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  • ISBN: 0773783547
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: General; First Thus edition (1985)
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Reviews about Sweet Dreams (7):
I read William W. Johnstone's horror novels as a teenager and LOVED them!
Sadly, the world lost Johnstone in 2004, and in wake of his passing, the small amount of horror novels he did write became collector's items, complete with some horrid price tags to match.
When you CAN find these books, it's a miracle, but unfortunately it's near impossible to afford them. So imagine my absolute delight in finding this listing, along with several others, for my favorite Johnstone horror novels, AND with the ORIGINAL book faces, too (there were a few subsequent re-issues with different images/cover designs). These very distinctive covers were how I remembered which books I had read as a teen.

These books are VERY engaging... I would sit in my room for HOURS reading them! And I've NEVER been one for reading. I RARELY read anything, but Johnstone's novels really enticed me to keep reading! You never know what's going to happen next, and that alone keeps you reading! :)

Thank you VERY much for the gift of these books! :)
Twisted story... I remember reading part of it when I was younger... finally finished.. and the story is a lot more "twisted" than I remember, started back when I was wee lad. This is NOT something for kids.... I think you should at least be 18 before you try to read it. So do NOT buy for kids.
no comment
Great condition
This is a good scary book to read, not boring. This author is one of my favorites. Buy this if you like stories that get right to the juicy stuff and stay interesting till the end.
This book is very good. I read it years ago and continue to re-read again
there are two boogie men I've ever read about that kept me up nights. This book has one of them.

I read it when I was 13 and it was absolutely horrifying. Some of the stuff having to do with sex I didn't get at the time, but the suspense, the story, and the monsters/spirits (Sanjaman, anyone?) are the stuff of nightmares. Highly recommended.
I read this book years ago and I must say that even now the images are still with me. It's a great summer read, but do not read it alone in your house at night!!! This is not a great literary classic. But, does every book need to be? Johnstone is a wonderful writer who can entertain his readers wholeheartedly... and frighten even the most stoic of readers! If a book can bring me back again after more than 10 years, I think that the author deserves some credit!

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