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by Jeffrey Slater

  • ISBN: 0256215197
  • Category: Money & Business
  • Author: Jeffrey Slater
  • Subcategory: Management & Leadership
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Richard d Irwin; Teachers Guide edition (August 1, 1996)
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  • Rating: 4.6
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Download Practical Business Math Procedures fb2

Practical Business Math Procedures book.

Practical Business Math Procedures book. Details (if other): Cancel.

Jeffrey Slater and Sharon Wittry. Respected authors Jeffrey Slater and Sharon Wittry incorporate examples from The Wall Street Journal and Kiplinger throughout the entirety of the text to reinforce real-world application of business math

Four folded pages inserted. Accomapnied by: Business math handbook. Includes bibliographical references and index.

Four folded pages inserted. I ask only once a year: please help the Internet Archive today.

Practical Business Math Procedures book was first published in 1996. All chapters in the Twelfth Ed. begin with new Wall St. Journal Clips. Updated clips, cartoons, and Kiplinger Articles within each learning unit. Many new real-world problems added to problem material. ISBN-10: 1259665321 ISBN-13: 9781259665325 Published by: McGraw-Hill Education, January 13, 2016.

Practical Business Math Procedures Brief by Jeffrey Slater.

Business Mathematics Books. Practical Business Math Procedures Brief by Jeffrey Slater. This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. Tell us if something is incorrect.

Synopsis Practical Business Math Procedures is a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and applications of mathematics to personal . Practical Business Math Procedures by Jeffrey Slater.

Synopsis Practical Business Math Procedures is a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and applications of mathematics to personal and commercial business.

Practical business math procedure. Book · January 2010 with 9,845 Reads. In mijn eindwerk ga ik een bestaand netwerk terug up-to-date maken en zorgen voor duidelijke procedures die gevolgd moeten worden bij een storing. How we measure 'reads'. Ook heb ik opleidingen gegeven om de werknemers vertrouwd te maken met deze procedures en zo de bestaande kennis terug op te frissen.

Reviews about Practical Business Math Procedures (7):
It does not come with the connect online code so you can do assignments.
I purchased the book for my significant other for one of his classes and his teacher would assign readings and the exact questions from the book. Sounds typical, then you realize by reading... it's quite a frustrating process. The text itself is very dense and often requires you to speculate answers that weren't even touched in the text. Then you want to beat something because the instructor is aware of its flaws but assigns the book questions as homework.

For instance, there was an article on the savings one would incur by purchasing generic drugs... only to have the followup reading question inquire the cons with generic drugs. You had to then support your statements with the text, which the text made NO mention of any cons. Are you supposed to come up with answers by inverting the positive statements in order to use parts of the text to draw conclusion? What sounds like cons (!) are really pros in disguise.

There were other instances where articles are cut off (really!) midsentence. Oh my goodness, I was cackling because it's pretty damn funny and he gave me the stinkeye as... like life isn't complete until the text would ask a question which one can only guess was covered in the nonexistent section.

So no, I do not recommend the book, but if you are stuck with it for a course then go ahead and pick it up. It's the perfect example of an incomplete text and you would ponder after 10+ editions why such editing has not been addressed.

Shame on [someone else] for buying it once (I was under clear instructions to shred it post-course), then only to see that he needed again. Shame on me for purchasing a second copy of the exact edition to support an impractical book. Luckily with the existence of an 11th edition, the 10th edition is significantly cheaper... but still $10 overpriced.
Bought this not realizing this was the abridged version and I needed the full version so I needed to buy a completely different version and I was late on the first half of my class assignments because of it
Purchased for a Business Class. Saved $100 from buying from Amazon. With College Prime it shipped and was here in no time. Book is very little use for the first chapters, most is common sense. Book comes with access codes that allows you to view the book online, so I have no use for it anymore.

My teacher uses the online classroom made by publisher/authors so it is all guided. Helpful to have hard copy, but it might save more money to just buy the access code and view everything online.
When you buy a used book, extra materials are often excluded (like the dvd and handbook) to get a used book with these is very rare. My book came with the dvd but not Handbook. But that was to be expected, anyways if anyone else needs the handbook to you can go to the publishers website and download it. Link to handbook: http://highered.mheducation.com/sites/0073377546/student_view0/handbook_tables.html
This is the BRIEF EDITION! You cannot tell that it is the brief edition without a magnifying glass and inspecting the picture of the book. The titles of these books are written in code and no descriptions are given to explain the cryptic abbreviations. Totally sucks! I paid over $90 for this book and am MISSING 7 chapters of information! Now I have to pay AN ADDITIONAL $60 to access the ebook. Lame! I HATE when online shopping goes bad. I either pay the astronomically high prices at the campus bookstore or get reamed by the online, seemingly more affordable stores. College Textbook Sales are a racket!
This book was incredible vague so when you got to the problems at the end of each chapter you are frequently dumbfounded. For example, whn it mentioned a Quota, I had to Google what the hell a quota was because the chapter said NOTHING about a quota. I have caught several chapter questions not coinciding with the sample questions. In Chapter 20, there's a box of Insurance Rates based on age. In the chapter questions, the person's age does not appear on the table so there was no way to get the rate. Shame on every professor who assigns this book, unless you want your students to fail.
I purchased a "New" textbook so that it would "guarantee" that the CD and booklet were included which I require for my class. When it arrived, everything appeared in order, the book was wrapped in plastic and both the DVD and booklet were inside. However once I opened the plastic I found that the textbook itself appeared slightly used. Even though it was wrapped in plastic it was a bit beat up and I found math problems written on the cover of the textbook.

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