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Shop for children's books by age, series, author, subject and format.

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Reviews about Godchildren (7):
The world of business tycoon Marcus Brand is all about money, sex, and power, and "Godchildren" is about how he uses those three commodities to manipulate his disparate group of 6 godchildren while striding, Colossus-like, across the world of international business.

The book's frenetic pace took me a few chapters to get in sync with, having just come off a re-reading of Julian Fellowes' excellent 2nd book, the much calmer-paced "Past Imperfect", but I was soon caught up in Mr Coleridge's fascinating tale of the bold, blustery, somewhat mysterious, and very infuriating billionaire Marcus Brand, who treats and teases the 3 women and 3 men whom he has graced (in his mind) with the somewhat dubious (in their minds, eventually...) gift of his patronage from an early age.

Though less concerned with interactions between the various class levels of British society than Julian Fellowes' two wonderful books, "Snobs" and "Past Imperfect", "Godchildren" does work that theme; particularly in regards to "senior godchild" Charles Crieff, scion of a fading aristocratic Scottish family, and his observations of and relationships with the other five godchildren. The book is more an exploration of the manner in which these six very different young people react to, and are affected by, the influence of their rich and powerful patron; how they react to him as children, young adults, and adults, and how their feelings about him and his affect on their lives changes over the years.

Fast-paced and detailed, "Godchildren" is an absorbing read; I especially liked the little tidbits Mr Coleridge introduces by crossing the paths of the main characters with minor characters from each others' lives, keeping the reader on their toes and thinking back to earlier chapters to place the familiar name which just cropped up on the page again.
The story is about a group of people growing up throughout the seventies, eighties and nineties, all from different backgrounds, linked by being the godchildren of rich and powerful, albeit completely malevolent and evil financial tycoon.
I didn't really enjoy the book. It is fairly well written, but the author seems to be obsessed by money, and the impact it has on his characters. After a while this obsession becomes boring, mainly because success in life in this book is defined inby the acquisition of riches, although everybody throughout the book is miserable and/or obnoxiously nasty.
Yes, in the end some of the godchildren find some kind of happiness, but they don't get any wiser. The evil Godfather triumphs.
I read this when it first came out, and now for the second time. One of the most entertaining books around. So much is funny, and it is truly a "soap". You follow the lives of the Godchildren of a notorious and very rich businessman who has become their godfather for different reasons. Each has a story, perhaps a bit sad, but more funny than anything else. It covers nearly 30 years

I loved every minute of it
Great follow up to Pride and Avarice.
I love anything by this author! I love his genre. He is a wonderful storyteller. Be glad you bought this and read all his other books, too.
Very enjoyable. Modern Gothic. About midway through the book, I began to suspect Marcus of being a vampire. His mysterious origins deepened my suspicions. But the author goes no further with the conceit, so it must be my own. Too bad. It would have enriched the book, I think, giving it surprising dimension. The ending contracts rather than expands. Ah, well. It was still enormously enjoyable.
The story is good, but the book itself is just too long. Each chapter provides the latest news on 1-2 of Marcus Brand's godchildren. The trouble is these people never change...and the story is told in 2-5 year increments. It's chapter after chapter of the same thing.
"Godchildren" is a fantastic read. Witty and beautifully crafted, Mr. Coleridge packs as much as possible in this book. Will make for an excellent beach-side read.