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Download Star Wars(r) Legacy of the Force Tempest fb2

Legacy of the Force: Tempest is the third novel and the second paperback in the Legacy of the Force series.

Legacy of the Force: Tempest is the third novel and the second paperback in the Legacy of the Force series. It begins one week after the end of the events in Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines. The audio version was narrated by Marc Thompson. The cover features Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo.

Legacy of the Force is a nine-book series written by a threesome of authors taking turns (Aaron Allston, Karen Traviss, and Troy Denning). Tempest is Mr. Denning's turn. I admit to not being a fan of the multi-book Star Wars series. Legacy of the Force has been an improvement, and Tempest was acceptable. The book continues the Jacen Solo story from Bloodlines. The characters are familiar with Alema Rar playing a major role.

Legacy of the Force is a nine-book series written by a threesome of authors taking turns (Aaron Allston, Karen Traviss . A dramatic improvement over it's predecessor, Tempest actually does a much better job at explaining exactly what's happening to Jacen, and how he could legitimately fall prey to the dark side. Ultimately what makes this book succeed is the rather poignant moments Denning creates as Jacen continues to break the hearts of his friends and family.

This book contains an excerpt from Star Wars®: Legacy of the Force: Exile by Aaron Allston. eISBN: 978-0-345-51050-1.

The Legacy of the Force is a series of nine science fiction novels set in the Star Wars expanded universe, taking place approximately 40 years after the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The Legacy of the Force is a series of nine science fiction novels set in the Star Wars expanded universe, taking place approximately 40 years after the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (in Star Wars chronology, from 40 ABY to 41 ABY). The series was written by Troy Denning, Aaron Allston and Karen Traviss in an alternating cycle.

Tempest is the third in the nine-book saga, Legacy of the Force, boasting a sweeping, multi-author story arc that captures the epic scope and gripping space opera feel of the Star Wars saga! Softcover, 4-in. Star Wars Legacy of the Force Tempest PB (2007 Del Rey Novel) Published 2007 by Del Rey Books.

Star Wars: Tempest - Legacy of the Force 3. ISBN. 0345477529 (ISBN13: 9780345477521). Shelves This Book Made: Cool Covers: you all know what this is Legacy of the Force Series: the series of books by Aaron Allston, Karen Traviss and Troy Denning Legends-Canon Star Wars: books published in the old Star Wars canon Star Wars: all Star Wars books. Some Quick Thoughts: WARNING: May contain spoilers -I really love Jacen/Tenel Ka.

Question: Tempest is the third book in the Legacy of the Force series, which you are writing along with Karen Traviss . Q: Tempest features the return of Alema Rar, a character from your Dark Nest trilogy.

Question: Tempest is the third book in the Legacy of the Force series, which you are writing along with Karen Traviss and Aaron Allston. What is it like to plot and write a multi-book series like this with two other writers? Troy Denning: Honestly, it’s a blast. At the beginning of the book, her sister, Numa, is killed, and that is what sets up Alema for her fall to the dark side.

Reviews about Star Wars(r) Legacy of the Force Tempest (7):
As I continue through this series, I continue to compare the story of Jacen Solo to that of Ben Solo from the new Star Wars films. I think Troy Denning did a great job on moving this story along and having Jacen continue down the dark path at becoming a Sith. I especially enjoyed how Jacen handled (and protected) his relationship with Tenel Ka and especially how he defends Allana. The comparison is drawn between Anakin Skywalker and Jacen and how they each hid their marriages from those closest to them. So far, Jacen's path is much more interesting than the one portrayed in the new movies and, although similar in age, Jacen seems much more mature than Ben Solo. I especially enjoyed how Jacen reflected on the thought of committing patricide and matricide in the story, where in the new movies, Ben follows through on this act without a thought. Considering that this book was written over 10 years ago (was it really that long?) I'm enjoying the comparison between the two characters.

The author usually does a good job portraying the characters of Han and Leia. He gets how they are supposed to interact and really brings them to life, right off the page. But in this book, I really have to give him credit how he course corrects with Luke and Mara. In the previous book, Luke and Mara are not portrayed well as parents, letting their son, Ben (not to be confused with the previously mentioned Ben Solo), participate in GAG and essentially become part of black ops team at the ripe age of 13. In this book, Luke steps up and goes after his son with the intention of bringing him back home and back into the fold of the Jedi. It showed him taking decisive action and acting like a Jedi Grand Master and not some wishy-washy helpless parent who didn't step up when necessary.

There is a Jedi fight scene towards the end of the book that I think is absolutely fantastic. It's one that readers had been waiting for and how it plays out is very interesting. As Luke and Mara pursue the villains of the story, Luke realizes he met his match and will need to pull out all the stops the next time they face each other. We as readers realize that there are no ends the villains won't go to in order to meet their objective in killing Luke and Mara. As you can imagine, Luke and Mara survive the encounter but not without some sacrifices.

There were some nice surprises in this book. Aurra Sing was one of them, as was the storyline revolving around Tenel Ka and the treachery that she had to deal with in the Hapan navy. And of course, Jacen's actions towards Han and Leia towards the end of the book and the damage to the Falcon and some of its crew.
This book is the third in the Legacy of the Force series, and follows immediately from the previous book - just a matter of days after the conclusion of Bloodlines.

I started this book with some misgivings after having had many issues with Denning's Dark Nest Trilogy (see my review here), but I am glad to say that my misgivings were misplaced and the author is back to his Star by Star and Tatooine Ghost best.

The book opens with the surprise return of Alema Rar, disabled from her final scene in The Swarm War and determined to seek vengeance against Leia for her part in what happened. Her plans include causing emotional pain by killing Leia's surviving son, but those plans change when she discovers Jacen with Lumiya and realises that Leia's pain will likely be significantly increased by leaving him alive to continue his move down the path of the dark side.

We then move to a meeting between Han, Leia and Wedge Antilles where the latter is asking them to undertake a mission to Hapes - to get Hapes to switch sides. Han and Leia are reluctant at first, but eventually agree.

The resultant trip to Hapes takes Han and Leia into a nasty political situation which is much more difficult than they had expected. Things become increasingly murky with the usual Hapan plotting and double crossing putting their lives at risk - in more ways than one.

The Skywalker/Solo family tensions that have developed through the first two books of the series take a considerable turn for the worse in this book. This aspect of the story has been developed extremely well through all three of the opening books in the series and it will be very interesting to see how things progress through the remaining 6 books.

The main point of view characters in this book are Alema, Han, Jaina, Mara, Luke and Jacen. We did not get quite as much insight into the thought processes of the characters (other than Alema) as I would have liked, but many characters (including several non- point of view characters) continued to be well developed. Even though Lumiya's role seemed at first to be considerably reduced in this book, her pride in her protoge was demonstrated very clearly and interestingly (I'm trying not to give too much away here, hence the cryptic nature of the comment).

As with the previous two books, I would have liked to have seen Jaina's character taken a bit further, but the scenes involving her showed definite promise for a more substantial role in the future.

There were also some additional characters who had not had a role in this series so far, including one who had not been seen in the OT era so far (in the dramatis personae under the name "Nashtah". Jagged Fel's name appears in the dramatis personae but don't be fooled - he's in it for one scene only. There's little doubt that we'll be seeing more of him in the books to come, though.

This is continuing to show promise of being one of the best series the EU has on offer. As I said at the end of the last review, if only it would bring Jaina and Jag back together it would be near perfect...

I'm very much looking forward to reading the coming instalments by Allston and Traviss - Exile and Sacrifice respectively.
Tempest was a great read, although certainly far from being one of my favorite SW books. Personally, I preferred Bloodlines, but still liked this one more than Betrayal. What makes this one good is everything surrounding Hapes. Tenel Ka is an underutilized character in the EU, but is in one of the more complex positions at this point in the timeline. Without spoiling things, I'll say I really found the battles - whether in space or hand-to-hand combat - very thrilling to read. Great matchups keep you guessing about who will survive and who won't. What this book does expertly is keep you guessing as to the upcoming actions of the characters. In a civil war like this, Legacy keeps its characters on the fence with being good or evil, fighting for or against the Alliance, and, most importantly, against family. This book did great things with Allana, Ben, and Alema. Denning, while not my favorite SW author, does a great job writing his characters like Alema. What didn't work for me in this book is how he will write so many different twists and plot lines in an attempt to be interesting that things often get too confusing (although I ended up following pretty well compared to Star by Star or the Joiner King). Maybe the worst part was something that could have easily been fixed in the editing; this book unlike the previous two does not have section headings that help you know where the action has shifted or that the perspective has changed. Denning would often switch character perspectives seamlessly, leaving me behind and confused. The good news is that this is changed in Exile. Overall, Tempest is a thrilling read that really propels Legacy forward.

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