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by Tony Lewin

  • ISBN: 076031943X
  • Category: Money & Business
  • Author: Tony Lewin
  • Subcategory: Industries
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Motorbooks; First edition (September 19, 2004)
  • Pages: 256 pages
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  • Rating: 4.4
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Download Smart Thinking: The Little Car That Made it Big fb2

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Smart Thinking: The Little Car That Made it Big as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

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com's Tony Lewin Author Page. Smart Thinking: The Little Car That Made it Big Sep 19, 2004.

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Read up, and you can be the expert on your block when the smart appears stateside in 2006

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Smart Thinking - the little car that made it big. Smart car history and info. The Little Car That Made it Big by Lewin, Tony Hardback Book. Smart Thinking : the Inside Story of the Little Car That Made It Big. EUR . 3.

The story of smart is an epic tale of genius, inspiration, hope, disappointment, disaster and ultimate triumph. Funky, stylish and fun, smart is the youngest and most exciting brand of car on the market - and it has revolutionised the way we think about cars and the way we use them. It has put much-needed fun back into driving, and even city motorists smile when they're at the wheel of a smart. But it nearly didn't happen at all. The revolutionary design was the product of the genius who invented the Swatch watch, saving the near-bankrupt Swiss watch industry in the process. But these visionary ideas proved too radical and the tiny two-seater almost died at birth when a succession of backers lost their nerve. The sensational story of smart traces the decade-long history of this ambitious project, talking to key figures from every stage of the programme and building a vivid picture of an idea ahead of its time.- Inside information from within VW, never before published- The real reasons VW Group dropped the program and DaimlerChrysler picked it up- Secret approaches to other carmakers- What happened? The guiding light of the project speaks out for the first time- Full and frank interviews with today's leading authorities- Smart design - today, tomorrow and in 2010- Not so much a car, more a way of thinking: what the brand experts thinkAbout the AuthorTony Lewin has spent most of his working life driving cars, analyzing them and reporting on the ups and downs of the global enterprises that build them. As a business writer and editor of Financial Times Automotive World he has kept a constant watch on the world's top carmakers for many years. Today, Lewin divides his time between business journalism and books. In 2003 he published the widely-acclaimed How to Design Cars Like a Pro.
Reviews about Smart Thinking: The Little Car That Made it Big (7):
I knew going in this book was outdated when I started reading it, but I wasn't thrilled with it for two reasons. Firstly, the book dwells on the political minutiae behind the scene of the history of the car. This is what the earlier review means, describing the book as a "business-type" book.

The author is extremely repetitive when it comes to describing what corporate manager green-lighted or red-lighted some particular stage along the way -- meanwhile failing to relate much if anything about the actual design development of the car. To wit, there are far more photos of middle managers than actual cars.

When the 450 receives a new rear suspension, there is little analysis or description. Who styled the 450? It's suggested that Michael Mauer had a hand in it, but chronologically that couldn't have happened as he came after the car was styled. What were the discussion leading up to the automated manual transmission? Who conceived of the Trideon and named it? I hoped the book would have explored the car more.

The other big problem is that the book has an unctuous, obsequious tone -- cheerleading on behalf of Smart, possibly as a quid pro quo in return for having been given such unfettered corporate access. I found way too many ungrounded, biased statements to feel the "voice" of the book was any where near impartial.

In contrast, I would cite Brock Yates' "The Critical Path: Inventing an Automobile and Reinventing a Corporation"; "All Corvettes Are Red" by James Schefter and "Car: A Drama of the American Workplace" by Mary Walton as compelling books that delve into the the history and development of a car model.
This is a good book to inform the reader on the history of Smart, but since its publication in 2004, it's already very outdated. Long gone are the forfour, Roadster, crossblade, and the development of the formore 4x4 vehicles. The book ends without mentioning the new chairman of Daimler, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, or the major changes Daimler made since 2004. Now with the new fortwo (451) model to arrive on the U.S. shores in January 2008, a new book is needed to continue the Smart story by the end of that year.
So if you're looking for a historical account on Smart, this is a great book. If you're looking for current materials... wait till the end of 2008 or later.
Informative, and a great deal. Unfortunatly, the book was a little dated, and was written before some of the promised cars were released into production, and in the case of a couple of them, never made production. But well written, and informational about the history of the idea, and how it came to pass, which is why I bought it. Quite happy with it
The definitive book on the smart car. For those in the US who have not yet seen this car (but soon will), this will answer all the questions. Fascinating story of a most intriguing car. More drama than a soap opera and it will continue as the car hits the American shores in 2006. You will understand why this car draws the attention of everyone within each new country it is introduced. Well written and difficult to put down.
This is a revelatory history of the creation of a new automotive marque, and all the trials & tribulations that went into doing so. While complaints of it being "dated" are somewhat valid, it is after all attempting to chronicle in detail the history of a product and company that at the time of publication already had more than a decade of history behind it, yet was still a very young company with much room to grow ahead: it is to be expected that some changes have occurred since then! This book gives the owner or fan of SMART cars the necessary background to fully enjoy the marque for what it is: an honest attempt to change the world as we know it! It is important for the potential purchaser to note that this is *not* a book with technical info on model variations or instructions on performance modifications.
As a smart car owner, I was always interested in the little car with the big heart. Well this book went a long way to explaining the trials and tribulations that made it what it is today. Sure the book ends in 2004, and for those that think that somehow this belittles the achievements of the writer, please note that it is about the starting life of the car, not the continuing history and all that came after 2004. At the time the book finished, the company did indeed have a lot of expansion plans, but as with all things in life, it doesn't always work out the way we want it to.

Tony Lewin writes it with a comic easy going style that is easily to pick up and never really feels tired. The story uncovers some of the myths that follow the smart car, along with it's design process from an idea all the way to a finished product. Since the book was published, the company (Smart) has changed direction, but, that as they say, is another story.

The book is well worth reading and provides an insightful look into the politics and idiosyncratic closed world of car manufacturing. The Smart car like the Spitfire aircraft of WW2, both share a similar potted development history, in that it's amazing that either ever saw the light of day.
I thought this book was for pleasure reading but turns out to be a business book. Worth the read if you are into business type books.

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