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by Suzanne Forster

  • ISBN: 0739401084
  • Category: Romance
  • Author: Suzanne Forster
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
  • Other formats: lrf lrf rtf lit
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Jove; First Edition edition (1999)
  • Pages: 328 pages
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  • EPUB size: 1767 kb
  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 829
Download Every Breath She Takes fb2

Every Breath She Takes book.

Every Breath She Takes book.

Every breath she takes. by. Forster, Suzanne. Books for People with Print Disabilities. New York : Jove Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by loader-DanaB on May 5, 2010. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Every breath she takes.

Returning to her hometown after ten years away, former bad girl Cat D’Angelo dreads facing irresistible golden boy, Blake Wheeler, with whom she has a complicated past. With trepidation, Catherine D’Angelo returns to Cameron Bay, Oregon, after ten years away. Suzanne Forster is the New York Times bestselling author of more than forty romance novels, including The Devil and Ms. Moody (1990), Shameless (2001), and Unfinished Business (2004).

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Every Breath She Takes Suzanne Forster Mass Market Paperback. Every Breath She Takes by Suzanne Forster. All. Books (2). Fiction & Literature (1). Audiobooks (1).

An awesome read!!
Reviews about Every Breath She Takes (7):
One of the more ambitious romantic suspense novels I've read in a while, EVERY BREATH SHE TAKES was undeniably suspenseful, but the romance was hard to buy. Rio and Carlie spend so much of this novel disliking and distrusting each other that their whiz-bang gee-I-love-you revelations at the end left me shaking my head. Rio is an appealing, if somewhat unbelievable, hero. Carlie has enough back story issues for two tortured heroines. They needed to spend a lot more time together on the page communicating calmly and rationally instead of hurling accusations at one another. That time should have come from the excessive amount of time allotted to secondary characters such as Danny and Jo Ellen (both of whom had enough issues to fill an entire novel). Forster starts with an interesting premise, but the execution could have been a lot smoother.
This is a good mystery. It was fun trying to figure out who was next to die. Who was killing the bad guys? Was it a woman who was stalked and attached herself? Or a man who is a vigilante? Or is it the duaghter of US Supreme court judge? It was fun to find out and watch the love grow between a hard nosed cop and saint of women.
In Suzanne Forster's, "Every Breath She Takes," the heroine is asked how she wants to be controlled, through love or fear. That choice is the essence of this dark, sensuous and high intensity novel. The heroine, Carlie Bishop, is the daughter of a wealthy and prominent family. Her older sister, Ginger, was the victim of a man who first stalked, then killed her, when Carlie was still in her teens.

As an adult, Carlie becomes a personal safety guru working toward raising awareness of just how dangerous a crime stalking is and running a support group for stalker victims, with the personal agenda of finding her sister's stalker/killer and bringing him to justice.

Her opposite number is Rio Walker, an LA Homicide cop with some unusual working methods. Walker had an affair with Ginger Bishop before her death, and Carlie remembers him from that time, as a dark and sinister presence.

The whole plot revolves around darkness - Rio trying to escape the darkness of his past but creating his own darkness in the present; Carlie being attracted yet repelled by the hints of darkness she finds in her sister's journals, afraid that she, too, is a prisoner of those urges.

Then there's the Femme Fatale. The book begins with the rather spectacular death of a stalker, as engineered by a killer the press has dubbed the Femme Fatale. It's Walker's job to find her and bring her to justice. Carlie Bishop is his number one suspect, her Superior Court Justice mother is number two. On the other hand, the more Carlie learns about Rio, the more she fears that he was her sister's killer.

The emotional tug of war between what Carly wants and what she fears, what Rio wants and what he fears, sends them on a dizzyingly sensual chase that reveals the darkest parts of each of them. Add to the mix a stalking victim who's moved halfway across the country to escape her tormentor, only to find herself being terrorized and physically assaulted by a man who could be her stalker but could also be the man who stalked and killed Ginger Bishop.

The denouement is high tension, as the real stalker and the real Femme Fatale, are unmasked in a shootout that risks all their lives. My only reservation is that Forster cheated in her compact with the reader by putting thoughts in the stalkers head early on that the stalker would not have had. It was a good enough puzzle without that. and without that I would have given it five stars, I think. With a background in Clinical Psychology, Forster can really peel away the pretenses we all hide behind and lay bare the human psyche.
Susan Forster has always been great at defining her characters, and this story shows no change. Rio and Carlie both have many problems to overcome, things stretching back to their childhoods, but do so. I hesitate to say they do so together, because for most of the book they spar around one another, not convinced that the other one isn't guilty. They have problems trusting, which for any good relationshiip is deadly. Rio is a mysterious character, who has a sixth sense, though refuses to call it pysychic. To him it is a learned 'power'...he just learned to listen better than others. Carlie comes from an extremely dysfunctional family though, on the outside they look perfectly normal.
I loved reading this story and breaking into the many layers Ms. Forster plots out for us. This story itself holds many twists and turns, and to be honset, I didn't know 'who dunnit' until the end. Its not often a book surprises me, but this one did. I do not know how accurate her psychological profile of stalker victims are, (since I have no pysch related education) but it seems very well presented. I felt that I was in the mind of the victim. My only criticism is that at times I thought the book was choppy or jumped around too quickly. Its not that I had a hard time keeping up with the story, but I would have liked some explinations or longer descriptions on what was happening. We would be one place which one character, then another place with another character, often times not knowing for a few paragraphs who we were with. I suppose that's one sort of literary license, but I didn't care for it. I also had a hard time defining fact from fantasy. Carlie has some fantasies and many of the scenes are written in such a style that I can't tell (until later) if what I am reading is happening to our heroine or is another of her fantasies. Overall though, this is a great contemp. suspence romance, and pick it up if you can!!!

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