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by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (born January 4, 1933) is an American writer best known for children's and young adult fiction.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (born January 4, 1933) is an American writer best known for children's and young adult fiction. Naylor is best known for her children's-novel quartet Shiloh (a 1992 Newbery Medal winner) and for her "Alice" book series, one of the most frequently challenged books of the last decade. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor was born in the . She grew up during the Great Depression with her older sister Norma and younger brother John

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor earned countless fans with the touching morality of Newbery Award-winning Shiloh and the laugh-out-loud realism of Achingly Alice. But aficionados may be surprised to find that Naylor's Sang Spell reads more like a haunting mystery.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor earned countless fans with the touching morality of Newbery Award-winning Shiloh and the laugh-out-loud realism of Achingly Alice. Grieving over the sudden death of his mother, Josh Vardy is reluctantly hitchhiking to Dallas (to begin a new life with his aunt), when he is mugged and left beside a remote mountain road. A woman driving a horse and cart takes him to a strange, fog-bound, primitive village, where there are no cars or telephones or electricity.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor has written more than 135 books, including the Newbery Award–winning Shiloh and its sequels, the Alice series, Roxie and the Hooligans, and Roxie and the Hooligans at Buzzard’s Roost. She lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland. To hear from Phyllis and find out more about Alice, visit AliceMcKinley.

Sang Spell

Sang Spell

Josh is hitchhiking his way from Massachusetts to Dallas and a new life. I read the book, Sang Spell, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. This book was good; it kept you turning the pages. I couldn’t even imagine my mom dying when I was fifteen, could you?

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor earned countless fans with the touching morality of Newbery Award-winning Shiloh and the laugh-out-loud realism of Achingly Alice.

Josh is hitchhiking from Boston to Dallas to begin a new life, trying to sort out the changes that have skewed his world since an accident killed his mother and made a mockery of his dreams. No longer will he be what he was - an important person in a high school he loved.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. As in the earlier Alice books, Alice copes with life in her own way, and her answers to her endless problems are often funny and surprisingly right. There are, Alice decides, 272 horrible things left to happen to her in her life, based on the number of really horrible things that have happened already. She figures that out after the disaster of the talent show.

PHYLLIS REYNOLDS NAYLOR includes many of her own life experiences in the Alice . Books by phyllis reynolds naylor.

PHYLLIS REYNOLDS NAYLOR includes many of her own life experiences in the Alice books. She writes for both children and adults, and is the author of more than one hundred and thirty-five books, including the Alice series, which Entertainment Weekly has called tender and wonderful. In 1992 her novel Shiloh won the Newbery Medal. She lives with her husband, Rex, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and is the mother of two grown sons and the grandmother of Sophia, Tressa, Garrett, and Beckett.

Books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Alice in Blunderland. Dangerously Alice, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. 1st ed. p. cm. Summary: During fall semester of her junior year of high school, Alice decides to change her good girl image, while major remodeling begins at home and some important relationships begin to change.

Originally published: New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 1998. When his mother is killed in an automobile accident, high-schooler Josh decides to hitchhike across country, and finds himself trapped in a mysterious village somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains, among a group of people who call themselves Melungeons.

Reviews about Sang Spell (7):
This is a great shortish story. Great simple plot! Read this back in elementary school and its stuck in my mind ever since.
Phillis Reynolds Naylor's Sang Spell tells of a teenage boy, still reeling from his mother's death, reluctantly hitchhikes his way to his relative's house. But on the way, Josh is jumped, then picked up by a group of strangers who take him to this mysterious land of Canara, claiming him to be one of them, the Melungeon. He makes failed attempts to escape, seemingly being trapped in by an invisible wall that takes him right back to where he left. He is even threatened by a boy who wants to get out of there too, but takes a more violent approach. After we are introduced to many side characters, Josh saves inhabitants of this land from being hurt by the boy. The book essentially has a happy ending.

If you're thinking the story is kind of dull, you're pretty much right. I was bored for the first 100 pages, and although the rest was easier to read, by the end I was left with an unfulfilling story that honestly seems kind of pointless. Although one interesting thing is how Josh will be able to find his way out, it is kind of bogged down by the rest of the uninteresting plotline. The closest thing to a villain that the book has quickly disappears at the end, and the climax is disappointing.

However, some things that I liked about the book were the descriptions and imagery, the theme of growth, and how succinct it was as a whole. I liked how sometimes the author described the protagonist feeling and thinking things I could relate to, and also the settings and images were vivid in my mind. Also, I liked how the author made the story work for a book for a young adult audience. I could imagine a book with this same plotline being 300-400 pages long, with several subplots, and a long buildup to the end. But this book was not unnecessarily long.

I am not really sure what the intended theme of this work was, but what I take away from it is that one must take risks to grow. I can relate to having to start over in the middle of high school, and it was interesting how at one point Josh was wondering if he even wanted to leave Canara, because once he did, he would be going back to a reality where he would face dealing with moving to a new school where all of the things he worked to accomplish are essentially useless, on top of grappling with the death of his mother, whom he misses greatly.

I give this book 3 stars because although there was some good writing, I feel like the whole narrative really went nowhere and the characters did not learn anything from beginning to end.
Sang Spell is a book about a teen-aged named Josh. His mom died and he is hitchhiking from Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas. He doesn't want to have his life change. He has been a star athlete at his high school in Massachusetts.
As Josh goes along on his journey, he encounters a man willing to bring him to Dallas, for he is already going in that direction. Instead of getting to Dallas, Josh makes it to Tennessee. The driver purposely went the wrong way. The driver beats Josh up and leaves him by the side of the road to die in the middle of no where. A horse-drawn carriage transported him to a strange farm town with no electricity or telephones. He tries to get out of this town, but every time he tries, he ends up back in the same spot that he entered the town in.

Josh meets a girl named Mavis, and they quickly become friends. Josh wants her to teach him about the town, named Canara. She doesn't know much about the strange force that sends u back to the town when you try to leave. Kaspar, another Melungeon, like Josh himself, hates being trapped in Canara. A Melungeon is a person that accidently comes into Canara and gets stuck.

Many of the people in Canara, (mostly young children) admire Josh for his knowledge of the "outer world." They ask him many things, like, what is it like out there? Also, how can you survive out there with all that fighting? He wishes he had all the answers but he doesn't.

Josh is annoyed with the "curse" of Canara, and wants to find out how to leave. Kaspar notices his ambition and offers to lead the expedition, no matter what the cost.
In the next few days, Josh learns that he has to work for his food and clothing. Ginseng grows wild in Canara, in the Appalachians, Josh learned. Canara has the largest supply of Ginseng in the world, stashed behind barbed wire and guard dogs. It also grows some places in the village. Ginseng is traded to Chinese traders. When Kaspar learned that, he knew that the woman that did it, named Isobel, can travel in and out of Canara, without the curse.

Josh tries to leave serveral more times before he follows Padro, an elder in Canara, to "The Edge," where the people of Canara cannot leave from. Josh takes a rowboat in the river across and nothing happens until he gets out on the other side. He runs through the woods and notices that he's nearing the town, even though he went the opposite way. He finds him self in the "bank" of ginseng where the dogs bark wildly at him to leave. Padro finds him and sentences him to dig a two new toilet holes.
After this Kaspar asks Josh if he wants to join him killing the to Elder women, which would lift the curse and make the town with it's people disappear. Josh tells Padro and the other town's people, and they threaten to stone him, but instead they put him into the school house which re appears as a different building every equinox and solstice.
It was the first day of the autumn equinox so the school house started to disappear. The town's people heard wild banging on the door and then a shriek of terror as the building disappeared. Padro told Josh that last time someone stepped in it, and got locked in on the first day of the equinox, the next year he came back as a pile of bones.
A strange voice crept into Joshes head, saying that he could leave. He started to leave when Mavis told him he loved him and that she could come to. They leave, and Mavis runs back to town thinking about her mom and says good-bye to Josh, once-and-for-all. He gets to the interstate and goes home.

Naylor has created a great story using spooky events that make you need to read more. It's almost addictive. Although it was fictional, I almost believed that there could be a Canara out there somewhere. At some parts you might find yourself laughing, on the other hand, at other parts you might find yourself biting your nails.
This is a must-read book.
Josh is an average teenager with a good life, until his mother is killed in a car crash. He decides that instead of taking the bus down to Texas to live with his aunt, he wants to hitch~hike. When he decided to turn off the main highway onto an isolated road, he is picked up by a stranger who gives him a ride instead of walking out in the rain and cold. When he is attacked by the driver, he is left by the side of the road with no money, no food, and a broken rib. Josh is picked up by a woman with a horse and a wagon and comes to live with the people of Canara. When he heals and makes friends, he decides to leave Canara, and be on his way. The only thing is, there's just no way he can get out...
I really liked this book mainly because it kept you in suspense chapter after chapter. Every time Josh tried to leave Canara, he couldn't, and that left me wondering what would happen to him next. The author made his adventures easy to understand, but sometimes I had to go back and read a chapter, to search for key events or clues. I also liked the fact that there was a little romance tied into the story. It added a realistic touch to the plot. The ending was good, and would make a great plot for a sequel to Sang Spell.
I didn't like when Josh was back in Canara for days at a time. It got boring when there was no action, and the pages seemed to go on forever.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an adventure as well as a fast, easy read book.

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