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  • ISBN: 0857681605
  • Category: Humor
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Ballantine (February 22, 2011)
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  • Rating: 4.6
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Download Deus Ex fb2

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IT’s not the end of the world. But you can see IT from here.

Despite the blank, glassy gaze of his twinned cyberoptic implants, the shock of seeing his former boss right there in the spot he doubtless thought was his safe place was clear.

Despite the blank, glassy gaze of his twinned cyberoptic implants, the shock of seeing his former boss right there in the spot he doubtless thought was his safe place was clear gone and Wilder’s expression became one of careless false humor. Jensen, here you are. Come in, then. He waggled the beer in his hand. Can I get you a cold one?. Put down the bottle and keep your hands where I can see them, Jensen replied, keeping his semiautomatic leveled in Wilder’s general direction.

Читать онлайн Deus Ex: Icarus Effect. Deus ex: icarus effect.

James Swallow DEUS EX: ICARUS EFFECT CHAPTER ONE Maison erland From the window of the great house it was possible to see the summit of Mont Blanc on a good day, a clear day when the sky was a perfect shade of teal and unhindered by clouds. There still were days like that, once in a while. Those moments that were rare and becoming rarer still, when clouds gray as oil-soaked wool graced Geneva’. Читать онлайн Deus Ex: Icarus Effect. Chapter one. Maison erland.

Deus Ex: Black Light. James Swallow,Abbie Bernstein.

JAMES SWALLOW is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author. He has written extensively for the Warhammer Universe, Horus Heresey and Blood Angels books. He has also written for Star Trek Voyager.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Deus Ex: Icarus Effect. JAMES SWALLOW is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author. Swallow is also one of the lead writers on Deus Ex 3. Excerpt.

Aside from an ongoing comic book series called Deus Ex: Children's Crusade, the adventurous first-person . Further cementing the connection, Black Light was written by James Swallow, the External Game Writer on Mankind Divided.

Aside from an ongoing comic book series called Deus Ex: Children's Crusade, the adventurous first-person shooter will also be accompanied by a novel called Deus Ex: Black Light, which will be released in paperback and digitally the same day. There's so much story in Mankind Divided," Swallow explains, "that no one person could write it al. But how does it all fit together?

Deus Ex
Reviews about Deus Ex (7):

I was excited to learn about all of the supplementary material which would be coming out in support of Eidos Montreal's Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Having snapped up the first installment of the comic book last week, I was very excited to finally be able to read the "Icarus Effect" after anticipating it for months. Let me state this here for all Deus Ex Fans:

It does not dissapoint

Written by one of the Authors of the upcoming game himself (He even pays homage to the Games original creators in an appendix) it is part of the Human Revolution Universe, and thus that of the original Deus Ex as well. I shouted in excitement more than once as connections were made to the first game which would make any fan smile. It parallels the plot of the upcoming game and weaves into it snippets of information which absolutely will enhance the immersion factor of playing "Human Revolution" as a world will already have been created in the players mind. It is rich in conspiracy, gives root to many of the factions introduced in the original P.C. game and keeps the Deus Ex feel completely intact. Another enticing aspect of the novel is the philosophical questions it raises around trans-humanism. What makes us human, and does augmentation make us any less of a mortal being. This is a good sign as that question has always been at the heart of Deus Ex. The technology of 2027 is well explained, highly believable and has roots in reality. There are also mentions of world conflicts and struggles which one could also realistically see happening given the current Geo-political structure of the world.

In short, it comes highly recommended to anyone looking to enhance their understanding of the Deux Ex Universe. If this novel has any bearing on the quality of the upcoming Eidos release, than Deus Ex fans have a lot to be looking forward to.


So now the Human Revolution has been released, and boy am I glad I read the book before playing the game. I poured over the reviews that were written online after the release of the latest Deus Ex and found that most of them called out the game for one point: The Boss Fights. They complained about them feeling "tacked on", there was no "emotional connection" to these "faceless soldiers". These reviewers obviously had not read "Icarus Effect". I knew each and every one of these Bosses intimately because of their characters being explored so wonderfully in this book. The Boss fights in "Human Revolution" were immensely augmented because of having read. In fact Belltower, Thai Young Medical, the challenges associated with Neuropazyne, the Australian Civil War, and many other story elements that are periphery in the game, are discussed at length in the book and really help to flesh out the world of Human Revolution Immensely. Thus I did not find the boss battles to be random, but rather deeply emotional experiences which I connected do very much.


Especially I found the boss battle with Yelena Fedarova to be incredibly satisfying, as I had a flashback to the scene in the book where Agent Kelso barely escapes her apartment with her life due to Yelena Attacking her. This Boss Fight was absolutely fantastic.


I can see where the boss fights would be random if someone had not read the book. Therefore I HIGHLY recommend reading this before playing the game. Or read it and then play the game again and see how it transforms the experience. Great game, Great book, I'm glad they did the tie in. Highly recommended.
I read a lot of books, mostly fantasy and science fiction, but lately more and more video game adaptations. Most of these books succeed in keeping my attention, and I actually finish a lot of them in a day or two. Deus Ex: Icarus Effect, unfortunately, was nothing like that...

Seemingly, the book had all my personal prerequisites to be a good read: my interest in the video game, my genuine love of cyberpunk, and a reasonably well-written story. Yet, the book quickly turned out to be painful to read, and the main reason for that I think was the writing.

While James Swallow writes, as I said earlier, reasonably well, he absolutely fails to keep up the speed of the book that would make it a real page turner. His storytelling is very uninteresting that perhaps is the reflection of his own apathy in the subject. My assumption is that he was hired to write a book about a subject he had probably no interest in. But, as a good businessman, Swallow accepted the job and produced a book that I call a "manufacture work." It is definitely up to the standards from a strictly business-like viewpoint but lacks the most important thing: soul. Deus Ex: Icarus Effect is a soulless book that I would only recommend if you have absolutely nothing else to read.

I am not even sure how much it adds to the universe; I can only answer that after I played through the game.

OK, Deus Ex... nomen est omen, like it says in Latin. There it is, shortly after the half of the book: the Illuminati appear like the Deus ex Machina in an ancient Greek drama! The scapegoat of scapegoats in modern literature must also lend its evilness to this novell, in order to emphasize the gravity and severeness of the augmentated apokalypse-to-be. Until that point it was an easy-to-digest, medium-sized SciFi appetizer to the upcoming videogame: only two plot lines (not too elaborately knitted) and a lot of action as seen in James Bond, the Bourne Identity or other action/agent thrillers. Nothing quite new, only a different kind of composition of known stereotypes and action sequenzes.

But nevertheless amusing and not my worst purchase this year.

EDIT: since I haven't played any Deus Ex games yet, I frankly don't know who to blame for the Iluminati exploit. If it's been the idea of the game developers long years ago (esp. before Dan Browns Iluminati hype) or if it was Swallows own interpretation of a big, dark consortium drawing malicious strings in the background. However, that special detail seems so out of date today its a pain in the a***
This Deus Ex installment is a great read for fans of the original Deus Ex video game and the more recent Human Revolution.
I read this book before I played Deus Ex Human Revolution. I really was not sure what to expect. I am a huge Deus Ex Fan and I was excited to see a book tie in released. I blew through the whole book in two days. It captures the Deus Ex feel magnificently from the start all the way to the finish. The writer of this story also was the lead writer for the Human revolution video game. A few of the characters you run across in both the original Deus Ex and Human Revolution are in this story. In terms of the overall plot, I don't want to give a whole lot away because it is done so well. The events take place right around the timeframe of Human Revolution. The story centers around a Secret Service agent named Anna Kelso who gets caught up in an assassination attempt that leads to her partner's death, and a mercenary named Ben Saxon who survives a operation where his whole squad is wiped out. I was very impressed with how well the overall story was layered. A lot goes on early on and I was drawn in throughout the whole story.
This is a great addition to the Deus Ex universe that is done right. I hope more books will be released in the coming months.

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