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by Barbara Ann Kipfer

  • ISBN: 006117646X
  • Category: Reference
  • Author: Barbara Ann Kipfer
  • Subcategory: Dictionaries & Thesauruses
  • Other formats: lrf mobi lit txt
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Collins Reference; 4 edition (September 4, 2007)
  • Pages: 608 pages
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  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 458
Download Dictionary of American Slang 4e fb2

Dictionary of American Slang 4e. by Barbara Ann Kipfer, Robert L. Chapman.

Dictionary of American Slang 4e. Dictionary of American Slang 4e. 1,811 printed pages.

Dictionary of American Slang 4e - Barbara Ann Kipfer.

Barbara Ann Kipfer, P. She received her doctorate in linguistics from England's University of Exeter. Series: Dictionary of American Slang. Hardcover: 608 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0061176463.

Kipfer, Barbara Ann; Chapman, Robert L. "Dictionary of American Slang 4e". HarperCollins U. HarperCollins US. ^ Chapman, Robert . Kipfer, Barbara Ann; Wentworth, Harold (1995). Dictionary of American slang". Cite journal requires journal (help). Langguth, Jack (12 July 1963).

Автор: Kipfer, Barbara Ann Название: Trivia Lovers& Lists of Nearly Everything in the Universe ISBN .

A classic reference book that has been used by millions all over the world, "Roget's International Thesaurus" is the product of more than a century and a half of continual expansion, reorganization, and improvement.

We all know language changes rapidly, but to follow along requires an historical view. Chapman's Dictionary of American Slang, Fourth Edition, provides just what is needed to trace the language of today back to its American roots.

And make no mistake––this is a dictionary that is purely American, the place where you can trace the development of the American language, in it's highly informal format known as "slang."

Some would ask: "isn't the language changing so fast that this book is out of date the day on which it is published?" Although it is true that changes to the language, particularly slang, happen faster and faster in the electronic age, still there is a place for an authoritative, recognized work that keeps track of and compiles the language into an historical document, as this dictionary does.

It is true that language changes very quickly; it is just as true that today's slang may be forgotten tomorrow. In recording the changing language, and sorting out what's here to stay from what's coming and quickly going, the Dictionary of American Slang serves a useful and important purpose.

Reviews about Dictionary of American Slang 4e (7):
Although most of the descriptions are accurate, they should have separated a section for everyday slang. They included sexual and vulgar expressions which should be separate from ordinary slang. It seemed as if they wanted the reader to be inundated with vulgarity.
I heard about this book on a podcast dedicated to word use and history.
I was hoping for more details about the history of the phrases rather than just definitions of them.
Maybe this would be most useful for someone whose primary language is not English for learning the nuances of some of our whacky idioms.
Bigger than I expected. Quite extensive. Well done.
Has words I have never seen or heard off. Good book.
This book is not leisure reading. It is technical. More for research.
I had a previous edition of this book, maybe twenty years old, and decided that, because slang evolves rapidly, my reference books should evolve, if not rapidly, at least not slowly. Sometimes when I buy a new edition of a reference work, I'm disappointed because I sense, in looking through the book, that the update isn't very substantial. That's not true with this book. It contains many, many new slang words, with lucid explanations of their origins and areas of usage.

I also enjoy the two appendixes, A containing about six single-spaced pages of words for "drunk" or "intoxicated," and B being a guide to text messaging abbreviations. A very worthwhile book, one I'm glad I updated.
Slowly writer
I have purchased many books on English slangs, and this is the one I have liked the most. What I like about it is its relevance and contemporaneity.
Be warned that I am not a language expert or a professor of any kind. This is the view of a common reader, non-native speaker.
If it were of the unabridged kind, I would not like so much. As I read it in a straight sequence, from top to bottom, I would not appreciate it having uncommon slangs. But the same token, I would not appreciate it not having common contemporary slang.
So this is the perfect choice for my need.
I'm sure this is as comprehensive a slang dictionary as you will find, but I am gobsmacked that "draw a line in the sand" is nowhere to be found, especially given how prevalent it became during and after the 1991 Gulf War.

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