need to bear a daughter to continue the lineage of the ladies of the vale—sort of pagan priestesses of the pagan goddess the Lady of the Vale, for a valley down in the Cheviot Hills near the border between England and Scotland. So she devises a scheme for drugging him and visiting his bed late at night, and they have lots of excellent sex for three nights in a row (although Richard guesses what had happened the first night and doesn’t drink the drugged whisky the next two). They do get married about half-way through the book; the rest of it is devoted to their life in the valley, which includes many of the other Cynsters—Devil, Vane, Gabriel, the wives of the first two, and Helena, Devil’s mother and the only mother Richard has ever known—descending on them when Richard is poisoned and nearly dies of it.
I truly loved the character build up in this book of the famous Cynster cousins, but I hated some of the shallowness Laurens attributed to them in various parts of the book.

For instance: Knowing how Richard felt about family, she was going to use him to get pregnant and not tell him??? What does that say about her?

Again: She believed 'The Lady' but had an attitude about allowing a relationship? (Only Patience angered me as much as Catriona, for being unaccountably hateful, spiteful, haughty, mad all the time for no reason except they felt something, etc... Such a stupid person. Poor Vane!)

Also: She was soooooo independent that she couldn't see he was BORED TO DEATH!It's like Laurens had to create something to write about here.

And: They were both so shallow at one point that he was going to leave her, and she just let him walk out.

Then: When is attempted murder something to sweep under the rug? Hellllllooooooo!

Finally: You put an attempted murderer in charge of your children?


The stupidity of this book causes me to give it a 2 star rating.
I like Stephanie Laurens, she is a good author, but has taken a definite wrong turn with this book. For starters, after the wonderful story of Sebastian and Helena that starts the whole Cynster clan off, to realize that Richard "Scandal" is the result of infidelity on Sebastian's part leaves a bad taste for me, not to mention is completely out of character from their previous story. And while Helena shows amazing compassion for an infant -- her acceptance of her husband's infidelity I found to be totally out of character for her. Infidelity for me is a definite romance killer and I am sure that this impacted to a small degree my feelings regarding this book. Although I liked Richard in the other books and was looking forward to this one I just could not get into this story -- Richard seemed to behave out of character, not at all like he is portrayed in the other books. I did not like Catriona and I especially was turned off by the new age/wiccan stuff. In that time period witches and people that practiced witchcraft were killed. She would never have been that open about it. Plus, she kept consulting "The Lady" - the book made it clear that she kept getting a clear answer of what she was supposed to do - the book also made it clear that she always obeyed "The Lady" and yet, oddly enough, as clear as the answers were she did not obey what she was told. She kept trying to figure out what they could mean, even though they were plain and clear. Gimme a break! It took me 2 days to read just 89 pages. I was hoping that it would get better and then I thought that I just wanted to see what happened to Richard, but I found by page 89 that I just didn't care. If this is your first book with this author, do not despair, try some of her others. I liked Devil's Bride and A Rake's Vow better. I also enjoyed Temptation and Surrender and A Promise in a Kiss. These are all by Stephanie Lauren. Another good author is Lisa Kleypas -- I liked her Wallflower series and the Hathaway series.
I got everything around the wrong way, and read Stephanie Laurens' Second Generation stories first, before starting The Cynsters. Its a bit of a pain and I wish I hadn't. But it is not the fault of the storyline; it merely would have given me a bit of extra depth. Richard is a very minor character in their daughter's story, and a lovely hunky hero in this, wanting to work, to fit in with his wife's life. I am still reading it, and am enjoying it very much.

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