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by Roger Tory Peterson

  • ISBN: 0395080851
  • Category: Math & Science
  • Author: Roger Tory Peterson
  • Subcategory: Biological Sciences
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Houghton and Mifflin; 2nd Print edition (1961)
  • Pages: 366 pages
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Download Western Birds (Peterson Field Guides) fb2

great ornithologist, great conservationist, great artist.

great ornithologist, great conservationist, great artist. This book was everything I expected, and it's nice to know that the publishers took the trouble to update some of the late Mr. Peterson's information. Here are six apparently quite similar birds, but Peterson's field guide arrows show us distinct differences: House Wren: longish tail, white spotted underbody Winter Wren: very short tail, completely colored and striped underbody Bewick's Wren: white line over his eye and spotted lines underneath; solid white underbody Carolina Wren: white line over eye but almost solid brown underneath, with faintly striped.

A Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America, A Field Guide to Western Birds: A Completely New Guide to Field Marks of All . Peterson Field Guides Series. 54 primary works, 55 total works.

A Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America, A Field Guide to Western Birds: A Completely New Guide to Field Marks of All Species F. . Book 1. A Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America. by Roger Tory Peterson. Features the unique Peterson Identification.

The Peterson Field Guides (PFG) are a popular and influential series of American field guides intended to assist the layman in identification of birds, plants, insects and other natural phenomena. His inaugural volume was the classic 1934 book A Field Guide to the Birds, published (as were all subsequent volumes) by the Houghton Mifflin Company.

Roger Tory Peterson (August 28, 1908 – July 28, 1996) was an American naturalist, ornithologist, illustrator and educator, held to be one of the founding inspirations for the 20th-century environmental movement. Peterson was born in Jamestown, New York, August 28, 1908. His father, Charles Peterson, was an immigrant from Sweden, coming to America as an infant. At the age of ten, C. Peterson lost his father to appendicitis, and he was sent off to work in the mills.

This field guide offers a comprehensive display of all the magnificent butterflies of the western.

77 MB·605 Downloads·New! and illustrations are accurate. A Field Guide to Mammals of North America The most comprehen. This field guide offers a comprehensive display of all the magnificent butterflies of the western. A Field Guide to Insects: America North of Mexico (Peterson Field Guides(R)). 2 MB·340 Downloads·New! with 1,300 drawings and 142 superb color paintings.

Peterson Field Guides.

Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Peterson Field Guides. Authors: Roger Tory Peterson, John C. Kricher, George A. Petrides, Richard K. Walton, Richard E. White. Related Series: Peterson First Guides, Life Nature Library, Peterson field guide series, Peterson field guide series, Kaufman Field Guides. A Field Guide to Western Birds: Field Marks of All Species Found in North America West of the 100th Meridian and North of Mexico (Peterson Field Guides(R)).

A very comprehensive ID guide to the birds of North America that was beautifully . Because the book is larger than the original field guides, the paintings are correspondingly larger, too. All paintings.

A very comprehensive ID guide to the birds of North America that was beautifully produced. by GrrlScientist for ScienceBlogs Scientist. All paintings were digitally enhanced by artist, Michael DiGiorgio, so they more accurately represent what a person sees in the field.

3 Books-A Field Guide to Western Birds-Roger Tory Peterson.

Shop with confidence. 3 Books-A Field Guide to Western Birds-Roger Tory Peterson. Customs services and international tracking provided.

Peterson's classic Eastern Birds and Western Birds, revised and combined"-CIP data sheet.

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"The Birder’s Bible" for more than 60 years, Roger Tory Peterson’s classic Field Guide to Western Birds includes all species found in North America west of the 100th meridian and north of Mexico. Featuring the unique Peterson Identification System, Western Birds contains 165 full-color paintings that show more than 1,000 birds from 700 species. Summer and winter ranges, breeding grounds, and other special range data are shown on easy-to-read range maps.
Reviews about Western Birds (Peterson Field Guides) (7):
I used to read this guide when I was a kid and I loved it. Once I got into birding years later as an adult I got it, but then I started to think that maybe it was a bit too old school and outdated so I bought about 5-6 other field guides. For me this is still the best as a field guide. I like some of the other books for how they group birds by colors, and of course the Sibley books are simply beautiful, but when I'm out in the field, I still think this book is the best at pointing out the field marks (the concept of "field marks" I believe that Roger Tory Peterson invented).

To me this book defines the word "classic". It's been around for years, and there's a reason for that! Highly recommended!
Bought this along with the Sibley guide. I like the illustrations in both but I prefer Sibley's because, thanks to the range maps for each species,you are able to tell if a species resides in your area. With the Peterson book you have to flip to a separate section for this info. I'd like to see a guide that showed more info for fewer species in smaller areas. For instance, I live in Oregon and most of the birds in my Western North America guide are not located here. I'd like to have an Oregon-only or Washington-Oregon-California guide. With fewer species you could have much larger illustrations.
In some respects, "Western Birds" deserves four stars. Certainly in its detail, it's a four-star book. However, from the standpoint of it's illustrations, it leaves a lot to be desired. The snowy egret, great blue and green-backed herons are examples. Because they are more detailed than in nature, when you finally spot one, you're not quite sure that you're seeing them in breeding season, or that they're immature, or that it's breeding season and they're immature. Further the green-backed heron is also known as the green heron, and they aren't "green" just as the great blue isn't really blue. I mugh prefer photographs such as those in "Birds of California." However, the latter isn't as detailed. Either way, from what I've found - not as a birder but a photographer - one either carries a library with him or has four or five books to cross reference. Yes, Petersen's will always be one of those, but there are other books that are better (and worse) than this one.

(I'm only using the herons and egrets as examples. The tufted titmouse [aka titmaus] is one more of many confusing examples. It is said that the only crested bird west of the Mississippi is the Steller's Jay. The tufted titmouse is "tufted," but it sure looks like a crest to me.) See photos in my "Bird Gallery."
I hunted for this 1990 edition as a gift since it has all the info needed without the extra maps included in the more current edition. The nice thing about Peterson's guide is that it provides arrows pointing to identifying features on the bird, it and that's really helpful for new birders and frankly for anyone not familiar with a particular species.
This field guide is not quite up to the level of quality of the Peterson guide to eastern birds. It hasn't been updated as recently, and there have been some taxonomic changes--which can be found in the Sibley guide or the National Geographic field guide. Also, a few of the newest features in the eastern guide have not yet been integrated into this one, such as the small range maps on the page for each species.

Overall though, this is very similar to the guide to eastern birds. I like the large, clear illustrations, and I find this guide very easy to use. I wish they would update this guide to bring it up-to-date. I believe the Peterson's guides are a little bit easier to use than Sibley's for beginners, although I came to prefer the Sibley's guide as I became more advanced as a birder. If faced with the choice of this book though, I'd recommend the Sibley's or National Geographic guides...this one just isn't quite there yet.
The first copy of this book was missing, in that the package had split open. It was promptly replaced. I keep it near my window overlooking the bird feeders. There are so many doves and sparrows, I rarely see any rare birds. Great fun in my retired years.
Peterson's Field Guide Western Birds replaces a lost copy of another Peterson Field Guide for Western Birds. Roger Troy Peterson's books provide accurate identification methods for birds and is used daily. I recommend this book for other bird watchers.
As a past time I started to feed the birds in my yard, I needed this book to Identify the many different spieces and related info about all the different birds who came to feed. It's a tremdous book with color photos, details and habitats of the birds in the Southwest....!

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