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by Philip Norman

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  • Publisher: Fireside; 2nd edition (September 2, 1996)
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Download Shout: The Beatles in Their Generation fb2

Philip Norman is a journalist and a novelist who in 1968 was assigned to cover the Beatles’ own business utopia, Apple Corps, from the inside.

Philip Norman is a journalist and a novelist who in 1968 was assigned to cover the Beatles’ own business utopia, Apple Corps, from the inside. He is the author of Rave On: The Biography of Buddy Holly and many other books. Previously published in 1981, he updated the story in the early 2000's the include such events as George's passing.

Also, Norman never talked to the Beatles, so no interviews with them, which is like writing a book about the New Testament without the Jesus spoken words highlighted in red or italicized.

Aug 24, 2017 TUDOR^QUEEN rated it it was amazing. Also, Norman never talked to the Beatles, so no interviews with them, which is like writing a book about the New Testament without the Jesus spoken words highlighted in red or italicized. The book is aptly named: It’s about the Beatles and their times (. their influence on the cultural zeitgeist). Any scholarly or in-depth study of the music sadly takes a back seat. The Music: Take Norman’s opinions about the Beatles music with a huge grain of salt

Norman's first book, Shout!: The Beatles in Their Generation, also published as Shout! .

Norman's first book, Shout!: The Beatles in Their Generation, also published as Shout!: The True Story of the Beatles, was published in 1981, with later revisions. Writing in 2005, Beatles biographer Ian MacDonald said that Norman's book.

Now brought completely up to date, this epic tale charts the rise of four scruffy Liverpool lads from their wild, often comical early days to the astonishing heights of Beatlemania, from the chaos of Apple and the collapse of hippy idealism to the band's acrimonious split. It also describes their struggle to escape the smothering Beatles’ legacy and the tragic deaths of John Lennon and George Harrison.

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Philip Norman is an old hand with Beatles-based scholarship, and his massive bio, Paul McCartney: The Life, provides a nice opportunity to survey those shelves of Beatles lit. Here’s a look at 10 of the other best Fab Four.

The standard Beatles history posits the star-crossed Stuart Sutcliffe as John Lennon’s best friend, until his tragic death in 1962, whereupon Paul McCartney became Lennon’s chief mate, but Pete Shotton better fit the bill. He was there first, romping with Lennon as schoolboy tearaways, and in on all the things that boys do with each other: lots of circle jerks, incidentally, in this candid, and very Northern memoir.

com User, February 4, 2006. With new competition with Bob Spitz's "The Beatles", "Shout!" still stands strong, and the revweiws back that up. You'll learn everything you wanted to know about The Beatles and more. An accurate, and incredibly interesting biography of the biggest band ever.

Colleagues and friends did their best to talk me out of choosing the Beatles as subject matter. Don’t waste your time, they said. The story has been told too many times.


From their primitive first chords to the huge success of the Beatles Anthology, the Beatles have been an integral part of our culture and our consciousness for over thirty-five years. Shout! The Beatles in Their Generation tells the extraordinary story of the rise of four scruffy boys from Liverpool to beings more adored, more influential -- and in many ways more troubled --than any in the history of popular entertainment. It is also a penetrating social history of our time, based on an incredible wealth of material -- eyewitness accounts, interviews, stories withheld from the press and public -- that was available exclusively to the author.

Rich in detail, anecdotes, and background, with 100 stunning photographs, Shout! takes us from the wild, often comical days at the beginning in Liverpool to the life and death of Stu Sutcliffe, the brilliant boy known as the "fifth Beatle"; from the psychedelic triumph of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band to the band's embrace of Indian music and spirituality; from the brilliantly unified sounds of Abbey Road to Paul's desperate attempts to form a final comeback concert.

Riveting, Enlightening, Heartbreaking, Shout! Is A True Epic.

Reviews about Shout: The Beatles in Their Generation (7):
I have seen many reviews for this book on amazon that comment on the books bias towards John Lennon, with the exception of the later part of the book (the section detailing the post Beatles period) I don't see this quite as much. That being said, the comments of the author in the later part of the book are rather nasty and pointless even more so towards George Harrison then Paul McCartney at one point calling George a guitarist of no great talent, a statement I strongly disagree with. Norman is rather nasty to McCartney as well and it is a problem.However my real problem with this book is its lack of insight and what I can only call a lack of interest in his subjects.None of the Beatles as individuals seem to interest Philip Norman all that much, indeed if anyone as a person stands out in this book it's Brian Epstein,I almost wonder why he didn't just write a bio of Brian instead of The Beatles.In spite of how long the book is it seemed short and there was very little that captured the authors interest. Indeed he seems to view the Beatles as a cultural and not a musical phenomena, he rarely discusses their music or goes into any details of the recording sessions of their albums. Even Stephen Davis in the rather trashy 'Hammer of the Gods' managed to include some interesting details about the recording of Led Zeppelins albums. I realize there are books that detail the Beatles recording sessions in exceptional details (like Mark Lewisohn's books) but some sort of insight, some stories about the process would have been welcome.Instead I found Philip Norman speaking in the same bored,disinterested voice threw the whole book.At one point in the new introduction he actually mentions that he rather dislikes returning to discussing the Beatles but felt it was important to do as the book put him on the map as an author.
In the end I have to say the definitive biography of the Beatles has yet to appear but I hold high hopes for Mark Lewisohns 3 part biography the first book of which is suppose to come out in the next year.I would not recommend this book to anyone wanting to read a bio of the Beatles and certainly to no one that wants to know anything about the evolution and growth of their music.
I have read a couple other Beatle books (Ticket to Ride by Larry Kane and Beatleness by Carol Leonard), as well as viewed the Beatles anthology many times in its entirety. I found this book much more comprehensive than Ticket to Ride and Beatleness (which makes sense since those two titles had specific areas of focus. I love the Beatles and will read anything about them, so I found this a very enjoyable read. As another reviewer mentioned, the business parts were a bit dense to get through, but interesting nonetheless. I found there to be an inordinate number of pages dedicated to Brian Epstein. Obviously he was a major figure in their journey, but I found myself wondering why the author didn't just write a book about him. Also, I did find the author blatantly biased against Paul, though he does acknowledge this in the introduction to the book. It was very thorough, though you wonder how detailed it can be without interviews with the four Beatles themselves. I found that I learned a lot through reading the book, and would absolutely recommend it to any die-hard Beatles fan.
Very interesting. It was tough getting through the business parts of the book but necessary to understand how really difficult it was for them to actually earn some money.
A little too much detail for my taste, when I want to know what time it is I don't need to know how the clock was made. There is a lot of very detailed information about the Beatles growing up, their parents, friends, schools. More than I was interested in. But all in all a good book.
really good and interesting book just adds a little more info from another person's perspective to the story of the Beatles!
I consider myself more of a casual Beatles fan than some, and that's not to say my house isn't equipped with the normal amount of merchandise even still, and my music collection filled with their albums and vinyl records still. I just haven't gone out of my way to learn the extent of all of their trivia, and I found this book still easy to follow and extremely informative.
Musical Aura Island
This is an excellent book for both die hard Beatles fans and those who are simply interested in the phenomenon that swept the world in the 60s and still continues to exert influence over modern music today.
The author frankly admits that he has never actually iterviewed any of the Beatles, but many great historical books have been written without access to their subjects, and in my opinion this has given him a unique view of the group's influence on the era, rather than a perspective from inside it. All the interesting things are there - Paul meeting John, the American tour, Apple, break up etc, and fasinating it is.
If you like their music or damn them as madness from the 60s, the fact remains that they were hugely influential in areas ranging from pop music to advertising, and this book paints the picture very well.

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