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by Shirlee Busbee

  • ISBN: 0380822970
  • Category: Romance
  • Author: Shirlee Busbee
  • Subcategory: Historical
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Avon Books; Reissue edition (March 1, 1983)
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Download While Passion Sleeps fb2

Louisiana 08 - While Passion Sleeps. While Passion Sleeps.

Louisiana 08 - While Passion Sleeps. THE LADY: Beth Ridgeway was a violet-eyed platinum beauty - the kind of woman who made men burn with desire  . The married daughter of an English aristocrat, Beth Ridgeway believes Rafael Santana cruel and insensitive; a man who uses women only for selfish pleasure. The arrogant son of a wealthy Texas family, Rafael thinks Beth flirtatious and unfaithful; a woman who takes pride in breaking men's hearts.

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To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate. Give a Bookmate subscription →. About Bookmate. com User, May 7, 2000. If you have read any of Shirley Busbee's books you must read this one. English beauty Beth Selby is promised to marry American Nathan Ridgeway.

Shirlee Busbee (born August 9, 1941 in San Jose, California) is an American writer of romance novels since 1977. Shirlee Elaine was born on 9 August 1941 in San Jose, California, the first daughter of a career naval officer.

Shirlee Busbee17 Februari 2017. Something neither the years nor the violent misunderstandings between them can diminish: an awakening to the magnificent passions of love, no matter how forbidden. Lagi oleh Shirlee Busbee. Swear by Moonlight (The Reluctant Brides Series, Book 2).

Published since 1977, Shirlee Busbee is the proud author of over 18 novels, including seven New York Times bestsellers

Published since 1977, Shirlee Busbee is the proud author of over 18 novels, including seven New York Times bestsellers. Genres: Historical Romance.

When Beth becomes dissatisfied with her marriage to Nathan Ridgeway, she struggles to find love with the arrogant Texan, Rafael Santana
Reviews about While Passion Sleeps (7):
This was Busbee's third novel, and followed LADY VIXEN, to which I gave 5 stars. While this was equally well researched, an absorbing story and very well told for the most part, there were just a few issues that kept me from giving it full marks. But I understand the author is going to release a new, updated edition that will be superb.

Set in England (the beginning), New Orleans, Natchez and the Southwest (including the Republic of Texas) during the years 1836-1840, it tells the story of Elizabeth, daughter of British Lord Selby who decided to be rid of her by marrying her off to Nathan Ridgeway, a young American. Unfortunately, Nathan, though a truly nice guy, desires only men. So kind, sweet barely 17-year-old Elizabeth went from a loveless home to a passionless, unconsummated marriage. One night, soon after she and Nathan arrive in New Orleans, Elizabeth meets Raphael Santana, heir to a wealthy Spanish family. Raphael is a powerfully handsome, though dangerous man, part Comanche and for most of his youth lived as a Comanche warrior. He is married to a witch of a woman who instantly hates Elizabeth for the desire Raphael has for the young beauty.

It's a fascinating tale of the old West at a time when Texas was fighting to stand on its own, apart from Mexico and not yet a state; and the Indians were pivotal to that fight. Elizabeth was an interesting character, but one who was sometimes hard to fix. At times she was strong and feisty, and at other times, a bit weak. Raphael was a worthy alpha male hero (though he clearly had a cruel side). The dialog is rich and gives you a sense for the era. Busbee took careful attention to include details that made the story more complete.

The last 1/3rd of the book might be the best. There's lots of action and finally Raphael comes to terms with his growing feelings for Elizabeth. I liked the twists and turns and Busbee's writing is splendid. The ending was wonderful and worth the wait.

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I love this book. It's the first romance novel I ever read, and 27 years later, I had to buy it again. (I borrowed it from the local library when I was 10!) Yes, it is a little old fashioned, but it's a historical novel, so it's supposed to be! I love the innocence of the main character, and how situations happen that twist the plot and ultimately lead to a happy ending. When I was 10, I cried at the end of the book, because I wasn't ready to stop reading about the main characters! :-) It's a great story for true romantics.
Enjoyed plot story characters! Touching moments like friendship between Heroine & gay husband Exciting ending well written fight scenes My second favorite to ' whisper to me of love '
I read this book when it was new. I recently read it again, and still love the overall book. The hero/heroine are done very well, and perfectly off-set each other. He is the typical Alpha male, possessive and rough, but it does take place back in the 1860's, and you can imagine that men were really that way. There are parts that are funny, sad, heartbreaking and people that are diabolical, but it is a "must read" for me. The intensity of the main characters is great!
This still a great book. I read it thirty years ago and the reading was just as good I wished the book was in eBook format.
I love Shirley Busbee books and to me this was just one more reason why she is the best. I loved the book and would recommend it to anyone who likes historical romance novels.
I did like this book, but I felt it took a LONG time to get to the point where we all knew it was going...pretty predictable plot in my opinion. The characters were fairly extreme (female was docile vs. male domineering and a bit abusive). Additionally, the story line had one of my biggest pet peeves: miscommunication. And it was apparent throughout the whole book and amongst most of the characters. All in all, though I rated this book just a three, it will not deter me from reading another by this author.
If you have read any of Shirley Busbee's books you must read this one. English beauty Beth Selby is promised to marry American Nathan Ridgeway. After marrying Nathan she finds out that Nathan prefers men. Still, she adores him and vows to make their marriage work. While at a soiree she meets tall, dark, handsome and arrogant son of a wealthy Texas family, Rafael "Renegade" Santana, who was kidnapped by Camanches and raised as a warrior. With one kiss Beth awakens to the passions she thought she would never know. Enchanted by her beauty Rafael is convinced she is flirt but he seduces her and Beth vows to never see him again. But while Beth and Nathan are visiting a San Antonio ranch which happens to be Rafael's home, he arrives unexpectedly. Torn between her vows to Nathan and fears of falling in love with Rafael she tries remain aloof. Beth's life is shattered when Nathan is killing during a Comanche attack. Although Beth cared and charished Nathan she finds that she loves and desires Rafael. Very hard to find but a must read. This book has all the making of a great book.

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