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by Sara Wood

  • ISBN: 037311916X
  • Category: Romance
  • Author: Sara Wood
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harlequin (September 1, 1997)
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  • Rating: 4.1
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Download Scarlet Lady fb2

Book 2 - True Colours trilogy. Things are rarely as they seem, in Sara Wood's intriguing family trilogy.

Book 2 - True Colours trilogy. The Hon. Leo and his Scarlet Lady! Ginny Mckenzie loved her modeling career, just as she had always loved Leo Brandon. But a lost libel case bringing the Brandon name into disrepute meant the last straw for her marriage. CHAPTER ONE. SHE'D lost.

"strong" } Ginny loved her modeling career, just as she had always loved Leo Brandon. His pretend reason: to prevent Ginny dishonoring his precious family name again through any association with the infamous St. Honore. His real reason: to love, protect and remarry the woman he had once let go. {"em" } Impression.

For the Babies' Sakes (Expecting) (Harlequin Presents, No. 2280). Husband by Arrangement. The Unexpected Mistress. Jacqueline Baird,Sara Craven,Sara Wood.

Sara Wood venging from soft-hearted guests

Sara Wood venging from soft-hearted guests. I was thinking how quickly your glow has come back,' Leo said casually, checking over her face and where her skin had been bared by her crimson halter-neck top. She beamed, her eyes alight with pleasure. And she covered her delight by saying lightly, 'Thank heavens! I'm fit for the cameras again!'.

Sara Wood may refer to: Sara Wood (novelist), British romance novelist. Sara Wood (military writer), sergeant in the US Army, writer and photographer for the US Department of Defense. Lady Margaret Boat Club - The Lady Margaret Boat Club (often abbreviated to LMBC, and familiarly known as Maggie ), is the rowing club for members of St John s College, Cambridge, England.

Re Scarlet Lady - Sara Wood continues with her True Colors mini series and it only goes downhill from here. The h in this one is a supermodel and when the book starts, she has just lost a libel case that she pursued because a jealous rival spread nasty rumors about her and it is affecting her work. She sees the H, her husband with the rival outside the courthouse and wonders, but does nothing


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The Hon. Leo and his Scarlet Lady!

Ginny loved her modeling career, just as she had always loved Leo Brandon. But a lost libel case bringing the Brandon name into disrepute meant the last straw for her marriage. Leo wanted a divorce.

Two years later an ad asking Ginny to contact a man who could be her real father drew her to Saint Lucia. It was a timely moment for a woman in love. Not least of all because Leo had followed her. His pretend reason: to prevent Ginny dishonoring his precious family name again through any association with the infamous St. Honoré. His real reason: to love, protect and remarry the woman he had once let go.

Three women are looking for their family —what they truly seek is love. Things are rarely as they seem in Sara Wood's intriguing family trilogy.

Reviews about Scarlet Lady (3):
Sara Wood wrote a controversial story line with this book. Here Gina is a model and married to a man that she loves. But lies were told and she lost both. Two years later she reads an add that could lead her to her father. Enters her ex, Leo. He was a sleaze of the highest order. He had an affair in their marriage bed while she was in the house. He doesn't apologize ever. She deserved better even in the end. This is one of several stories that interlink by Sara Wood. I am wondering if I want to finish this set of books. I think I will reread this one later to decide. I gave S. Wood three stars for the content, story line. Haven't seen this type in any Harlequin Presents books before. But did not like the so called hero here. The heroine was easily swayed by him. I understand that she loved/s him but she still needed back bone. It was written in the 90's. Don't remember reading books like this back then.
Leo Brandon's family motto is - family first unto death. He is constantly telling Ginny that they cared for their own, the protected them from others. Yet for some reason Leo failed in that area w/ Ginny repeatedly, and it really just seemed like lip service to me.

She had issues from her childhood and he never seemed to know about them or acknowledge them throughout their four year marriage! She was working a lot and even more w/ the tabloids rumors about her and her fight to clear her name and redeem her reputation. This annoyed Leo as he wanted her to ignore it and let it go, which made no sense to me - considering he is so caught up on reputations. Ginny feels inferior to Leo and his social status and constantly tries to overcome this by being on a level playing field. Leo doesn't help matters when he tells her that it is better for those of the same social class to marry each other as they know what to expect.

Ginny losing the trial didn't help their marriage, but the belief that she HAD been w/ OM was the last straw!


Ginny returns from the courthouse to find her rival and Leo chatting it up. Why was this rival there anyway? How did she get there? That is never explained in this story. Leo informs Ginny that OW will be staying for tea and she will also be staying for a few days. He needs some companionship! He smexes up Ginny and is caught up in the way she responded. Well he never got that response so apparently someone unlocked her inhibitions and it sure as heck wasn't him!! So she of course has proved the rumors true and Leo is NOT happy! She won't leave so he will force her to leave. He decides rolling around naked on their bed w/ the OW is just the ticket to get the divorce that he so eagerly wants now. Of course Ginny sees this, is distraught, and heartbroken and Leo gets what he wants.


It was way too convenient how Leo found out about Ginny's whereabouts because she didn't tell the other person why she was going there. Yet this spurs Leo on after a very enlightening conversation w/ his father. He comes upon her in a compromising position and of course believes the worst of her again. He even tells Ginny that she deserved what she got when she found him rolling around in be w/ OW!!

He seemed to be a tabloid connoseuer and didn't seem to know how to trust his instincts and follow his gut about people. He doesn't search for hard facts and it seemed that he really was out for revenge in the end. He just needed to get the gullible Ginny to trust him. He doesn't want her there and he doesn't want her to find out the truth it.

Leo already had all the answers, but he was leading her on a merry chase because he wanted to woo her back. He lied and manipulated her and it was all for her own good he claims. He got most of his "facts" from his father, but didn't believe the other portion until confronted w/ it. However, one wonders how his father couldn't have seen that little nugget before. Did he never look at Ginny?

Leo lied about several things and he continued to lie and really he seemed more like a manipulative diabolical evil villain and less like a hero by the end of the story. How can she trust him? He claims because he is trustworthy, but I never saw it! Ginny's thoughts in regards to Leo toward the big reveal were very believable and painted a dreary picture of Leo. I believed Leo was now out for revenge! He knew so much before coming on the scene and one wondered why he even bothered when he didn't try to contact her over the two year separation while waiting for the finalization in their divorce, unless he was seeing an opportunity for revenge for his family through Ginny.

There were unanswered questions left in this story as well. Not sure if they will be answered in the following book, or if I really even care that much. In the end, what is Leo really giving up? Sounds like he stands to gain a lot more than lose anything. We were never given his POV or these secret conversations that he has w/ others and I don't trust him not one dang bit!! I think deep down Ginny knows the truth, but won't admit it. She is so enamored of Leo - for now anyways. But IMHO she has her doubts about him these doubts have been planted for now.

Ginny remarks that Leo has an ability to hide his feelings and to deceive. I think Leo saw how she forgave the other man and heard how she says he was genuinely sorry for what he did and so Leo concocted his story to get what he wants in the end.
The description included is wrong. The characters are Ginny McKenzie and Leo Brandon. Ginny is a model and married to Leo who will be a viscount at some point in the future. The book opens with her losing a case against a tabloid. She goes home to get comfort from her husband who believes she has been cheating on him. They have sex then he tells her that her response to him is a sign that she is a cheater and he wants a divorce. She goes to talk to him and finds him rolling around naked with a rival of hers and leaves with a broken heart. The story then jumps to 2.5 years later when the divorce is final and Ginny sees an ad from someone who could possibly be here father. She travels to St. Lucia to meet him and Leo shows up.

This story made no sense and was nearly entirely illogical. In terms of writing the author makes multiple jumps and the characters are hard to connect with. Leo is horrible and is not redeemed at any point, he never grovels for his mistakes or not trusting his wife or even for the fact that he listened to the lies of a woman who was clearly her rival about fidelity. It was clear that he never really took the time to get to know his wife or even about what made her tick or her insecurities or even o realize that she was not going to easily fit into his world. The way the author describes Ginny you get the idea that she has a lot of old pathology from abandonment to bullying as a child and some seriously horrid adoptive parents.

My biggest issue is that I finished this book thinking that Ginny was better off without Leo than with and that is the ultimate failure for this novel.

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