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The Seekers is a non-fiction work of cultural history by Daniel Boorstin published in 1998 (hardback - 1999 paperback) and is the third and final volume in the "knowledge" trilogy.

The Seekers is a non-fiction work of cultural history by Daniel Boorstin published in 1998 (hardback - 1999 paperback) and is the third and final volume in the "knowledge" trilogy. The Seekers is subtitled The Story of Man's Continuing Quest to Understand His World. It is the story (or stories) of those within Western culture who have sought answers - many times without finding them.

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Seekers Books has been in the Annex for 29 years Daha Fazla. 5 Şubat, 22:43 ·. Herkese Açık

Seekers Books has been in the Annex for 29 years  . Herkese Açık. 1 Yorum · Haberin Tam Boyutu.

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Reviews about The Seekers (7):
A great condensation of the evolution of thinking and philosophy (and religion) of the human race. However, this book is more to be studied -- with a marker and marginal notes -- than to be read casually. I did the audio book, first, which certainly peeked my interest, but the narrative is entirely too dense to be fully appreciated in audio, alone. Since the Audible book is only offered in an abridged version, one cannot easily toggle back and forth between the printed page and the audio version. So, I guess, I wish they'd bring out an unabridged audio. BUT the content and writing of this book is excellent...
The author (Boorstin) was such a prolific writer that while being grilled by the Senate for confirmation as Librarian of Congress, he was asked if he would write during business hours. He said no, but wrote every evening, late into the nights, and I am grateful that he did so. This book and the others in this series have been around for a while, but the material covered is iconic, and will not go out of date. The organization is lucid, and segues nicely from chapter to chapter. I highly recommend this book and the entire series.
This is a great book. I read it some years ago. It's long, but it tells stories of the development of things we take for granted. Knowlegable author.
A very fun and easy to ready history of some of the worlds greatest thinkers.
Fabulous! Daniel Boorstin's gift to the curious and knowledge-seeking soul. Together with Discoverers and Creators, this book forms a formidable trilogy that should be the dream of any writer. Encyclopedic in its sweep and brilliant in detail, a rarely achieved feat
Good read. Challenging.
I love anything this now deceased author has written
The issues with the formatting of this Kindle book have not been resolved. This is something I brought to Amazon's attention over a year ago. Interestingly, despite Amazon's repeated claims that the problems are somehow the publisher's fault, I've discovered recently that the B&N Nook versions of both books are formatted correctly. The publisher of the Nook version is the same as the publisher of the Kindle versions. Therefore the problem is clearly with either Amazon quality control over what gets the "Kindle" name, or with communication with whoever does these book conversions for them.

Amazon needs to STOP selling Kindle versions of books with formatting errors until they are fixed. That will send the necessary message to the publishers if that's the problem. At the present time my impression (shared by a lot of ebook owners) is that Amazon is more interested in the quantity of Kindle books available than their production quality.

Another great book of Boorstin's, yes - in the original paper versions. But the Kindle edition is so poorly and sloppily formatted that it's almost unreadable.

Quotes that are formatted as indented blocks of text in the original (paper) version (Boorstin does this a lot with quotes from religious texts, and long passages from original historical sources) are flushed to the left margin in the Kindle version, so there's no visual cue that the author is switching to quoted text from the main narrative - it's just not clear when Boorstin is talking vs. some other source.

The problem is jarring and confusing to the reader and disrupts what Boorstin intended to be published. Also true of The Americans and possibly other Kindle editions of books with quoted text.

Amazingly, despite repeated complaints over a period of four months to Amazon (they say they are contacting the publisher, Random House), the problem has not been corrected in the Kindle "edition" that Amazon continues to sell. The author's original intent should be a priority for both companies, especially when mistakes are noted and clearly communicating to them.

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