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by Jane Wightwick

  • ISBN: 0230013104
  • Category: Reference
  • Author: Jane Wightwick
  • Subcategory: Words Language & Grammar
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Palgrave; 2nd edition edition (2007)
  • Pages: 384 pages
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  • Rating: 4.7
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Download Mastering Arabic (Palgrave Masters Series (Languages)) fb2

Mastering Arabic Series. by Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar.

Mastering Arabic Series. I tried several Arabic learning materials before finding this one, and it is by far the best on the market! - Mark Trevarton. Series overview Table showing how components of the Mastering Arabic series can be used together to create a comprehensive learning package. Powerpoint presentations Illustrated Powerpoint presentations for each of the main units of Mastering Arabic 1 and Mastering Arabic 2. You can download these presentations and use them on your computer to reinforce what you are learning in the Mastering Arabic courses.

The CDs can also be purchased separately (ISBN 9781137380432).

Jane Wightwick, Mahmoud Gaafar Mastering Arabic. Mastering Arabic - CD1 - v. eadinglecture. J. Wightwick & M. Gaafar. Mastering Arabic - CD2 - v. Mastering Arabic 2nd ed 2009.

Mastering Arabic Grammar is a reference and activity grammar book for all beginners and early intermediate students of Arabic, whether studying in a group or by themselves. The book reinforces and expands the structures and vocabulary presented in Mastering Arabic and is the ideal companion to this popular course.

Author: Jane Wightwick, Mahmoud Gaafar.

Jane Wightwick graduated from Cambridge University in 1982 in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies. Jane Wightwick, Mahmoud Gaafar. She then trained and worked as a teacher of EFL for International House in Cairo. Together Mahmoud Gaafar and Jane now run g-and-w Publishing and have produced a range of educational material. Macmillan International Higher Education, 2017. They are the authors of all the titles in the best-selling Mastering Arabic series.

They are the authors of the best-selling Mastering Arabic (Palgrave Macmillan). Country of Publication.

Mastering Arabic 1 is the most accessible, carefully-paced and lively introductory Modern Standard Arabic course on the market, and uses a effective tried and tested methodology which works for both classroom use and teach yourself learners. It offers lively dialogues, varied texts and exercises, and fascinating cultural insights - what you would expect from a modern Arabic language course but can't find! Mastering Arabic 1 is also available as a Book and CDs Pack.
Reviews about Mastering Arabic (Palgrave Masters Series (Languages)) (7):
This morning I just completed the final lesson. I thought a review could be useful to someone planning on learning Arabic from this book so here are my thoughts. I have organized my opinions into pros and cons for ease of reading.


Relatively simple to follow for those planning on self-studying: The pace of learning from lesson to lesson is appropriate and while there are certain areas that I wish the book had spent more time on (more exposure to the different verb types and more grammar lessons) these are my personal areas of improvement, and they don’t correlate to any lapse in explanation or content within the book.

CDs and pictures: There are 2 CDs the come with the book which are extremely useful as you are learning to pronounce the language. They also help to develop your ability to understand the spoken language instead of just reading and writing, which was one of my goals. The pictures break up the text from becoming one grammar lesson after another and provide visual stimulation to those who learn well from visual aids.

Varied and interesting lessons: Many of the lessons in this book are actually fun to complete. They cleverly mix memorization and grammar with recordings, comic strips, diary entries, etc. There was a lot of thought put into these lessons and it shows,

Provides a solid foundation of beginning to early intermediate level of Arabic: The lessons are fast-paced but easy to follow. You may have to spend longer on one lesson than another to fully memorize and easily apply the information within, but after only 20 lessons you will be able to speak/read/write in present, future and past tense, count, tell time, possessives, negatives, and create plurals.


Spelling and grammatical errors: There were a few typos that I was able to find in the exercises as well as in the answers to exercises. This was confusing and frustrating at times because I incorrectly thought I had misunderstood something when in fact, after verifying with a native Arabic speaker, the book was incorrect. If you have someone who can verify these errors for you it may just be a minor inconvenience, but if you do not have access to such a resource, this could be very confusing,

“Dictionary Work”: This is a certain type of exercise that is featured in several lessons that involves the use of a dictionary. The aim of this exercise is to help the student learn to use an Arabic dictionary and also learn the plural, conjugation of verbs, meaning of words, etc. by filling in a chart. Firstly, I do not own an Arabic dictionary and I don’t intend to purchase one because of the number of free dictionaries online that look up the word for me, Also, filling in a chart is a very dull and unexciting method of learning the very dull and unexciting subject that is grammar. There are a number of great lessons in this book that can easily replace all of these “dictionary work” ones, and I hope the authors do in future editions.

Overall, I would recommend this book if you are a first-time Arabic learner. It is appropriate for self-study, but having an native Arabic speaker would be useful for clarification for some typos. The lessons are well-thought out and varied and the CDs and visual aids help keep things interesting. While, the book is fast-paced and covers a lot of different subjects in a short space of time (I finished this book in 3 months), just make sure to keep up with the lessons at your own pace as some areas will need to more self-study beyond the lessons in the book. No one language book can fit the needs of every individual, so additional study beyond the book is and will be necessary for me to feel 100% comfortable with all of the material that was covered in the book.
Phallozs Dwarfs
I've tried a couple of books by now and this so far has been the best, especially for the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) version (I feel like it has been hard to find MSA these days over Egyptian). I'm not sure why that is exactly but I believe it is because of how they arrange the lessons (topical). I'm teaching myself Arabic and after numerous tries, I've been more consistent and have seen more progression while using this book. It isn't the usual look-trace-memorize format. They arrange the lessons by topic and tailor the grammar, vocabulary, and alphabet letters into each lesson. The audio is a valuable part of this book, especially since it is vital for one to HEAR and converse the language they are learning rather than solely reading and writing. I like the many examples they give and how they IMPLEMENT words from previous chapters into the following ones along with the new vocabulary.

Why I said 4 instead of 5 stars: As much as I praise the format of this book, I'll admit, the chart-loving, formula-driven self in me would like a clear reference guide of each grammatical rule/pattern (along with its title , English translation, and explanation), verb conjugation type, and etc. discussed in the book all in one place, or at least in a different place that has it all there without the other stuff (exercises) in each lesson, kind of like a quick cheat sheet. They do have a reference guide in the back but it doesn't have all the major grammatical lessons taught in the book. There are only some.

All in all, my Arabic has drastically improve through my weekly lessons with this book. I recommend it. Thank you!
Mysterious Wrench
This book has been a useful launching pad in my independent study of Arabic. Having already learned the script and some basics, I can't say with precision how well the first few chapters are tailored for absolute fledglings, although from a pronunciation standpoint, very thorough and gradual. The layout has helped me solidify words and concepts through audio and vivid visual means. The content gets progressively more interesting and relevant, introducing a reasonable volume of vocabulary while building upon information from previous chapters for reinforcement, whereas other methods I've approached tend to overwhelm with content prematurely.

My favorite aspect of this series are all the supplementary resources the authors have readily available on the website: pdfs, videos, flashcards, powerpoints. Word to the wise: some intensive drilling through flashcards (divided by 3-chapter units) before working through those same units in the book will accelerate your completion of the readings and exercises. This strategy has caused words to stick in my long-term memory and has made my learning experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

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