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by Sherry Shindler

  • ISBN: 0934772037
  • Category: Money & Business
  • Author: Sherry Shindler
  • Subcategory: Real Estate
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  • Publisher: Ashley Crown Systems Inc Pub; 5th edition (2001)
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Download California Real Estate Principles (4th edition) fb2

Sherry Shindler Price. Book by Sherry Shindler; Jentsch, Lars Price.

Sherry Shindler Price. California Real Estate Principles. Sherry Shindler Price.

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Sherry Shindler Price’s books. CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE PRINCIPLES by. Sherry Shindler Price

Sherry Shindler Price’s books. Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Sherry Shindler Price, Leigh Conway.

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another term used for a licensed real estate salesperson employed by a licensed real estate broker. in a real estate transaction, the one (seller) who hires the broker to represent him or her in the sale of the property. a broker who represents both parties in a transaction. a person who acts for and in the place of another, called a principal, for the purpose of affecting the principal's legal relationship with third person's. a written contract by which a principal, or seller, employs a broker to sell real estate.


CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE PRINCIPLES Real Estate Educational Services 2002 Book. New listing CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE PRACTICE By Sherry Shindler Price & Leigh Conway.

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California real estate principles. by. Price, Sherry Shindler. 7th ed. External-identifier. California Department of Real Estate - Real property - Land titles and estates - Contracts - Transfer of ownership and escrow - Landlord and tenant - Agency - Real estate finance - Lending practices - Appraisals - Real estate taxation - Subdivisions and other public controls - Real estate brokerage and. ethics - Specialized fields of real estate - Real estate math.

Whether your purpose is to increase your knowledge as a buyer or seller, or to pass the California Real Estate Licensing Exam, you will find the information presented in this book to be useful. Our intent is to help you reach your goal. While the book is written with the beginning student of real estate in mind, inquiring consumers also will find answers to their real estate questions. Use this book as an entry to the exciting world of real estate. Each chapter begins with a Pre-test to help you gauge your current knowledge of the material to be presented. Take it without studying, then read the chapter. Then take the identical Post-test at the end of the chapter and check your improvement. To reinforce your understanding of real estate terminology, review the vocabulary at the beginning of each chapter and take the vocabulary matching exercise at the end. The complex world of real estate is presented in simple language with real-world examples to guide each student toward passing the California Real Estate Licensing Exam. After completing the reading assignments and exercises, you will be ready for the serious study required to pass the state exam.
Reviews about California Real Estate Principles (4th edition) (2):
This book is good for getting an overview of real estate agency. It covers the basic principles with definitions of legal and real estate-specific terms.
I would not want to take a standardized test based on reading this book. She frequently gives definitions and explanations that raise more questions than they answer.
The style is breezy and appears to be written so that an average high school graduate can understand it. For example, in one chapter she defines what a "Red Flag" is. For more legalistic terms she sometimes oversimplifies the definitions.
By comparison I look at the Nolo Press books. They're written by lawyers but give factual information written in a style that anyone can understand about similar topics covered in this book. They are quite clear, enlightening, and straightforward in style. You'd never know that a lawyer wrote it.
If you want to know the basics without being challenged with any nuances or complexity you will experience in the field as a buyer or seller, this is your book. If you want to understand the complete real estate process before you find an agent, this book will help.
this book was very beneficial to me out of all of the real estate books that I have read, this one was the most up to date, and was very easy to understand and comprehend.

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