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by Lynn Galli

  • ISBN: 1935611232
  • Category: Romance
  • Author: Lynn Galli
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Penikila Press, LLC (October 19, 2011)
  • Pages: 256 pages
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  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 901
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No part of this book may be reproduced, transmitted, or stored by any means without the express written consent of the publisher. For information address Penikila Press, LLC, 4917 Evergreen Way, Ste. 439, Everett, WA, 98203.

Mending Defects book. Mending Defects" is a nice story, but not one of Lynn Galli's best. It seemed a bit too short. Some of the issues could have been explored more deeply. Life in a small town can be tricky  .

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Laid-back Glory Eiben learned long ago that keeping personal information and opinions to herself goes a long way toward staying hassle free in her chosen home town. Much adored by the residents.

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Life in a small town can be tricky. As a turnaround specialist, Joslyn Simonini spends her days analyzing corporate profit margins and trying to keep her likeness from being turned into a voodoo doll by company employees. Much adored by the residents, she's maintained the life she's always wanted with good friends, close family, and a successful career.

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Book in the Aspen Friends Series).

author bio, and bonus by the by material. Follow Zoey as she navigates the beautiful Scottish terrain and finds love in the most unlikely place. Which character are you? Give these fun quizzes a try to see where you belong in the Virginia or Aspen gangs. Scottish Charm Book 1. Scottish Charm Book 2. Virginia Clan Prequel. Virginia Clan Book 1. Virginia Clan Book 2. Virginia Clan Book 3.

Life in a small town can be tricky. Laid-back Glory Eiben learned long ago that keeping personal information and opinions to herself goes a long way toward staying hassle free in her chosen home town. Much adored by the residents, she's maintained the life she's always wanted with good friends, close family, and a successful career. For someone with a rare congenital heart defect, this life is more than she could have hoped for. Leaving behind big city excitement, a demanding position, and a failed relationship, Lena Coleridge thinks this small ski town may be exactly what she needs to come back from her wit's end. She didn't think that job politics or social landmines would exist in such a small town. Keeping to herself won't be an option with these nosy locals. It doesn't help that she lives next door to one of the more popular residents who seems too easy going and nice to be true. Friendship is inevitable, but as she gets to know Glory, friendship isn't the only thing on her mind. After her last relationship, Lena doesn't want anything to do with another complication, and dating her neighbor could definitely get complicated.
Reviews about Mending Defects (7):
Most likely, if you're considering purchasing this book, you're already a fan of author Lynn Galli and of her wonderful Virginia Friends Series of novels. This collection, "Finally", is truly for the fans of those fantastic volumes as it features a long requested telling of dedicated partners, Willa and Quinn, and how they came to be the couple we've grown to love over the whole series.

First off, plainly - I can highly recommend this wonderful collection. As an avid reader of Lynn Galli, I've purchased and enjoyed all her novels and have always had a great admiration for her character creation and storytelling ability. This book really displays her ability to excel at both.

The first story we're gifted with here is actually named for the title of this book - "Finally". As any fan of the Virginia Friends Series knows, the starting steps of partners Willa and Quinn's relationship has been referred to but never put to paper - not until now. "Finally" starts with a wonderful set of chapters ( 7 chapters, 44 pages, so longer than your standard short story ) that describes the meeting and first tentative steps of courtship between Willa and Quinn. It's great to finally ( pun intended ) get some insight into the genesis of these two great characters and their relationship. "Finally" alone was worth the price of the book for me.

In addition to the first steps in Willa and Quinn's history, we're also given a brand new short story, based on new characters called "Objection" - and it's a real winner. A compelling story ( 9 chapters, about 48 pages - so again longer than your standard short ) starring two fascinating women, it's smartly written and the characters are wonderfully drawn. My only complaint would be that I wanted more of them than we're presented with here. I can only hope we see more of Lindsay and Suzanne in some future book.

Following these two missives are the epilogues to each of the Virginia Friends Series of books. If you're a fan of the books - then you'll absolutely love the epilogues. We're presented with, in order : M's epilogue, Jessie's Epilogue, Austy's Epilogue, Raven's Epilogue and finally - Willa's epilogue. Each epilogue is written with such a distinct and different voice, they're just a joy to read and absorb. Even in their single, one chapter presentation - they show character insight and detail to each of the relationships. They're just fantastic.

This whole collection has already become a favorite read of mine, and I'm sure it will for others, as well.

Side Note To Those New To The Virginia Friends Series : For those looking for great reads, who haven't yet read the Virginia Friends Series - I'd highly recommend you add them to your must-read list. "Wasted Heart" features Austy and Elise, and one of the funniest and most engaging first chapters I've ever read. "Imagining Reality" features Jessie and Lauren, and speaks truthfully of love through change and growth. "Blessed Twice" features Briony and the wonderfully written M, and tells of second chances and the ability of love to overcome obstacles. ( Psst - "Uncommon Emotions", though not specifically featuring the Virginia Friends, does have a cameo by one of the couples. It's unexpected and very sweet. ) There are Special Editions of each of these titles currently available here at Amazon - each of which ends with the epilogues also featured here in "Finally".

In addition, if you're still looking for something to read : Lynn Galli's "Full Court Pressure", though not featuring our heroines from the Virginia Friends Series, is one of the best, sports-based, stories I've ever read. Well written and again featuring strong, competent and admirable female characters.

You truly cannot go wrong with a Lynn Galli book.
I really enjoy Lynn Galli's work because it is so character driven. She takes wonderful locations and makes them part of the story in a alluring way, but it is the characters who make me keep picking up her work. Mending Defects is no different. The story of Glory and Lena, that kicks off the Aspen Friends series, are beautiful in their simple complexities. Glory, fighting for the dignity of living a life without people looking at her as damaged and disabled, Lena, wanting to be treated with respect and love for who she is and not for her money. Many stories include the friendship between the two main characters as a means to leading them into a romantic plot, however, though the same happened in Mending Defects, Lynn Galli's ability to nail the intricacies of friendship, the give and take of information, the trust, the revelations and the acceptance created a whole new level of believability. By the time their relationship did move to the next level, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that they considered each other their absolute best friend. In my opinion that is what makes this book so wonderful and why I would recommend it and any other Lynn Galli work to readers.
There are so many good lines in this book. I surprisingly enjoyed the perspective as told by both main characters. It gives greater depth of the characters, giving more insight into the many layers of their personalities. I like that the characters Vivian and Natalie become colleagues and friends first, and the romance between them builds more gradually. Galli has a talent for weaving humor into the life of the story. A nicely orchestrated story, with characters you would love to get to know.
So, I wasn't going to EVER purchase this book since I felt the price for such a short read was a bit ridiculous especially with no preview of the second story. I held off for over a year but finally gave in to "Finally". <-- Couldn't help it. It was worth the wait.

I happen to love short stories for the pleasant teasing they create when done right. Galli pulled it off well. The first story was very nice and cutesy. I didn't feel as if she robbed me of anything with it. Very adorable actually...I'd love a Quinn in my life! The second "Objection" was...ssssexy BUT it ended kinda anti-climatically. I love a good tease but that fade to black crap was too much. Plain ole wrong. So Galli lost .5 of a point for that. Woulda given it an actual 4.5 as punishment if it were possible, but a 5 it is.

Other than that, these two short stories are better than most of the 220 pg. romances out there now. Well-written and very entertaining (<--Objection). I'll be keeping this one. A rare occurrence these days...
I have so far really enjoyed both books in the Aspen Series, and anything by Lynn Galli in general. She does a really nice job of developing her characters and especially in drawing the readers into the lives of her protagonists, such that you like them more each time you pick up the book, as they like each other more and more. Also really enjoy the well described careers of her lead characters so that you gain some insight into the daily issues and challenges faced by a contractor and interior designer in the case of this book.
As a lawyer who mostly knows other lawyers it is such a nice change of pace to become immersed in the professional worlds of others. Nice slowly developed romance culminating in a satisfying emotional and physical relationship for the characters and the reader. Very much recommend this author.

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