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  • Publisher: Random House Value Publishing; Leatherette Edition!!!!! edition (December 12, 1988)
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Download Childs Garden Of Verses fb2

A childs garden of verse. A Child's Garden of Verses. Decorations by. EVE GARNETT

A childs garden of verse. A Child's Garden of Verses, . Robert Louis Stevenson. 1 2 3 4 5. Puffin classics. Eve garnett. Published by the Penguin Group. Except in the United States of America, this book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publisher's prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition.

A Child's Garden of Verses A Collection of Scriptures, Prayers and Poems by Robert Louis Stevenson, Jessie Willcox Smith, Rh Value Publishing, Childrens Classics Hardcover .

A Child's Garden of Verses A Collection of Scriptures, Prayers and Poems by Robert Louis Stevenson, Jessie Willcox Smith, Rh Value Publishing, Childrens Classics Hardcover, 124 Pages, Published 1995 by Children's Classics ISBN-13: 978-0-517-12397-3, ISBN: 0-517-12397-5.

A Child's Garden of Verses (Hardcover). Published February 1st 1999 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. Revised format, Hardcover, 67 pages.

Children's Classics: Treasure Island by Rh Value Publishing, Robert Louis.

A Child's Garden of Verses

A Child's Garden of Verses.

a childs garden of verses Mass Market Paperback – 1969. by stevenson (Author).

ГлавнаяЗарубежная классикаРоберт Льюис СтивенсонA Child's Garden of Verses. V Whole duty of children. A CHILD should always say what's true And speak when he is spoken to, And behave mannerly at table; At least as far as he is able. Уменьшить шрифт (-) Увеличить шрифт (+). Роберт Льюис Стивенсон A Child's Garden of Verses.

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Children’s book publishing tends to be more difficult than other types of publishing because of the large amount and printed pictures. The production cost can be very high, so make sure the publisher you go with has some experience in publishing children’s books.

Childs Garden Of Verses
Reviews about Childs Garden Of Verses (7):
This edition is very poorly made! Basically copied and pasted off the internet with completely random "illustrations" added in. And then they proudly display it was made in the USA. The pictures that a "Customer" uploaded are from a different book.
I have never been so insulted by a publisher's work (or lack thereof). What should be a lovely, classic book for children turned to be nothing but a cheap knock-off. Starting with the author's bio page, which was titled "Jane Austen," followed by very grainy, low-quality pictures that had little to do with the subject, poem titles at the beginning and end of poems (the first poem ended with "Bed Bed in in Summer Summer), oddly placed blank pages, and poem titles at the end of one page with the poem following on the next. I was so disgusted, I couldn't even show it to my child, lest he think that this was appropriate work. Robert Louis Stevenson is probably rolling over in his grave. Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Prm Ill edition (April 4, 2016)
This paperback is a sad joke. It is nothing like the hardback that has all the great reviews. There are only a few illustrations and none in color. The text keeps making reference to pages that perhaps refer to the hardback edition. Amazon should refund the purchase price to all those who have ordered this paperback thinking that they were getting the same pages that are in the hardback. Amazon needs to have different reviews for paperback editions. The publisher and Amazon should be deeply embarrassed by this cruel deception.
I was a little confused when I was sifting through reviews. This book is highly recommended by those who follow Charlotte Mason's homeschooling methods. The poor reviews must be of the paperback version. I purchased the hardback and it's truly a beautiful book. Very well done. The illustrations are wonderful and, of course, the poetry is amazing. Buy the hardback.
I purchased the ebook version from a link on the Tasha Tudor product page for A Child's Garden of Verses, assuming the e book was identical to the paperback and hardcover versions illustrated by Ms Tudor. It is not. I have notified Amazon that perhaps they want to delete the link from the Tasha Tudor page.
You know, this book was not at all what I hoped to receive in the mail. The reproduction was awful. The picture quality was terrible. The poems were slightly enjoyable which is why I am giving it a two stars instead of one. All and all, folks really talked this one up in the Ambleside society and I just wondered why in the end. He's a well known author, but the book I received did not live up to par. It maybe less disappointing to glean his writings for free off the internet rather than part with cash for this particular book.
A Child's Garden of Verses is a childhood staple that should be in every child's home library. I purchased the hardback illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa, one of my favorite children's illustrators. The book is large and the illustrations are charming. There are a variety of full color and black and white illustrations. The poor reviews for the paperback version of this book made me nervous, but don't worry about ordering this hardbound Gyo Fujikawa illustrated edition. I ordered it for my niece's birthday and can't wait to give it to her! My own kids are begging to read it before it gets gifted :)
I wanted my son to have poems to memorize. This is a cheap knockoff that can't even spare a page for a single poem. It just has them one after another with little distinguishing between one and the next except a slight change in font of the title. Truly a cheap, flimsy book. The poems are lovely, so I suspect that being out of copyright this is just an attempt to grab at money without putting quality into it. The paper is possibly the lowest quality you can buy.

The poems deserve better.

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