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by Douglas Hensley

  • ISBN: 1411655095
  • Category: Reference
  • Author: Douglas Hensley
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Lulu.com (November 1, 2005)
  • Pages: 95 pages
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  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 167
Download Automobile Sales Training and Tips From The Pros fb2

Automobile sales training

Automobile sales training. Automobile sales training. Learn Car Sales for a career not just a job.

Automobile sales training.

Auto sales training and car sales tips that will help one earn a six figure income.

Once Upon a Car LP: The Fall and Resurrection of America's Big Three Auto Makers-GM, Ford,.

Auto Sales training, Car sales training, and car sales training, Automobile Sales training and Tips From the Pros by Douglas Hensley . It is filled with hundreds of tips on how to sell cars.

Auto Sales training, Car sales training, and car sales training, Automobile Sales training and Tips From the Pros by Douglas Hensley is one of the best car sales training books on the market. Actually One of the best auto Sales training books on the market that I have personally read.

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Car sales training. Automobile sales training. Learn Car Sales for a career not just a job. People really do make $100,000 and more a year selling cars, most with just a High School Education. How do they do it? By having a process they follow day in and day out. I have spent 10 years taking notes from the pros, watching and learning so I could share what works with you, so you too, can make a six figure income selling cars.
Reviews about Automobile Sales Training and Tips From The Pros (7):
This book is a total joke. It took me about 30 mins to read, is only like 59 pages, and almost half of his content are sample scripts and letters.

The content is not insightful, full of typos and poor grammar, strangely changing fonts for no apparent reason, and is full of obvious Do's and Don'ts.

It's obvious that this guy got his buddies to give good reviews to pump his pathetic book. Do not waste your money. If you saw this book in a book store and thumbed through it, you would never buy it. This is the downside of Amazon.

Do not buy this book, and don't buy a car from this guy either, for that matter.
Very Basic.

Short read though and cheap book.

I bought it to do research on my book but didn't have much to use.

Becoming an Automotive Sales Professional: A real world, step-by-step tutorial on achieving success in the Profession of Automotive Sales
I'm guessing this book is self-published. A reviewer, "Charles Holcomb", has reviewed all the books written by Douglas Hensley and Pattie Hensley. He has also reviewed several competing books, and used the reviews as an opportunity to mention the superior quality of the book written by Douglas Hensley or Pattie Hensley. The titles are as follows:

- "Lost Stories From Hell" by Douglas Hensley

- "Magic Voodoo Spells" by Douglas Hensley

- "Hell's Gate: Terror at Bobby Mackey's Music World" by Douglas Hensley

- "Automobile Sales Training and Tips From The Pros" by Douglas Hensley

- "Book of Dreams & Dream Interpretations" by Douglas Hensley

- "Bloody Bones" by Douglas Hensley

- "Grandma's Cook Book and Recipes" by Pattie Hensley

- "Grandma's Country Recipes" by Pattie Hensley

- "Copycat Restaurant and Bakery Recipes" by Pattie Hensley
I was extremely disappointed with this book.

First, it costs $ 15 and is only 59 pages long (!!) with additional phone scripts and form letters.

Second, the very large font print size appears to be a veiled attempt to make the book seem longer than it actualy is.

Third, the header margin is huge - 1 5/8 inches, as is the footer margin of 1 inch. The left and right margins are 1 5/8 inches and 1 inch respectively. The printed page is only 4" by 6" on a page that is 6" by 9".

Therefore, the main part of this "book" probably would be many pages less than 59 pages, if it had been printed as a regular book would be printed on a 6" x 9" page.

Fourth, the book does not even have a publisher, which tells you something.

Fifth, there are several typos, which tells you that the author either cannot spell or cannot proof read - or both.

All this for $ 15.

Finally, the information that actually is given is not worth the cost of this "book."

As an alternative, consider the following three books that put this book to shame:

by Mike Radosevich


Cherry The Countess
hardluck has it right this guy either has a bunch of freinds juking his reveiws or he has carved a very specific niche in writing for auto salesmen who are also horror fans the same people who have doubled their sales also have read every horror book by this hack and gave them raving reveiws. you people should be ashamed of yourselves this man dose not belong in the same sentence as Stephen King. spend your money on real writers and not this hick. you maybe able to fool your hillbillie neighbors but not everyone. p.s. my xbox360 broke yesterday and yes i do have time to research and did and you guys are juking your stats anyone else interested it takes 2 seconds to see.
I was interested in what I might get from this book. I'm lost. It's not a one star book because the intentions are good. Otherwise, save your dough and buy one of the many other titles available.

I was lost in the intention of the product. After realizing that the author is attempting to slam other writers, I easily see why. The author should spend more of his time on one thing he does well, not ten things he thinks he is somewhat okay at.
This is a book that tells you excatly what to do in a car sales business, and it has many good tips to take notes from, if you're a vertran in this business already or new to it, this book will help you get better and get to where you want to be. I highly recommand this book to everyone that's in the business, carry it with you, and use it as a guide and apply it as the principles of car saling business.
I bought this book without looking at the number of pages. When I received it, I couldn't believe how thin it was. This book is 94 pages of bold print. What a joke. It is an overview at best without going into any details that would be useful to a greenpea. In my opinion, a complete waste of money. Should have been no more than three or four bucks.

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