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by JoAnn Dick,Alvyn M. Freed

  • ISBN: 0915190257
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  • Author: JoAnn Dick,Alvyn M. Freed
  • Subcategory: Psychology
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Jalmar Press Inc.; 1st edition (1971)
  • Pages: 189 pages
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  • Rating: 4.2
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Download T.A. for Tots, Vol. 2 (Transactional Analysis for Everybody Series) (Bk.2) fb2

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. These classic books have helped hundreds of thousands of children and their parents to better understand and relate to each other. Helps youngsters understand their intrinsic worth as human beings. Builds and strengthens self-esteem. for Tots, Vol. 2 (Transactional Analysis for Everybody Series) (B. ) Paperback. for Teens and Other Important People (Transactional Analysis for Everybody Series ; Paperback.

Transactional Analysis for Tots book. Transactional Analysis for Everybody Series - . for Tots and Other Prinzes - By Alvyn M Freed P.  .

Alvyn Mark Freed, American psychologist. T. A. for Tots and Other Prinzes (Transactional Analysis for Everybody Series, Volume 2). (Used Book). 1YWQK/?tag prabook0b-20. ) by Alvyn M. Freed (1985) Paperback. 0OKQQ/?tag prabook0b-20.

Books shelved as is: Games People Play by Eric Berne, I'm OK - You're OK by Thomas A. Harris, Born To. for Tots and Other Prinzes (Transactional Analysis for Everybody Series) by. Alvyn M. Freed. Harris, Born To Win: Transactional Analysis Wi.

Transactional analysis. for Tots: And Other Prinzes,. more View Alvyn M. Freed's profile. ) Jalmar Press In. U.

Find nearly any book by Alvyn M. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. )

Find nearly any book by Alvyn M. ): . ): ISBN 9780915190256 (978-15190-25-6) Softcover, Jalmar Press In. 1971. Founded in 1997, BookFinder.

Transactional Analysis for Everybody Series. I am currently working in a school counselling kids. this book it a tremendous book for using the t. a approach with kids given me great insight. thank you. Best-selling in Non Fiction.

Alvyn M. Freed has written: 'The new TA for kids. and grown-ups too' - subject(s): Transactional analysis, Child psychotherapy. Transactional Analysis for Tots (Transactional Analysis for Everybody Series)' and grown-ups too. ' - subject(s): Transactional analysis.

Book by Alvyn M. Freed
Reviews about T.A. for Tots, Vol. 2 (Transactional Analysis for Everybody Series) (Bk.2) (7):
I bought this book nearly a hundred times for fellow colleagues, friends and family. I would read this and book I as bed time stories to my siblings, my god-kids, nieces and nephews and stay over friends.
Knowing how to ask for good attention by giving and receiving "warm fuzzies" was the basis of child rearing for children in the 1970's. Today as witnessed by Littleton, Colorado, the only way children and young adults know how to get attention is by giving "cold prickles". Oh, do we need a reprint of this book to teach today's parents how to interact with their children and to teach their children a basic -- how to get the attention they need through positive interactions -- better know as "warm fuzzies". Please, please get this book in reprint or tell me where I can buy a used one. Devoted to T A for Tots in Dayton, Ohio. My daughter who grow up with "warm fuzzies" and "cold prickles" is having her first child and she so wants to share the life long beauty of this book with him. I would buy 100 copies of this book immediately and then some more -- to pass on to all young parents. Please reprint......
Bought this book for my kids in the '70s. It now rests among the archives of our family, missing cover, torn pages and all. My kids were 3, 5 and 8 at the time of my divorce. After that, their father rarely saw them. I had to help them understand, and T.A. for Tots helped me help them. My kids are now 32, 29 and 27 and are the kids everyone wishes were theirs. All are college graduates. Two have advanced degrees. They are healthy, loving, generous souls...far more responsible, diligent and mature than I. I attribute much of their success to this book. I wish it had been written when I was a child. Now, my youngest is expecting in three weeks, and I would like, very much, to give him a copy for his child. Please, please convince the publisher to reissue this wonderful book.
Going from a teenager to a young adult, I read the book T. A. for Teens. I wished I had learned about transactional analysis throughout my school years.It would have helped me deal and understand my behavior and that of others, as well as be a happier person. Now, I am a mother of a wonderful little girl. I'm looking for T.A. for Tots, to start her out earlier than I did. BUT IT IS OUT OF PRINT!!! Please, please, please bring it back. So the new generation of kids can get an early start on understanding warm fuzzies and cold pricklies, and how to comunicate their feelings in a possitve, constructive way. Looking forward to seeing the book available again. Thanks. Liza
the only relevant page in this book now a days is when the kid is balancing on the fence and it explained how when the big person said get off that fence or i'll ..... meant please get off that fence i love you - the rest of it in this modern world could be bunk - but still the only reason i don't have a copy is because it is a hand me down bible - any one got one let me know - anyone remember it lt me knoe - i'm rewriting - modern input apprecciated
I remember this book from my childhood, and am dying to use it in my professional work. As soon as it is reprinted, I am adding it to my collection. "Warm fuzzies" and "cold prickles" have helped me become a better person, and helped me maintain a personal balance in my life.
I have heard from many people how wonderful and helpful this book is. I have looked everywhere for it!! I am hoping that somehow we can get this book back into print. Several therapists have mentioned it. Any suggestions? There must be something we can do!
I saw this book on a friend's bookshelf and relived very important moments in my own childhood. I can't believe it's out of print and beg the publisher to reprint this very wonderful and crucial book for children and parents to read together...

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