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  • ISBN: 0760745641
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Backpack Books (2004)
  • Pages: 10 pages
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  • Rating: 4.4
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Download Ugly Duckling (Ugly Duckling) fb2

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Reviews about Ugly Duckling (Ugly Duckling) (7):
Definitely a good book that keeps to the spirit of the original story while at the same time leaving quite a bunch to fairytale fans. The writing is simple and easy enough to follow while at the same time allowing the reader to be able to read to a child or vice versa.

The illustrations were digital so they were a bit on the strange side. The ones I had so much problems with was the hen as they drew her as a roost. Yes it is trivial and out of place but there is a difference between the two.

Al in all a good introduction to the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen....
The classic tale is told comprehensively in about forty pages. There is quite a bit of text on a page which makes it a difficult sell for young children, and the illustrations are rather small and generic in nature. At the end of the tale, the ugly duckling does not wish to survive. He is tired of being pecked by the other ducks, beaten by hens, pushed around by humans, and starving from hunger and cold during the winter. Then he is astonished at what he sees when he gazes at his appearance in the pond and his newfound acceptance by fellow creatures and humans.

This book would make a nice read aloud for children in the early grades of elementary school. Teachers and parents will find lots of parallels and links to modern day childhood problems.
The drawings are just beautiful, just beautiful and I have 12 different books on THE UGLY DUCKLING. Some of them are true to each word by Hans Christian Andersen and some take quite a bit of liberty but I like this. It's amazing to me how each book depicts the swan when he is little. I wish I could have full size paintings of many of the beautiful drawings.
I haven't read this particular version yet, but I love this story for the uplifting moral message it gives to all of us. not just children. Children need to be reassured that they have their own individuality of beauty there is no set standard. It's okay to change as they grow in all areas and to know to love themselves in a healthy way creates strong healthy self-esteem. I found so many wonderful levels of encouragement in this story even the adults learned a lesson or two. My favorite version is the movie starring Danny Kaye, but I wanted this book for any little ones that may visit and lets just face it, for me too! :)
The Ugly Duckling use to be my favorite of the fairy tales. A strange looking "duckling" hatches out of a egg next to actual duckling chicks. All the chicks and the mother can tell the strange "duckling" is not their kind so the ugly duckling goes off to find a place to fit in.

I do not know if this particular book was actually written by the Hans Christian Andersen because some book sites say it was written by the publisher, Ripple Digital Publishing. It has decent art although I wished there was more of it.

I found this telling of The Ugly Duckling was a little boring. Usually there is a heartwarming feeling towards the duckling. I also felt where the ugly duckling was searching for his place in the bird world was short. We did not have time to root for the ugly duckling.

I feel like there was something missing in this telling. I still enjoy this fairy tale but the way it has been written by others has been better.
This is for the Ripple Digital Publishing Version

I would expect if someone is using the story of a Master, that they would make their illustrations as bold and detailed as the story. Unfortunately not. Hans Christian Andersen wrote this story. It is a wonderful piece of work. Ripple Digital Publishing does a disservice to the writing when they do not offer full page illustrations.

Instead they have taken the original story and added a few logo sized illustrations that do nothing to enhance the telling. From the cover illustration I can see that they hired someone with some talent. If only they had used the talent in full pages throughout the story. That might have made this worth purchasing.

If you want just the story there are free versions of Hans Christian Andersen collections. If you want full Illustrations look elsewhere.

I do NOT recommend this version.
I like the concept of the Ugly Duckling story. But this one is not for kids. At least not for modern kids.

It's very violent. And it's not illustrated much. So if you would read this to a child it would be a half hour of you describing violence and abuse towards the ugly duckling, with 1 or 2 pictures.

Find another version of this story if you want to share it with your children. Find a more updated version that doesn't have as much graphic violence. You can teach your kids the same lesson about inner beauty with a less bloody version of The Ugly Duckling.
Wonderful art captures everyones attention but none more than a young child. The first few times the book is held by a child and the pages are turned, you can see on the child's face the magic taking place. Jerry Pinkney captivates my grandchildren with his talent. My two year old granddaughter insists on knowing what is taking place on each page. There is no better motivator to reading than capturing a youngster's attention with art and then the words that explain the picture. The Ugly Duckling and Mr. Pinkney's art takes me right back to my parent's home where we were not allowed to watch TV until the weekend and only after dark, and where we were surrounded with books. Mr. Pinkney is old school, great art. This book will make you homesick for your favorite cozy reading place in your parents house. Share it with the kids in your life too ; )

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