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by John Harris

  • ISBN: 0745914969
  • Category: History
  • Author: John Harris
  • Subcategory: Australia & Oceania
  • Other formats: doc lit mbr lrf
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Lion Hudson Plc (January 1991)
  • Pages: 448 pages
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  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 660
Download One Blood fb2

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See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. One Blood: 200 Years Of Aboriginal Encounter With Christianity: A Story Of Hope.

John Harris has written an astonishingly powerful and comprehensive boo. t is a passionate work, but one that is. . t is a passionate work, but one that is also beautifully controlled and balanced. It makes enthralling readin. Lutheran Theological Journal). One Blood is a powerful, disturbing and inspiring boo. t has certainly helped my own self-understandin. The Canberra Times)

ISBN13:9780867600957. Release Date:January 1990.

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It makes the blood run cold to watch it now thinking about what he had done. Only the best news in your inbox.

Reviews about One Blood (7):
John Harris has done an outstanding service for all Australians through compiling this overview of Christian outreach among Aboriginal people. I was blind to the treatment and issues faced by Aboriginal people since the English first settled in Australia. I am delighted to know now about the Australian heroes who left their own homes and cultures to proclaim Jesus Christ to Aboriginal cultures/peoples. This huge book has been very helpful to understand the situations throughout Australia from both the settlers/white Australian and Aboriginal perspectives. I am looking forward to reading in the future his summary of the develops in Aboriginal treatment and evangelistic outreach, especially amongst indigenous Aboriginal churches, since the Mabo court case. I would thoroughly recommend this book to both Christian Australians and secular Australians. Some people may not admire the missionaries' motives. I admire such people who tried to protect and bring benefit to the Aboriginals. It has been interesting to read how the early missionaries and settlers could just not fathom the culturally different world views of the Aboriginals. I trust I will be able to care for Aboriginal Australians much better after the insights I have gathered from this great book.
I think this book has opened my eyes to historic attitudes of early explorers it mind that could not understand people of different colour and non English language and different ways of life. The Australian Aborigine was a unique race of people who had freedom to roam and exist and live with their own ethical code of conduct. Progressive Governors and leading churchmen could not always comprehend that there were other creatures who occupied a new land as traditional owners who saw invaders of contrasting colour that appeared aggressive and invasive to their land. The early explorers thought they were superior to something they had never before encountered, a people who could not communicate in their language whose only natural weapon was a spear and a bend a stick, a boomerang, for daily gathering of food. Typical of many invaders they raped and pillaged and brought foreign diseases that killed and maimed these innocent people. A different history that I was taught in school in the 1930's. An excellent book that needs a reprint and widely advertised and distributed.
This is a sobering book about a shameful period in Australia's history that has largely been forgotten. When Australia was invaded by British settlers the aboriginal inhabitants were not only dispossessed they were often hunted down and killed without mercy. The Christian churches were very slow to try to protect and to evangelise them, but with significant exceptions. A few individuals carried out heroic missionary activity in the face of much indifference and opposition. This is a history that should to be known by all Australian Christians.
This book is a superb historical account of certain Christian groups' attempts to help the Australian indigenous population to deal with the European invasion of their lands. It deals honestly with the successes and failures of these people as they worked with the communities. It is a must read for those who are seeking to understand the Indigenous people of today.

This book has been out of print for quite a while and its updated version (to mid-1993 events)and its return in a digital format will, I am sure, be welcomed by many new readers seeking to broaden their understanding of the issues as relating to the Australian Indigenous communities. It still contains the many illustrations, maps, references and footnotes which allow the serious reader to be able to follow up on issues of interest.
One blood is a long read, almost a thousand pages. It is written by someone who had devoted his life to working with Australian aborigines and seeking to understand the complexities of the problems they face and particularly their interaction with missionaries trying to share Christianity with them. It must be recognised as one of the standard texts in this area.
As yet I am only part way through but the early stages of Australian history showed that Europeans had little to be proud of in their treatment of the Aborigines, and the history that I was taught at school said little about the massacres. The book is extensively referenced and will keep me going for quite a while yet.
A well written and very well written historical study, from the early Christian missionaries in Australia through to the early 21st century. The author writes from personal experience as well as from a base of considerable research, and draws a number of well thought out conclusions. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the history of Christianity in Australia.
A very honest and balanced account of the history of mission in Australia. A must read for all Australians, Christian and non Christian.

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