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by Fabian A. Samaniego,Thomas J. Blommers,Magaly Lagunas-Carvacho,Viviane Sardan,Francisco Rodriguez

  • ISBN: 0030273129
  • Category: Reference
  • Author: Fabian A. Samaniego,Thomas J. Blommers,Magaly Lagunas-Carvacho,Viviane Sardan,Francisco Rodriguez
  • Other formats: doc docx mbr lit
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harcourt College Pub; 3 edition (May 1, 1998)
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  • EPUB size: 1436 kb
  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 479
Download Dimelo Tu! fb2

Mobile version (beta).

Mobile version (beta).

By (author) Fabian A. Samaniego, By (author) Thomas J. Blommers, By (author) Magaly Lagunas-Carvacho, By (author) Viviane Sardan, By (author) Francisco Rodriguez.

9780030273124) by Samaniego, Fabian . Blommers, Thomas . Lagunas-Carvacho, Magaly; Sardan .

He also has developed several Spanish assessment and placement tools. Nogales was born in Pedrera (Seville), Spain.

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by Fabián A. Samaniego (Author), Thomas J. Blommers (Author), Magaly Lagunas-Solar (Author), Viviane Ritzi-Marouf (Author), Francisco Rodriguez Nogales (Author) & 2 more.

DÍMELO TÚ!: A COMPLETE COURSE, 6e (with Audio CD) is a book with CD. .

DÍMELO TÚ!: A COMPLETE COURSE, 6e (with Audio CD) is a book with CD program designed to help students develop competency in Spanish by allowing them to interact among themselves and with their instructors on a daily basis.

Reviews about Dimelo Tu! (7):
This was the chosen book for my college basic Spanish course. We used it for two semesters and jumped around in the lessons, but overall followed the basic setup. It focuses on everyday usage of the language, rather than on vocabulary drills and grammar drills, and also on group participation in classes. It also has a strong focus on cultural aspects of Spanish speaking countries, which I found helpful, though not exactly necessary in a textbook for language learning. The cultural focus was incredibly helpful, however, in contrasting different pronunciation and word meanings across different country lines.

There is a newer version of the book out, but our professor thought that this was a better version and chose to stick with it for another year. I can't say why, but this book definitely was a helpful introduction to Spanish.
This book got MIXED REVIEWS, so I was apprehensive about buying it, but I am taking Spanish lessons (for fun), and our instructor asked us to get it.

For me, it is an EXCELLENT book because (a) I am at the intermediate level, and (b) I have an instructor and classmates, and we can talk with each other about the exercises in the book. The title of this book translates as "You Tell Me." This is book urges students to try to put their thoughts into Spanish. That makes sense for intermediate students, but not for beginning students.

I can understand the frustration and negative reviews by students who were assigned this book for an introductory Spanish class. This would be a TERRIBLE INTRODUCTORY TEXTBOOK. What were their teachers thinking?!?!?!?

For an introductory student, though, it has a lot of colorful pictures and fun, creative exercises (e.g., two pictures that are similar but not identical, and students can describe them to each other and try to figure out how they differ). I am enjoying it.
It came in great condition and everything we needed included
I ordered the regular version and received the teacher's edition. It helps a lot more since it shows the answers. Great book/quality
serve the purpose and was cheaper than buying from the school
There are not enough words in English or Spanish to describe how badly this book is put together. I am working on my second degree and I have never come across a book like this. It is broken down into endless sections and none of them are labeled in English. This is supposed to be the book for entry level Spanish but 80 percent of it is in Spanish and you don't have a clue what to do with the exercises in the first chapters because the directions are all in Spanish and beginning learners DON'T KNOW SPANISH. There are icons beside some of the lessons that are supposed to mean something but many of them do not have a key to explain what they are. You are supposed to figure out what lesson plan goes with what tape and that is also all in Spanish. The lady that teaches me who has been teaching Spanish for years and even get thrown at times. I cannot believe I was forced to pay $80.00 for this mess.
It did not come with the ilrn book key
Great quality!!