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by Kevin R. Murphy,Mariellen Fischer,Russell A. Barkley

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  • Author: Kevin R. Murphy,Mariellen Fischer,Russell A. Barkley
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  • Publisher: The Guilford Press; 1 edition (October 19, 2007)
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Download ADHD in Adults: What the Science Says fb2

Russell A. Barkley, Kevin R. Murphy, and Mariellen Fischer.

Russell A. What the Science Says. Russell A.

Providing a new perspective on ADHD in adults, this compelling book analyzes findings from two major studies directed by leading authority Russell A. Barkley. Providing a new perspective on ADHD in adults, this compelling book analyzes findings from two major studies directed by leading authority Russell A.

Their studies are stunning for their elegant design, careful execution, and solid results. by Russell A. Murphy, Mariellen Fischer. Select Format: Hardcover.

John . PhD Arden, Lloyd Linford - Brain-Based Therapy with Adults: Evidence-Based Treatment for Everyday Practice. John . PhD Arden, Lloyd Linford. Katarzyna Chawarska PhD, PhD Ami Klin PhD, MD Fred R. Volkmar MD, Michael D. Powers PsyD.

It also discusses several additional issues apparently not planned to be addressed as of this time, yet deserved to be acknowledged and possibly even corrected by clinicians utilizing DSM-5 criteria

Russell A. Murphy. Clearly, as the Science indicated, its not been outgrown, doesn't disappear and is a REAL problem that can be dealt with effectively. This has become my ADHD-Bible.

ADHD in Adults What the Science Says by Russell A. Barkley; Kevin R. Murphy; Mariellen Fischer and Publisher The Guilford Press. Save up to 80% by choosing the eTextbook option for ISBN: 9781606237427, 160623742X. The print version of this textbook is ISBN: 9781609180751, 1609180755. Back to Top. Get to Know Us. About VitalSource.

Providing a new perspective on ADHD in adults, this compelling book analyzes findings from two major studies directed by leading authority Russell A. Barkley. Groundbreaking information is presented on the significant impairments produced by the disorder across major functional domains and life activities, including educational outcomes, work, relationships, health behaviors, and mental health. Thoughtfully considering the treatment implications of these findings, the book also demonstrates that existing diagnostic criteria do not accurately reflect the way ADHD is experienced by adults, and points the way toward developing better criteria that center on executive function deficits. Accessible tables, figures, and sidebars encapsulate the study results and methods.

Reviews about ADHD in Adults: What the Science Says (7):
Adult ADHD is a difficult and controversial subject in mental health. The diagnosis is compromised by a number of barriers not present in the well-documented childhood literature, such as more comborbid symptoms, fewer external observers such as parents and teachers, drug-seeking by clients, adaptations which hide some of the important features such as internal restlessness, different kinds of impairments, and different symptomatic criteria required for the diagnosis.

The only way to deal with these and many more problems is to do careful studies comparing patients to matched control groups, as well as follow patients over many years while comparing them with a good matched control group. These are incredibly demanding types of studies to accomplish, and to date no such combination of studies have been available.

However, Barkley and colleagues thoughtfully planned out the strategy for firmly establishing the characteristics of the adult with ADHD, as well as the long-term consequences awaiting those younger patients followed into adulthood. The result is a masterful account of two studies, one cross-sectional and one longitudinal. Put together, these two studies comprise an enormous body of data. The detailed analysis of these studies in separate papers would be daunting, but largely unavailable to a wider audience of non-specialists. This book is designed with the intelligent non-specialist reader in mind, but it does not lack the essential details to make a clear and cogent understanding of the realities of adult ADHD. This is a monumental contribution, and the most important source of information we have about this otherwise controversial subject. There is no better way to learn what we know about adults with ADHD. Other popular books lack the insight, skill, and credibility conveyed by this book.
While I have a science background, this was not what I was looking for. It was closer to a dissertation for those treating ADHD than a general read for those of us with ADHD.
This is the sort of incredibly impressive work that only these three authors would ever attempt. They collect and analyze an unbelievable amount of data to create the most detailed, thorough, and informative study of ADHD in adults ever published. Even if you don't read it straight through, it is an excellent reference and resource. Each chapter ends with a summary and clinical implications, so readers can quickly find the take home message, if they don't have time to read every word. The authors have taken the study of ADHD a giant step forward--and set the bar for all lifespan research.

--Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA
Author of Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD: A Practical, Easy-to-Use Guide for Clinicians
Dr. Barkley's newest book offers the professional or the well educated lay reader an in depth review of the latest empirical findings on ADHD in adults. It is not a self help book although it may be helpful to a well informed ADHD patient or family member. Two major longitudinal research projects form the core of the book and each examines how this disorder looks as adolescents move into adulthood. Each chapter is followed by an executive summary of the major points. For the reader not steeped in the nuances of research projects this is necessary to avoid getting lost in the detailed findings. The final chapter also nicely summarizes the implications of the research for our best current theoretical model of the disorder and for its treatment. I am a clinical psychologist and Dr. Barkley's body of work in the area of ADHD is an example of what is best in clinical psychology. This work is another in a long series of notable achievements.
Very, very, very technical. Definitely a textbook written for the mental health research community.
This new book by authors Barkley, Murphy, and Fischer has, for the first time, given me the confidence to believe that, for adults with ADHD, a new day has dawned, a new light is shining, and the thick fog of shame may, over time, be blown away.

The door has finally slammed shut for the skeptics, the uninformed, the misinformed, the mal-intended, and the ignorant health care professionals and "experts" who, unless they buy a copy of this book and study its contents, will find that their days treating adults with ADHD are numbered.

I appreciate this amazing resource, and feel the utmost respect for the three authors who have devoted their lives and considerable talents and skills to not only wade through and organize the dark morass of books, clinical studies, scientific papers, surveys, interviews, and journals that already existed, but to add to this mix their own ground-breaking and desperately needed perspective and conclusions regarding the incredibly important and massively misunderstood subject of adult ADHD. Thank you. Jon Teger

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