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by Nobuo Akiyama,Carol Akiyama

  • ISBN: 0764139738
  • Category: Other
  • Author: Nobuo Akiyama,Carol Akiyama
  • Subcategory: Humanities
  • Other formats: txt lrf mbr mobi
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Barrons Educational Series; Second edition (September 1, 2008)
  • Pages: 353 pages
  • FB2 size: 1914 kb
  • EPUB size: 1482 kb
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 880
Download Japanese Vocabulary (Barron's Vocabulary Series) fb2

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Carol Akiyama (Author), Nobuo Akiyama (Author). ISBN-13: 978-0764139734.

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by Carol Akiyama and Nobuo Akiyama

by Carol Akiyama and Nobuo Akiyama.

Japanese Vocabulary - Barron's Vocabulary Series (Paperback). Publisher: Barron's Educational Series In. U. Carol Akiyama (author), Nobuo Akiyama (author).

Japanese Vocabulary (Barron's Vocabulary Series). Akiyama, Carol; Akiyama, Nobuo. Barron's Vocabulary books are useful students' classroom supplements as well as handy travelers' aids.

Barron's Vocabulary books are useful students' classroom supplements as well . Barron's Educational Series In. Additional Product Features. Carol Akiyama, Nobuo Akiyama.

Barron's Vocabulary books are useful students' classroom supplements as well as handy travelers' aids. Place of Publication.

Download books for free. Series: Barron's Grammar Series. Topics include parts of speech, sentence structure, idioms, and pronunciation advice. All Japanese words are presented phonetically. Important points of grammar or vocabulary, as well as subject heads, are printed in a second color as a quick-reference aid for students. Categories: Linguistics\Foreign. File: PDF, 1. 2 MB. Читать онлайн.

Carol Akiyama, Nobuo Akiyama. товар 1 Japanese Grammar (Barron's Grammar) by Akiyama, Nobuo Paperback Book The Fast -Japanese Grammar (Barron's Grammar) by Akiyama, Nobuo Paperback Book The Fast. 330,30 RUB. Бесплатная доставка. товар 2 Japanese Grammar (Barron's Grammar Series) Akiyama, Carol, Akiyama, Nobuo Vinyl -Japanese Grammar (Barron's Grammar Series) Akiyama, Carol, Akiyama, Nobuo Vinyl. 248,66 RUB. + 623,21 RUB за доставку.

This book divides words into several different categories and lists alphabetically within each category.

This pocket-size book lists approximately 6,000 words in English with translations into Japanese. Words are divided into several different categories and listed alphabetically within each category. Categories include greetings, numbers, measurements, moods and emotions, driving situations, travel situations, sports, foods, shopping, phoning, and many others. All titles in Barron's foreign language Vocabulary Series include pronunciation guides and a bilingual and alphabetical quick Wordfinder section. Barron's Vocabulary books are useful students' classroom supplements as well as handy travelers' aids.
Reviews about Japanese Vocabulary (Barron's Vocabulary Series) (7):
I agree with a number of the reviews posted about this book. Some of the vocabulary is a bit impractical, as mentioned, exactly how often does the concept of "nuclear weapons proliferation" come into normal conversation? However, the notion that it seems to have been written from the point of view of an English speaker trying to get by in Japanese is actually helpful. There is a decent amount of vocabulary that will help you get along, and while a few of the pronunciation examples make you sound a bit strange, your point will get made, and really, if you are looking through this book you are probably not going to sound fluent in a conversation anyway.

One thing that I find strange about other reviews of this book is the claim that there are no Japanese Kanji in the book. Starting at page 210 there is the English - Pronunciation Guide - Kanji for each word, and this goes until the end of the book.

For the price, you could do much worse than this book for learning Japanese vocabulary.
First, please allow me to explain that I am an intermediate [ish] student of Japanese, been at if for over a year now.

Ive had the 'second edition' book for almost a year now, and ive had plenty of time to decide what I like and dont like about it. I have seen people before complain that it lacks the original script in the first part. as a response to that, I think its not a big deal, the japanese script is provided in the back index for those who want to read, and for simple travelers the main section is kept easy and does not overwhelm. In my opinion its an ideal balance for travelers who want to just read the words, and students who want to retain the words and learn to read.

What I really like about this book is how the words are grouped by topic. It makes several easy to follow lists for which one can study. with a white board, its easy to make sentences and the words stick easier that way. also, there are a lot of words in this book, its boasts 8,000 but I didnt count, I just know there are enough words in there to stay busy for a while.

things that could be negative include most importantly, I have noticed a few typos... they happen, no one is perfect, but be aware of them. and the other thing is some of the words are simply japanized english words. very common in japan, at times I almost feel like im listening to an accented english conversation, but some of the words I wonder if its more practical to learn the original japanese word, as opposed to the english loan word... again, not terribly frequent, but please be aware.

one more thing I feel needs to be said, if you are a traveler with no knowledge of the grammar, to use this book you should have a basic knowledge at least, otherwise a regular phrase book would serve you better.

If you feel I left anything out or would like to know more, please feel free to comment, and I hope this review help you all out. Traveling or Studying, I wish you the best of luck :D
I wished I'd found a better dictionary. I'm listening to Pimsleur and trying to look up words for clarity. Guess what? They aren't in this dictionary. Kanai for my wife isn't mentioned, only tsuma. In short, this could have been more complete.
I thought it would have hiragana/kanji included but it doesn't - except as a glossary in the back. I agree that kanji is a pain and it's hard but that is the Japanese writing system and we're stuck with it. If you don't include that in a reference for students of Japanese then don't bother. Sure tourists don't need more than a handful of kanji and romaji is plenty good enough but a vocabulary list of 8,000 words can't be seen as targeted at tourists. This is for students of Japanese. And we need the kanji included.
This book comes with a lot of vocab and has been very helpful with expanding my Japanese vocabulary. I would have added in the hiragana/katakana and or the kanji (if applicable) to each word in order to save time finding a source that can show you the correct kanji. Other than that this book has done me well in my studies.
This book is a very very good book to use for those that are seeking to expand on their japanese vocabulary.
Despite its usefulness or not, on the Kindle, most of the text is in the form of images which do not zoom and are too small or faint to read. Completely unusable. Do not buy this!
Nice little book, even came with a clear plastic protective dustjacket.

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