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by Andrew Murray

  • ISBN: 0871234955
  • Category: Religious books
  • Author: Andrew Murray
  • Subcategory: Worship & Devotion
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Bethany Fellowship Inc (1979)
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  • Rating: 4.4
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Download The spirit of Christ fb2

Life & Spirit of Christ through the Life of Andrew Murray

The Spirit of ChristThoughts on the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the .

Andrew Murray, "The Spirit of Christ". Through Andrew Murray's superb classic, you will learn who the Holy Spirit is and how He works in our lives Live a life overflowing with joy. Win the lost.

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An inspiring and practical devotional study on the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer.

In 31 clear, concise chapters, this classic writer shares his insights on the person and work of the Holy Spirit in all aspects of Christian growth and maturity. He discusses such practical truths as:

Being filled with the Spirit

The relationship between the conscience and the Holy Spirit

The biblical differences between flesh and spirit

The Spirit's ministry in the church

Challenging devotional reading for every believer who desires spiritual maturity.

Reviews about The spirit of Christ (7):
Steamy Ibis
Don't be misled by the one star. The book is outstanding. One star is for the Whitaker House's drastically reduced version of the original book. (Whitaker House's edition has a dove on a white background on the cover.)

Bethany House Pub., ISBN10:0871235897 and ISBN 13:978-087123893 is a full copy of the original version.
Whitaker House Pub., ISBN 10:0883681269 and ISBN 13:978-0883681268 is very different from the original book by Andrew Murray. It is missing: the 9 page forward, summary points at the end of each chapter, chapters 25 and 28, and 69 pages of very helpful notes at the end of the book. The chapters have not only been renamed, they appear in an entirely different order than when the book was first published. Whitaker House also shortened the text. For example, in Chapter 1 Andrew Murray wrote a prayer of several paragraphs that they reduced to one short paragraph. It could be described as a "Cliff's Notes" stripped down version.

I highly recommend the Bethany House edition of The Spirit of Christ. It contains everything that was in the original book by Andrew Murray.
This book is changing my life. I am only 1/3 of the way through. As someone who has dealt with personal mental illness for years, I have struggled with wondering how to experience a relationship with Christ when I can often not trust my thoughts or emotions. This book is helping me learn about how encountering the Spirit is not done through mind or body but in a different way altogether. This gives me such great hope! I give the content 5 stars, but only gave it 4 here because there are so many typos in this e-version that the already deep content requires extra thought to determine what words are actually meant to be there at times.
Are you a believer in Jesus? This book will deepen your relationship to Him through the Holy Spirit. According to Romans 8:9 the Holy Spirit is the 'Spirit of Jesus'. Do you wonder why you still struggle with sin? Then this book has the answer. The church in America has lost the power it once had. It is because it does not have the presence of God via the Holy Spirit. God created you to be a temple for the Holy Spirit. Just think, Jesus, the Creator of the universe wants to live in your human body. (John 17:26) Of course you need to accept His forgiveness and allow Him in. This book shows you how this is possible for all who believe. If you don't believe in Jesus, this book will tell you what having a personal relationship with Jesus means. This edition has about 70 pages of notes which give you even more insights. So make sure you get this one because newer editions are missing the notes.
I've read a large amount of Christian books by many authors. This small book absolutely torpedoed what I thought I understood about The Holy Spirit. I read just half a chapter a day and had to soak it in and felt sad when I finished. I cannot recommend it strongly enough nor can I fully explain the impact it's had on me other than to say it was life changing.
Murray's teachings about the Holy Spirit are the most insightful I have ever encountered. I have learned incredibly much. More important, I have been inspired by his teaching and powerful prayers to ask God's help in applying everything I am learning. The substance of the book definitely rates a 5+. Be warned, however, that the book is not easy to read, and punctuation style even differs from today's rules. The book is written at a much higher reading level than books nowadays, in a King James style of speaking. I have had to read each chapter multiple times and write myself some notes to get the whole gist. However, it is so worth the extra time, and eventually I found myself moved by the more formal language.
I really like this book. I feel as a Christian I was sealed with the Spirit at conversion, but have always struggled with the concept of being "filled". That's the problem, I can wrap my mind around so many things in life but faith is not wrapping my mind around it.

Let go of your thinking and prejudices and read this book in faith, in prayer and worship, and open your heart to hear something you may not be able to wrap your mind around.
Interesting points made in this book and addresses the common issue of his day in the late 1800s, and you guessed it, things haven't changed one bit. If you've "Seen The LORD"...this books' for you.
This book is wonderful! Andrew Murray writes for people that are looking for the deepest walk possible with God! I'm so grateful for his writings!

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