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by Patricia Gaffney

  • ISBN: 0843948000
  • Category: Romance
  • Author: Patricia Gaffney
  • Subcategory: Historical
  • Other formats: rtf lrf lrf mobi
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Leisure Books (April 1, 2000)
  • Pages: 448 pages
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  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 999
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Home Patricia Gaffney Another Eden. This book is for Joem Gaffney. Thanks for lighting the fire, Mom, and for aiding and abetting the dream.

Home Patricia Gaffney Another Eden.

The waiter, poor bastard, was rigged out as an English footman, complete with knee breeches and powdered wig. It was that kind of a party. Alex calculated that the cost of the food, spread out under. And this was only the first supper; at midnight, there was to be a second one, even more elaborate.

Each book that I have read, written by Patricia Gaffney, has been different. And each has engaging characters and an intriguing story line

Each book that I have read, written by Patricia Gaffney, has been different. And each has engaging characters and an intriguing story line.

Read whenever, wherever. Your phone is always with you, so your books are too – even when you’re offline.

So I’m working my way through Patricia Gaffney’s backlist – and just from the two books I’ve read by her, it seems she goes in big for the tortured, tragic romances that offer some piercing, poignant.

by. Gaffney, Patricia. New York : Leisure Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; ctlibrary; americana.

A New York Times Bestselling Author Beautiful, sensitive and aristocratic, Sara was tired of lying to protect brutal, grasping Ben Cochrane, tired of pretending that her life of luxury was anything but a gilded cage. And from the moment her eyes first met Alex McKie's, she knew that he saw through the tissue of lies to the desperate, yearning woman beneath.

Patricia Gaffney was born on December 27, 1944 in Tampa, Florida . Another Eden (Oct 1992). Thief of Hearts (Jun 1993). Crooked Hearts (Aug 1994).

Patricia Gaffney was born on December 27, 1944 in Tampa, Florida, United States. She is the daughter of Joem and Jim Gaffney. She and her brother, Mike, grew up in Bethesda, Maryland. Patricia graduated from Walter Johnson High School. In 1984, Gafffney was diagnosed with breast cancer, which prompted her to live out her dream of writing books and living in the country. In 1986, she and her husband moved to rural Pennsylvania, where they continue to live.

Patricia Gaffney is an American writer of romance novels and women's fiction novels. In 1984, Gafffney was diagonsed with breast cancer, which prompted her to live out her dream of writing books and living in the country. In 1986, she and her husband moved to rural

Tired of lying to protect the reputation of her wealthy and brutal husband, Sara Cochrane falls easily for Alex McKie and embarks upon a forbidden love affair. Original.
Reviews about Another Eden (7):
PUBLISHING INFO: Leisure, 1992
REISSUED: Dorchester, 2000
GENRE: Historical Romance
SETTING: New York, late 1800's

Sadly, this story was a predictable letdown. The English heroine, who I assume is in her late 20's, is pretty passive and spineless, not at all the type of lead character I like to read about. She's in a dysfunctional, abusive marriage and has no plans to leave it. Though it is the late 1800's, people did get divorced and I can see no reason for Sara to have stayed married to Ben. He was wealthy and somewhere along the way she could have saved up enough money to leave with their seven year old son, Michael.

I have no complaints about the architect hero, Alex. He's around 30. They meet because her husband, Ben, hires him to build them a vacation home/mansion in Rhode Island. Alex had an abusive childhood but has made something of himself and has become successful. I didn't like Sara's son Michael's attachment to Alex and thought it very odd that Sara would allow him to correspond with Alex via letter. I don't think that would have happened in real life.

Tasha was a scheming character and I don't really see why she was put in the story.

The predictable part of the story: for married Sara and Alex to have their happily-ever-after, something bad (or good?) would have to happen to Ben. So, surprise, surprise, something did happen, which we all knew would.

Overall, I was really unhappy with this story.
and will not let go. Patricia Gaffney has written a beautiful, tender, romantic tale of two seemingly star-crossed lovers set in
1890's America.
Alex Mckie is an architect and has been hired by obnoxious nouveau riche Ben Cochrane to build an opulent mansion in flashy Newport. Alex has misgivings about building this ostentatious palace named Eden but he's a driven, ambitious man who's on the rise and he'll put aside his personal qualms about wasting his talents on this monument to bad taste.
Sara Cochrane married Ben at a young age in order to flee an alcoholic mother and an unhappy life in England. Ben married her because he thought marrying a peer of the realm would help him attain his ultimate goal: entrance into New York's exclusive high society. When Sara's title failed to gain them entry into the exclusive circles, Ben blamed her for the failure and needless to say the marriage turned sour. Sara could not leave Ben because of their son, whom Ben had no use for except as a weapon to keep Sara in her place.
When Alex and Sara meet, it isn't love at first sight. He's intrigued by her and wants to take her to bed, she dislikes him. This will change when Ben sends Sara to supervise the building of their home for the summer. Alex and Sara develop at tentative friendhip which soon evolves into something more complex. Sara is determined to ignore these feelings for her sake and the sake of her child, whom she's determined to protect agaisnt the reality of his parents marriage. Alex is not so willing to cooperate, he finds that he's falling in love with Sara and her son and suddenly his driving ambitions and his plans for the future are no longer so important. What's important is the seemingly impossible love and unquenchable passion that he and Sara feel for each other. Only she will not leave Ben for fear that he might take her child.
The angst and helplessness felt by Alex and Sara because of the impossibility of their love is heart wrenching.But what makes this a great story is that the reader can see Alex's evolution from an ambitious, young-man-about-town into a caring, responsible, loving man who's willing to give up all of his dreams and ambitions for the love of a woman. Like all of the other books I've read by this author, this is an extremely well written romantic tale. Highly recommended. :)
First I have read by Gaffney, but surely not the last. It was very intriguing and compelling. Can't wait to get my hands on the next one.
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Nouveau riche Ben Cochrane married his British wife, Sara, eight years ago as an attempt to slip into high society in New York in the late 1890's. When his plan did not work, mostly because of Ben's brash egomania, he blames it on Sara. They have a seven-year-old child that Ben seems indifferent to, but he uses Michael to keep Sara by his side.

One of Ben's new plots to enter society is to build himself a monument to his power and influence in Newport. He hires an up-and-coming architect named Alex McKie to create the monstrosity. It is interesting to watch Alex change from a womanizing hotshot to someone who cares for Sara and Michael.

I thought the 'solution' to Alex and Sara's problem was too pat and convenient. I also questioned Sara's agreement to allow Michael to become so close to Alex; it just didn't ring true. Otherwise, this is a fine novel.

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