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by H. Bianchin

  • ISBN: 0263784835
  • Category: Romance
  • Author: H. Bianchin
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon Ltd (May 13, 1994)
  • Pages: 192 pages
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  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 120
Download Passion's Mistress (Romance Series) fb2

Passion's Mistress book. Typical H Bianchin fashion. While Helen Biachin is an author I like, I always have a dislike of romance novels with the infidelity theme.

Passion's Mistress book. They were married and then she leaves him. Another woman has decided that he was hers. It detracts from the main goal of the Harlequin and that is to sizzle. Why else would one waste two precious hours of the day reading one?

I love this book by Helen Bianchin. can't get enough of her books. She has such strong and dominant male characters who always take control, and is very caring and passionate at the same time.

I love this book by Helen Bianchin. Mikayla would do anything to spare her ill father from spending his last days in jail. He had embezzled money from Raphael so he could care for his terminally ill wife.

It balanced the shock of seeing the bandages removed for the first time, and evidence of a vivid surgical scar.

It balanced the shock of seeing the bandages removed for the first time, and evidence of a vivid surgical scar nd opted to tell him the news in person. Consequently it was almost four when she entered the towering modern city block and rode the lift to Reception. There was a sense of deja vu on stepping into the luxuriously furnished foyer, although this time there was the advantage of needing no introduction.

First off i want to give great thanks to the voice actress for doing this. I had no way to compensate her for it so any donations please direct them Here. Features: Passion has a custom body mesh in bodyslide, custom body texture, custom eye texture, custom weapon, a full wardrobe of special armor to be created in the chem lab and their very own like and dislike affinity system with custom perk. Due to her previous relation to the institute Passion maintained the ability to teleport in and out of the institute once the sole survivor completes institutionalized.

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Sophisticated,’ Sarah added with a teasing laugh as she collected a book from the coffee-table. It was a popular children’s story, with beautiful illustrations. Ann-Marie and I have some serious reading to d.

Chapter One. Chapter Two. Chapter Three. Sophisticated,’ Sarah added with a teasing laugh as she collected a book from the coffee-table. Carly blessed Sarah’s intuitive ability to distract Ann-Marie’s attention-and her own, if only momentarily. Their friendship went back seven years to the day they’d moved into neighbouring apartments-each fleeing her own home town for differing reasons, and each desperate for a new beginning.

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Reviews about Passion's Mistress (Romance Series) (3):
This book got better as it went along. It, unfortunately, follows the trend of the estranged couple who reunite after the husband blackmails the wife, "Return to my bed or I'll sue for custody of the child you never told me we had."

Their 6-year-old daughter needs an operation and the woman asks her husband for the money. That's when he gives her the ultimatum. Gradually, they become closer, make love, and near the conclusion of the book actually tell one another of their love.

Helen Bianchin fans will enjoy this book. Once again, if they actually told one another how they feel, instead of being stubborn and prideful, the happy ending could begin much sooner for them. "Passion's Mistress" DOES succeed in that this couple resolves their issues more than 3 pages from the conclusion and the woman plans a lusty little surprise for her husband that is quite romantic.

For some reason, most of the Harlequin Presents authors--and their editors--fail to realize that if they resolved the conflict about 3/4 of the way through the book they could write a better romance by building on the relationship. Bianchin's "Marriage Campaign" is an excellent book in which the hero wants the heroine from day one and sets out to get her. He doesn't confess his love so quickly, still we are sufficiently perceptive that this manly man does not need to be cool or downright hateful to his woman in order to maintain his masculinity.

The hero in "Passion's Mistress" is not as good as "Marriage Campaign," but he's better than most. The psychotic other woman plot device is mercifully absent from this book, although there are a couple of ho's who flirt with the husband.
Yeah the couple were estranged for six years and neither filed for divorce. I highly doubt that he was faithful during that time and I think Carly really didn't want to know if he wasn't. But the whole cause of the breakdown in the marriage, Angelica, could have been explained from the get go. Stefano could have explained all this to Carly before she ran out on him and then they wouldn't have been estranged. However, and this really bugs me, if there was nothing going on between Stefano and Angelica except for the fact that she is a fellow associate in their business dealing why is he accepting a kiss from her on the lips. . . a lingering kiss? Does Stefano kiss all of his associates like that? He didn't ever really seem to explain things to my satisfaction. So what if they grew up together he knew that Angelica was causing problems and he did nothing to protect Carly from her not to alleviate her feelings of insecurity and doubt. Just makes you wonder if he really cared about her or Ann-Marie.
I just didn't understand why Stefano didn't explain about Anjelica in the first place. He must've heard the same rumors about his relationship with this other woman to reassure his wife, Carly, about their relationship. I didn't really feel the problem with their marriage was resolved. Did he have affairs in their 7 year separation? They really both lacked communication skills. I didn't like either character.

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