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by Phillip O'Donnell

  • ISBN: 1600342620
  • Category: Religious books
  • Author: Phillip O'Donnell
  • Subcategory: Occult & Paranormal
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Xulon Press (July 19, 2006)
  • Pages: 116 pages
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  • Rating: 4.4
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Download Dinosaurs: Dead or Alive? - Cryptozoology fb2

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Dinosaurs: Dead or Alive? as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

Manufacturer: Xulon Press Release date: 19 July 2006 ISBN-10 : 1600342620 ISBN-13: 9781600342622.

Title: Dinosaurs: Dead or Alive? By: Phillip O'Donnell Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 116 Vendor: Xulon Press Publication Date: 2006. Dimensions: . 0 X . 8 (inches) Weight: 5 ounces ISBN: 1600342620 ISBN-13: 9781600342622 Stock No: WW342620

Title: Dinosaurs: Dead or Alive? By: Phillip O'Donnell Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 116 Vendor: Xulon Press Publication Date: 2006. 8 (inches) Weight: 5 ounces ISBN: 1600342620 ISBN-13: 9781600342622 Stock No: WW342620.

Dinosaurs : Dead or Alive? by Phillip O'Donnell. Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13:9781600342622.

Directed by Phillip Wade. With Peter Beach, Dennis Swift, Joe Taylor Related Items. Title: Dinosaurs: Dead or Alive (2007). With Peter Beach, Dennis Swift, Joe Taylor.

Phillip O'Donnell WEBMASTER AT LivingDinos. By Phillip O'Donnell (not verified) on 27 Dec 2007. I have read Phil's book 'Dinosaurs dead or alive?' and frankly disagree with the great majority of it. He is young, and it is very obvious in the book. The book is also dominated by a Young Earth Creationist agenda, but then to be fair he is very open about that, and most authors have personal agendas which they are not always so open about.

Forgive me, but as the book is currently written, my judgment would be religious twaddle.

Walmart 9781600342622. Book Format: Paperback. Forgive me, but as the book is currently written, my judgment would be religious twaddle.

Unexplained Mysteries. Cryptozoology, Myths and Legends. The only reason anyone wouldnt think dinosaurs could still be alive is because of that balloney theory of evolution. dinosaurs still alive ? (must read). By will555, September 20, 2007 in Cryptozoology, Myths and Legends. 94 posts in this topic.

The book also chronicles the authors and several of his close associates journeys to Papua New Guinea where they hunt for the ever elusive Ropen. Seemingly a type of still living and glowing, Pterosaur or Pterodacty.

Rare book
Reviews about Dinosaurs: Dead or Alive? - Cryptozoology (7):
Dinosaurs Dead or Alive is a perfect book for beginners who are interested in Crytozoology! With large text its easy for the kids to read with stories from people who encountered dinosaurs.
Preposterous, You say?

That is the normal response one hears when it is suggested that dinosaurs still walk the earth. After all, who sees them? Where are the pictures? Where is the evidence? What do the scholars say? These are all reasonable questions.

If we can overcome our personal prejudices long enough to read Phillip O'Donnell's first book, we will come away somewhat surprised and much more educated. First, one has to realize that because they have not seen a certain animal, or that an animal is rare or nearly extinct does not mean that it does not exist.

Indeed, as we think of the exploration of the various continents by "modern" man we find that the creatures catalogued by explorers are new and strange to civilized minds. They were, however, know to the local peoples in the areas where they were "discovered." This is exactly what happened with animals with whose existence we are now comfortable including the mountain gorilla, the hippopotamus, the manatee, the bison, the coelacanth fish, the Komodo dragon, and innumerable species of reptiles and amphibians. Of course, whether or not these animals were new discoveries or simply part of the local fauna depended entirely on where one lived.

In his initial venture Mr. O'Donnell goes through the anecdotal and scientific evidence for the existence of surviving animals from a group of large reptiles and amphibians. Because of the rarity of any such survivors and their perceived size the existence of such survivors seems impossible on the surface. However, Mr. O'Donnell has approached this data with an open mind. In doing so he has engaged in extensive research not only about the reports that are perpetually generated in our "civilized world" but in understanding the taxonomy of creatures that we know of from the fossil record.

As he progresses in his exploration he has done a remarkable job of listing the categories into which many of these reported animals seem to fit. His Glossary of Possible Living Dinosaurs required an immense amount of work not only to construct, but also to research the characteristics of the creatures in question from traditional science and to match them up, when appropriate, with the sightings that have been reported.

As part of this, he has spent some time concentrating on unknown flying creatures. In doing so he has resisted the temptation that has befallen other researchers to categorize every unknown animal, commonly called a "cryptid" as falling into the class he is looking for. Specifically, he has done a good job of not confusing reports of what may be relict Teratorns, large predatory birds, with the animals he is researching. Again, this evidences his efforts to approach the subject with an open mind and without prejudice.

One notable and impressive characteristic of his work is that he goes beyond the normal recitations of sightings of huge unknown animals to the point where he inquires as to just how they might be surviving. This has led him into an area of inquiry not seen in the work of most other researchers. He has, in fact, searched for reports and records of smaller or juvenile members of what he believes to be dinosaurs. This search has turned up numerous reports of what appear to be young "crytids" and which others may have dismissed simply as unusual lizards, since they have not yet reached a size that sets them apart.

It is also Mr. O'Donnell's stated intent to help readers question the theory of evolution and consider the possibility of a special creation.

Stop right there, you say?

If we are intellectually honest, we cannot blindly accept the theory that evolution is a "fact" any more than we can blindly accept the theory that some dinosaurs or their descendants still survive. Each must be supported by science, history, and evidence. Mr. O'Donnell, if given the chance, does a good job of stating his hypothesis and conclusion.

Finally, Mr. O'Donnell states that there are personal, experiential, spiritual and religious consequences of accepting or rejecting not just creationism or evolution, but the veracity of the Judeo Christian Scriptures, which he uses as historical points of reference. His premise and conclusion is sound. He has not attempted to prove or disprove these documents, there are many others who have approached that task, but he has clearly stated the implications that one's belief system has for all of life.

All in all, this is truly a remarkable book written by a remarkable young man. At an early age he has learned to engage in extensive research, put that research together, and to utilize reason and logic to understand the implications of his work. One has to imagine that PHD will be following his name sooner rather than later.

On top of all of this, Mr. O'Donnell has written a book that is simply fun to read. And perhaps that is the primary point of this review. This book is fun. You owe it to yourself to spend a few hours of enjoyment taking a look at what Mr. O'Donnell has put together. You'll be glad you did.
While one might have excused some of the problems in this book as a product of the author's age (since he was a teenager when he wrote it), that he is still selling it (with the same problems) when he is in his 20s is less excusable. It is one of the most shallow, poorly documented books of this genre, relying almost entirely on unverifiable anecdotal sightings, some of which are beyond far-fetched, such as reports of miniature T-rex like dinosaurs running around Texas. The author seems to have not only confined his reading largely to young-earth creationist materials, but some of the most disreputable YE sources, such as Carl Baugh and Kent Hovind. If you're looking for a lot of silly tall tales, this book may give you a few laughs. Otherwise, save your money.
This is a very poorly written. The author makes dozens of claims without any sources being listened to back up his findings. He takes Christain beliefs that he believes to be true and presents these as factual. For example the Earth in his opinion is approximately 4000 years old so any belief other than his is automatically rejected . To present a book as factual and then base your arguments and statements as totally truthfully on unproven religious dogma is pitiful. The book is written by a teenager and edited by his father so I must at least give the author credit for writing a book at his age . However the author comes across as unenlightened and As a youth who has not been allowed to experience beliefs and ideas outside of what his parents have indoctrinated into him. Really sad .
Unfortunately this "book" is nothing more than an ignorant 100 pages of garbage attacking science. This book contains no statements based on fact or evidence what-so-ever. No scientific merit, no thought provoking ideas or theories. Just a brain-washed kids ramblings of ignorance on why his thoughts on God are right and why scientists are wrong. Skip this book at all costs. Unfortunately I had to give it 1 star. If 0 was an option that would be my true rating.
There is no reason science and faith can't work hand in hand. We need both in our lives, but after reading this I realized that even as a Christian I found this book unacceptably biased. Science can offer us so much insight into our history and origins but not from this limited prospective.
The last lines of the book "Spoiler" basically say if you don't listen and believe what he's saying your going to hell...... that says a lot of what this book is truly about.
The book "Dinosaurs Dead or Alive?"was much better than I exspected from a 14 year old writer.The chapters on living dinosaurs,pterosaurs and marine reptiles were well composed and exciting to read . Complaints from other reviewers about this book being based only on unsubstaintuated eyewitness accounts are unfair and unjust.More than half do mention both names,dates,and places for the sightings -and can be found and read in cryptozoology books written by famous and respected cryptozoologists from the last five decades!And yes the book does have accounts by eyewitnesses who wish to stay unnamed [because of the "Ridicule Factor"]as do many of the above mentioned books! Keep an open mind and you will not be disappointed!
This book gives the reader the truth about Dinosaurs. It gives the biblical perspective to the mystery of dinosaurs. Not from a Evolution Theory view but from a CREATION point of view.

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