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by Richard Ballantine

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  • Author: Richard Ballantine
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Macmillan; Revised edition (April 18, 1975)
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Download Richard's Bicycle Book fb2

Richard Ballantine (25 July 1940 – 29 May 2013) was a cycling writer, journalist and cycling advocate.

Richard Ballantine (25 July 1940 – 29 May 2013) was a cycling writer, journalist and cycling advocate. Born in America, the son of Ian and Betty Ballantine of Ballantine Books, and educated at the Browning School in New York and Columbia University, he principally resided in London, England.

Richard's Bicycle Book. Ballantine's Richard's Bicycle Book, first published in 1972, appeared at a time when cycling was experiencing a resurgence in popularity due in part to the oil shortages of the world oil crisis and the appearance of lightweight road bicycles

Living Ultimate Bicycle Book (DK Living). Richard Ballantine, Richard Grant. pdf, 3. 3 Mb. Richard's 21st Century Bicycle Book.

Living Ultimate Bicycle Book (DK Living). Category: 1622442-Книги по ремонту велосипедамаунтинбайка (Mountain Bike, MTB) -. pdf, . 9 Mb. Acoustic Wave Sensors: Theory, Design. D. S. Ballantine J. Robert M. White, S. J. Martin, Antonio J. Ricco, E. T. Zellers, G. C. Frye, H. Wohltjen, Moises Levy, Richard Stern.

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Richard’s Bicycle Book was one of them

Richard’s Bicycle Book was one of them. At one time, probably about 1977 or 1978, I would have bet that everybody that I then knew had a copy of Richard’s Bicycle Book somewhere. This was obviously true of the bike freaks - but was also true of all the civilians. There was also a disturbing touch of Alex Comfort’s ‘The Joy of Sex’ about the combination of the cover shot of a bearded Richard Ballantine and the style of the line drawings, and what’s with that Nordic sweater? But such imperfections serve to remind the faithful that only Allah is perfect.

Richard's New Bicycle Book Paperback – June 12, 1987. Books on everything from custom frames to offroad riding technique. But by far the most enjoyable to read has been this and several others by M. allantine. by. Richard Ballantine (Author). Many of the newer cycling books have a compulsive, competitive tone to them, as if the authors assumed the reader was bent on entering the Tour de France. In contrast, Dick Ballantine infuses the reader with his sense of joy and enthusiasm about the pure act of riding and the pure form of the diamond frame bicycle, a design that has accomodated over a hundred years worth of cyclists.

3 Richard’s Bicycle Book. Richard Ballantine (1972; out of print). Part manual, part manifesto, full of humour, common sense and practical advice, this instantly became a bible to the new wave of folk who took to two wheels during the oil crisis in the early 70s. For the next two decades, it was the only mass market cycling book: it’s been reprinted numerous times, selling more than a million copies through various iterations. The manual part of the book is irrelevant now, because the bicycle has changed so much.

Richard's 21st Century. Bicycl e Book 'The best guide to bikes and cycling ever published'.

In addition it contains sections on riding in traffic, cross-country, competition riding, and the history and politics of cycling. Richard's 21st Century. This book is dedicated to Samuel Joseph Melville, hero.

Richard Ballantine, Richard Grant - Living Ultimate Bicycle Book (DK Living).

Richard's Bicycle Book has been through several incarnations such as "Richard's New Bicycle Book" (1987) and .

Richard's Bicycle Book has been through several incarnations such as "Richard's New Bicycle Book" (1987) and most recently "Richard's 21st Century Bicycle Book" (2000). Ballantine and the HPV movement. Ballantine has been prominent in the human powered vehicle movement since its inception in the 1980s and active in the HPV racing movement.

Book by Ballantine, Richard
Reviews about Richard's Bicycle Book (3):
I doubt that I could write a better review than others posted. This was my first bike book and that one is worn and even got moldy somehow. So I bought this one to replace it. Some of the repair stuff is outdated. Newer manuals and repair books have more pics and cover newer bikes. Richard Ballintine founded Bicycling magazine and this groundbreaking book is widely considered to be the first in the popular bike culture of advocacy and activism. He does get a bit zealous at times. His views on traffic jamming and the epilogue "Dream - Ramode - Sunfighter - Birthright - Dream" (which is not found in later editions) speak to the future of sane transportation and the ultimate demise of internal combustion as a power source. He actually dared to criticize the petrochemical and automotive industries! I think the attitude of the book encouraged me to become a lifelong diehard bike addict. To quote the final two words of the book, "Do it!"
the best
Sure, a lot of the information is at least 30 years out of date. And so is the sentiment--which is what makes it so much fun to read. This is no mere repair manual, but a radical, almost militant pro-cycling manifesto. Ballantine exhorts the reader to chase down motorists who harass female cyclists and beat them "black and blue," and explains three different ways to defend oneself against (i.e., kill) an attacking dog. Tucked between the actual maintenance and repair information and the index is an essay on transportation planning inexplicable titled "Dream-Ramode-Sunfighter-Dream-Birthright." Classic! And the many illustrations throughout the book, mostly taken from Archibald Sharp's classic (and out of print) 1893 treatise "Bicycles & Tricycles" are a great bonus.

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