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by John Hagee

  • ISBN: 0785275738
  • Category: Religious books
  • Author: John Hagee
  • Subcategory: New Age & Spirituality
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson; English Language edition (January 14, 1997)
  • Pages: 233 pages
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  • Rating: 4.7
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Ships from and sold by ProBuColls Books & Gifts. Day Of Deception is a hard-hitting and insightful book that exposes the darkness around us. Day Of Deception takes a probling look inside the United States government and exposes blatant acts of deception designed to destroy democracy in America. It exposes the powerful forces trying to annihilate the traditional family, property rights, patriotism, and individualism.

In this book, Dr. John Hagee helps readers understand Rabin's assassination and how it fits into centuries-old prophecies that are recorded in the Bible. Final Dawn Over Jerusalem Pastor John Hagee has long believed that the Holy Land holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the future. He never dreamed that his life would change the night he took a bold stand against terrorism and anti-Semitism in his hometown. The world was stunned and saddened in 1995 when Israel's prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, was cruelly and coldheartedly struck down by an assassin's bullet. Rabin, a patriot and warrior for Israel's freedom, became a martyr for peace.

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Hagee, founder and pastor of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, "calls the reader to discern truth from falsehood in these last days. Includes bibliographical references (pages 226-233). Deception in government. Witchcraft in the White House - Who killed Vince Foster? - - Who controls America? - - The land of the free? - - America under a curse - Deception in the home. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Uploaded by ttscribe14. hongkong on November 15, 2018. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).

John Hagee exposes the deception in America, perpetrated by our government, our values, and even by the . Day of Deception-Very Intense. This book is a terrific reference to the decline in morals in today's societies.

John Hagee exposes the deception in America, perpetrated by our government, our values, and even by the church. Jesus prophesied in Matthew that the cardinal indicator of the terminal generation would be deception. It's time to counterattack Satan and expose his lies. It's time to take America back to biblical principles. There are several examples of government stepping in only to promote unethical behaviors. I took references that were given and looked them up and they are all TRUE! The author injects many biblical comparisons and it's amazing how many apply.

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What others are saying. John Hagee New Music Ministry Pastor. In Support of Dream Center.

Город: San Antonio, TexasПодписчиков: 484 ты. себе: Founder and Senior Pastor of rnerst. себе: Founder and Senior Pastor of rnerstone, Founder and President of eMinistries, NY Times bestselling author. Working to lead the lost to Christ.

Matthew Hagee, Hagee's son, is the executive pastor of Cornerstone Church. Day of Deception (1997) - on the NYTBSL. Final Dawn Over Jerusalem (1998) - listed as the book on the NYTBSL. His Glory Revealed (1999).

Matthew Hagee, Hagee's son, is the executive pastor of Cornerstone Church Television and radio. Hagee is the CEO Global Evangelicalism Television (GETV) and president and CEO of John Hagee Ministries.

Argues that there is deception in the federal government, in the home, and in spiritual beliefs, and suggests ways to find the truth
Reviews about Day Of Deception (7):
I agree with Pastor John Hagee on one thing: Most so-called "liberals" are anti-Americans who have made patriotism a dirty word, have undermined individualism and have driven me out of the Democrat party because of their hatred of liberty and the founding principles of this nation.
That said, the Christian fundamentalism he proposes as the antidote is merely a variant of the same statism he claims to refute. I know this for a fact, because I have lived in San Antonio, Texas -- where his Cornerstone Baptist Church holds sway over the religious and social lives of many of the Alamo City's denizens. Like most televangelists, he uses symbolism such as the cross, the flag to enflame the honest passions of the "silent majority," in order to get them into his tacky, garish chapel, and their dollars into his coffers.
This quasi-Fascism posing as Protestant work-ethic Christianity is the basis for this book's thesis, and it does not require much of a "leap of faith" (no pun intended) to see that deep-down, he is secretly envious of the leftists he castigates; He is merely jealous that they follow secular liberals and not charismatic conservatives.
Like most Republican evangelicals (read: "The Christian Right"), Hagee makes the specious claim that the United States of America is a "Christian Nation," and that America was founded upon "Biblical principles." His more liberal critics are equally wrong when they dismiss this out of hand, because it is indeed true that many of the parables of the Bible did have a profound impact upon the Founding Fathers. Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, believed Jesus Christ to be the perfect moral paragon, a man whose ascetism, open-mindedness and stand on principle to be an ethical model for people to follow.
However, here's the rub: Because the founding fathers -- Jefferson included -- were so deeply commited to religious freedom, they believed that the best way to accomplish this was with a secular state, one that eschewed theocracy and a State-run, established church. Jefferson, after all, coined the term "separation of church and state."
What Hagee wants is quite a different animal: He and his followers believe that for America to be a moral nation that morality needs to be forced upon the citizenry by the government, said government run by uptight right-wing radical theocrats of his ilk. Hagee is one of the intolerant Christian right which promulgates the poisonous view that "We have freedom of religion, not freedom *from* religion." As a Roman Catholic, I am offended that this rich and tacky hick preacher seeks to interpose himself between me and my God, which God has given me the free will to choose my religious beliefs, and has given me the liberty to worship or reject Him.
Thus, we come full-circle to Hagee's original thesis that America's founding principles of liberty and individualism are being eroded from within. If indeed they are, he'll only have himself to blame.
"Day of Deception" is brilliant. The book is an open exposee of the issues that need to be addressed in the USA. The root cause being deception. The book applies to everyone; a self-examination will tell us if we are deceived or not. There are solutions proposed, some of which I could live out. The book is for those who will take action; definitely not for faint-hearted reader. I thank God for his man of integrety and boldness whom he uses to expose a nation's deception. This book encourages and invigorates the reader to pay attention to the times and act within the limits of God's will. Fortunately, the exposure of deception in the USA emanates from love; the reading will not depress you, but tickle you...
I thought I knew enough to make wise decision when it came to family and myself. Reading this book from John Hagee made me see why I need to know more about the ins and outs of our culture. It's one thing to just not know. It's another to know and continue live as you don't. Read this book and gain more knowlege so that you are able to make wiser decisions in yourlife.
I don't deny that John C. Hagee is a Christian. However, in this book he seems to be focusing on the American flag more than the cross of Jesus as the symbol of his religion. He bases his ideas on all the patriotic rhetoric we've heard before -- dollar bills say "In God We Trust", the pledge of allegiance says we're "One Nation Under God", so therefore America MUST be a Christian nation, and any idea that goes against its foundations is therefore anti-Christian as well. I've never believed it, and for any other Christian who doesn't buy into the patriotic style of religion, I would recommend reading Who Speaks For God? by James Wallis. It talks about similar issues from a much more balanced point of view.
Thanks to John Hagee for telling us the real stories of how America is falling into moral degradation seemingly unaware. Hopefully, this book will open the eyes of all who read it and they will become determined to take our country back and re-affirm the attributes that made it the great nation it was in my youth. Hagee points out that America is still the greatest nation on the face of the earth, but we all need to look closely at the steps we as a nation are taking. I highly recommend this book to all.
Day of Deception is an insightful look at the way subtlety is being used by Satan. Complacency of Christians, while not being thematic, is at the very least suggested. This book is a thought provoking compilation and should raise awarness in every Christian to the ongoing battle of good vs. evil in a world where evil is moving into every aspect of human life.
Very very good book

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