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by John C. Sherblom,Thomas E. Harris

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  • Author: John C. Sherblom,Thomas E. Harris
  • Subcategory: Humanities
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Pearson; 4 edition (May 18, 2007)
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Download Small Group and Team Communication (4th Edition) fb2

Thomas E. Harris, University of Alabama John C. Sherblom, University of Maine.

Thomas E. Harris (Author), John C. Sherblom (Author). CONTENT If I knew nothing outside of what this book says, I would suspect that the field of Communication had no good models for small group communication

Thomas E. ISBN-13: 978-0205692989. Why is ISBN important? ISBN. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work. CONTENT If I knew nothing outside of what this book says, I would suspect that the field of Communication had no good models for small group communication. Harris, John C. Sherblom. Small Group and Team Communication (Paperback). ISBN: 0205414915 (ISBN13: 9780205414918). Published July 1st 1998 by Prentice Hall. Paperback, 271 pages. Author(s): Thomas E. ISBN: 0205289894 (ISBN13: 9780205289899).

Much of contemporary communication occurs between and among small groups, whether in person in a work setting . Harris and Sherblom address the growing influence of computer-mediated communication to this discipline.

How we engage in our small-group communication in each medium matters. Real-world, applied examples show students that what they’re learning aren’t simply abstract concepts, but knowledge that will serve them outside the classroom.

This title is out of print. Thomas E. Harris, University of Alabama

This title is out of print. Harris, University of Alabama. John C. Читать pdf. Harris, Mark D. Nelson - Applied Organizational Communication: Theory and Practice in a Global Environment (Routledge Communication Series). Nelson.

Author Harris, Thomas . Sherblom, John C. ISBN 0205692982.

Small Group and Team Communication. ISBN13: 9780205692989. Small Group and Team Communication. ISBN13: 9780205483679. More Books . ABOUT CHEGG.

Communication systems, Simon Haykin. Communication Systems. JOHN WILEY 8: SONS, INC. New York 5 Chichester § Weinheim E Communication.

32 MB·22,354 Downloads. The Institute of Optics "Intro. Introduction to Digital Communication Systems. 01 MB·4,887 Downloads.

Praised for its writing style, research base, and range of topics covered, Small Group and Team Communication develops issues of diversity, ethics, technology and the organizational use of groups and teams within a systems theory framework.

Clearly organized and logically presented, this book provides the opportunity for outstanding discussions of critical issues. Harris and Sherblom effectively integrate real-world examples, hypothetical situations, social science theories, and scholarly research into a unified discussion of small group and team communication. Through extensive examples, case studies, and exercises, Small Group and Team Communication engages the reader and guides them from theoretical discussions into application and experience of the concepts presented.

Reviews about Small Group and Team Communication (4th Edition) (7):
"Although the stages of the decision-making process form the structure that shapes it, the interaction among the stages give the decision-making process its energy" (154).
This is academic-speak for, "Our decision-making model is simplistic and rigid. Groups of real humans will never follow it, but we don't have a better model for something this complicated (at least not one suitable for undergrads)."

== PROS ==
-It's comprehensive. It covers every "stage" and "process" anyone has ever invented to try and describe group interaction.
-It has many useful citations.

What really sets this book apart is its writing style. Passive sentences abound. Sentences are reworded into complex monstrosities in order to avoid the implied "you." (However, implied "you" is perfectly OK for sidebars and tables?) Obvious information is needlessly included in most sentences, as if this were a Terms of Service, instead of a textbook.

Speaking of needless inclusion, the biggest problem with this book is repetition. The authors rehash the same information over and over to inflate their page count. Because they need to take up more space, they resort to repetition. This in turn wastes more space, which results in a higher page count without introducing new thoughts. It's simply the process of taking an idea from the last sentence and recycling it. The publisher probably bears some blame for this.

You might think I'm just a student who doesn't like to read. No. Craig, Blomberg, and Hubbard's "Introduction to Biblical Interpretation" is 400+ pages of difficult material, but no space was wasted. Not so with this text. I had more fun deciphering quantitative analysis journal articles than I did reading /Small Group and Team Communication/, and those journals get pretty dry.

DeVito's /Human Communication/ and Flatley's /Business Communication/ cover much of the same material as this text, but DeVito and Flatley are worlds better. Not because they have color stock photos, but because they write in an engaging style. Consider this sentence from p. 154 of SGTC:
"The decision-making process is most effective when we take the evaluation stage into account in the beginning, as we are defining the problem."
This could be written, "The evaluation stage runs throughout entire decision-making process, starting from when you begin defining the problem." Sounding like a bureaucrat isn't an advantage.

If I knew nothing outside of what this book says, I would suspect that the field of Communication had no good models for small group communication. As I noted at the beginning of this review, many of the models and theories are forced and outdated. But that's not all. The chapter on group management styles lists a number of researchers and their theories. But rather than explaining any one theory in depth or comparing and contrasting the various theories, this book puts them all in a blender and then teaches the homogeneous purée as fact.

True, all survey textbooks have problems summarizing current research without delving into PhD minutia; /Small Group and Team Communication/ just happens to suffer from this problem in an above-average way.

If you want to kill your student's enthusiasm, make them buy this book.
If anyone knows of a better survey text, please comment and recommend it. Maybe I can save some freshmen from having to read this in a few years.
This is dryer than a popcorn fart. I feel like I'm reading the dictionary.
I love Mercedes
Was considering this book for a class but was disappointed. like most textbooks, there are few that have anything new to say or find a way to better present their respective materials. Th information included in the book (the title says it all) is oK, but not fresh. I don't know, maybe there isn't anything new in this field. Nonetheless, if you have never read a book on this topic or you are looking for a good review, this book might fill the bill.
Was a good text book for my communication class. Swift shipping.
Author Thomas Harris hits a home run with this very readable textbook about small group communications. Harris effectively covers all of the basic information needed for a solid foundation in the topic. The textbook is user friendly and provides a good jump off point for additional research on the subject. It is an excellent choice for an introductory course on group dynamics.
Fast service smooth no problems.
Everything as advertised.
The book was used so I expected some writing in it but it worked just fine for my class.

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